Brain Computer Interface w/ Python and OpenBCI for EEG data

Learning how to read EEG data in Python for the purposes of creating a brain computer interface with hopes of doing things like controlling characters in a game and hopefully much more!

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  1. Very interesting video!
    Very important, in general, it is a very bad idea to low pass filter your data by decreasing your sampling frequency as it will lead to aliazing problems (google aliazing)
    Instead, use a discrete time filter, a higher order Butterworth filter is probably a good choice.

  2. The US government and India government RAW intelligence agency installed wireless micro transmitters based on wifi-backscatter technology in my head without my permission in Nov 2016 during an unrelated hand surgery. This works at 46MHz wireless. Now they are able to read brain thoughts using machine learning and send sound to the auditory cortex and sensory feelings to various parts of the body. It is very unlawful and unethical and criminal what they have done and containing to do to get motor control.

    I need to prove this by openBCI signal pickup during their interventions


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