Brain Computer Interfaces

I’ve laid out the blueprint for a brain computer interface called “The Link”. This is a device that uses DNA for processing and storage, temporal interference to alter brain states, and infrared spectroscopy to read brain states. Its powered using your body heat, noninvasive, and waterproof. This device is just a thought experiment, but real companies are working on this technology today. What does this kind of technology entail for privacy? Will there be an intelligence disparity? What role does AI play in all of this? What does it even mean to be human? I tackle these hard questions and give a technical overview of this device in this video. Enjoy!

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Comment (50)

  1. If such technology exists one day… wow.
    I would definitely simulate ayahuasca or ibogaine. I've had a DMT breakthrough(I experienced the "universal consciousness" that you speak of), I think most people would try that and be like… never again! Soooooooooooooooo intense. It is as intense as dying and entering the afterlife, because in that moment you are certain that that is what has happened to you. You are pulled from your body and greeted by otherworldy entities who telepathically expound arcane wisdom to you. Yeah maybe that wouldn't be on the app store!

    This kind of tech would lead to the apotheosis of emergent behavior on this planet and culminate in hyper advanced synthetic life forms spreading out in to the galaxy >_>

    Don't worry Siraj you're not the only weird one xD

  2. Imagine if this tech could eventually compress your perception of time?

    A second in the real world, is an hour in the link, for example.

    You could instantly learn things, etc, you could get life times of experience as well.

    Would be interesting, instead of prisons, they could use these as well.

    But imagine living a life in 1 second, an entire one with all senses, it becomes so real that you forget you're in the link, then you create in the link to do the same thing, and it goes on forever.

    That one second becomes infinity.

    Bum bum bummmm.

    (Sounds like a black mirror concept, they showed an example with the Ai controlling that dudes house)

  3. Imagine a dog using the link. Imagine it could control a persons body and evolve from learning etc.
    I know our brains differ, but we are entering that realm in a way.

  4. Do everything with you thought ha?……
    but what if I can't control my thought?
    is that mean I will buy a airplane use my credit card because I had just one moment crazy thought? well… that is fast indeed…..
    and when people use the phone, they get separate with the people who near them, not because they not look at the people who near them, is because their attention is elsewhere!!!
    for example, I can look at you but think about something else and not hear the single words you say, that will bother you too right?
    and not even mention the new security issue and the private issues…..
    if those problems not be solved, no one gonna use it.
    but AR or VR don't have those problems, you can talk to the people who you really want in same place in real time!
    so, I guess, the Head-mounted AR device will be the short future.
    but, however,those amazing technology like share Memory and experience!!! for better or worst, it will be the new era of mankind!

  5. It sounds surreal but so would someone telling you that a smartphone that fits in your hand would replace a cumbersome desktop computer 25 years ago. With computing power doubling every three months now and increasing how long will it be before something like this becomes a reality?

  6. @Siraj Well, I know that this video is just a sort of 2019 version Verne's tales, and I am a big fan of the cyberpunk technological dream…but I think, even when speculating about future possibilities, one should hold scientific knowledge steady. Experiencing drugs effects by taking psichoactive pharmacological compound or by altering brain networks activities will likely lead to the same side effects, at least with regard to brain cellular and biochemical mechanism and functions…I understand you are not a neuroscientist or an expert of neuroscience but be aware that problems caused by drug consumptions are not only related to the administration or the compound per se, but mainly to the elicited effect at cellular level. Nice video though 🙂

  7. I really believe that is good to have good Brain interfaces, but I don’t agree that this interface should “write” to the brain like “learn a new language”… this make me wonder about “biotechnology security”, “brain hack” or even worse, hack and kill by injecting an stroke virus….

  8. Then your 'Link' gets hacked, you reach to pull it off but the hacker installed a virus that prevents you from reaching to the back of your neck. It automatically sends this program to everyone you know. And now the hacker has an army of millions of people around the world whose thoughts they can control.

  9. Don't forget about people who don't want one don't need one and their lifestyle doesn't require one like me what are they going to do about that

  10. I don't want to record my dreams no matter what type of dream it is how are so many people on board with this type of stuff it doesn't matter if it's made out of DNA or what it's made out of the answer is no

  11. I would rather figure all of that out on my own without that see that's the whole key you don't need any of that to live none of it everything you just listed is getting way too personal I don't need a computer picking things out for me I don't need any of that everything is going just fine the way it is right now people who are in medical need that's different they can have that all they want but they better design society where both people can exist ; people who want it and people who don't, if you have the technology to create that then you also have the technology to create it where both can live together


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