Brain Computer Interface

The Athena Inria Team, presents us what is and how they work on brain computer interface (BCI)…

Featuring Maureen Clerc, Théo Papadopoulo from Inria and Marie-Hélène Soriani from the Nice University Hospital.

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  1. Made device for reading human thoughts /human mind reading machine /Brain computer interface. In particular, I have created a perfect Speech Generating Device for people with Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis /ALS. Assistive technology or Augmentative and alternative communication. About the problem look :Jack Gallant, Tom Mitchell and Marcel Just, John-Dylan Haynes, human mind reading machine.
    I solved this problem.

  2. Dear madam, I am final year student. I wish to do my research based on EEG signals …But I have no idea with eeg headset an how it works.. are there signals nV or mV? how to measure them, how to connect with these signals microcontroller..Please help is my email:


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