Brain-Computer Interfaces

Brain-computer interfaces — or BCIs — provide a direct connection between a human and a computer. Here I discuss research into noninvasive and invasive BCIs, as well as trying out the NeuroSky Mindwave consumer brain interface.

I have made a follow up to this video called “Cyborg Fusion”, which is posted on my ExplainingTheFuture channel:

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I also discuss BCIs and other future computing developments in my book “Digital Genesis”. You can download a pdf sampler from this page:

Or you can purchase “Digital Genesis” on here (affiliate link):

Or purchase “Digital Genesis” on here (affiliate link):

Further references for the content included in this video are as follows:

May Clinic article on brain interface technologies:

University of Washington “Bridging Brains” page:

Article on University of Washington direct brain interface experiments:

Wall Street Journal article on Elon Musk’s company Neuralink:

First Second Sight Orion I visual implant fitted:

YouTube video of a monkey using a BrainGate interface to feed itself using a robotic arm:

Neuralink website:

BrainGate website:

Muse consumer BCI website:

Emotive consumer BCI website:

Neurosky consumer BCI website:

More videos on computing and related topics can be found at:

And I have another YouTube channel called ExplainingTheFuture at:

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  1. 04:27 – bit this can be done in real time only. There is no place for computer-like things in the brains. 🙂 Think about a raid-like human. 😉 Many brains which act like one. The distribited mind. 😉

  2. Distributed mind is real immortality! 😉 A body can die, but a mind will be live in other bodies. 🙂 I am glad I am Ukrainian and have such ideas! 🙂 If I could do it here. To be the authhor of such technologies, what else can be better? 🙂

  3. 08:50 – is it possible to connect visual neurons to audio neurons and transmit audio information through eye cell? 😉 Actualy it would be interesting to transmite any information through eye cell. 😉 Let's try!

  4. Silicon electronics is nothing comparing with DNA engineering. 😉 Let's create a new organs with new functionaliry. It will help to decrease producing trash around the world. Who needs a porrative devices when your body have own cells with wireless network interface ane can connect to usual wireless routers and othe devices. No need a display, because you will be able recieve video wirelessly a graphics card -> a wireless device – > a special cells in human -> the brain of human or any animal. By the way, with such technologies a pet owners will be able to realy understand what an animals think, feel, want. 😉 But todays people are so dumb and greedy, they will destroy each other. :((((((

  5. Wireless biological network based on a human cells is far future. The world with such wireless network is too complicated for today's people. 🙁
    Where to get an accelerator to build the future in fast way? 🙂

  6. I want that book. Nowadays, this topic is very important. I guess that using tradicional EEG with electrodes over the scalp, BCIs are limited. But using SQUIDs or some non-invasive technology able to focus and scan directly hundreds of neurons (or each neuron, in the best of the cases), BCIs will have a reliable future. It depicts lesser noise and maybe an "easy to find" pattern. I think that people, in general, don't like the operating room, because all surgerys represent a risk, operate the head portrays a bigger risk.

  7. I know someone who has a cochlear implant. He comments that he can't pick up subtle things in peoples voices, and of course he doesn't have stereo hearing so can't tell where a sound is coming from.

    The latter thing is shared by my father, who has two hearing aids, he can hear you but is utterly incapable of detecting where you are shouting from. It's pretty surreal when you stand close to him and say something and he is spinning around trying to detect the source of the sound using his eyes.

    Anyway, I wouldn't be surprised if there is some sort of tech that comes out that will fix this, perhaps using echolocation, and which may use some sort of brain-computer interface (or at the very least bone conduction devices) to impart 3d sound directly to the brain and bypassing the damaged sensory organ(s).

  8. I like your videos about regular computers. Your transhumanist nonsense is creepy at best, though.
    I marvel that you can speak about all this like it's all good and fancy, unicorns and rainbows.
    "The bright future of sticking highly complex programmable electronics directly into your brain and replacing your limbs with high-powered cybernetics"… surely nothing wrong with any of that, eh? Nah, nothing bad could ever come out of it, I'm sure…
    I suppose you'll write me off as some cooky fanatic or some bigoted crap like that.
    And don't come back at me with the excuse of medicine when you are already talking about "enhancing" healthy individuals.
    Transhumanism is insane.

  9. Yep, Watched this after you flagged it for me. Exact thing I was saying sorta kinda but close ? LOL It's inevitable that there is going to be direct human Machine Interfacing in the future.

  10. Yikes. I have a really hard time believing that humans would need to wire a chimp’s brain to a robot arm to further this technology. Hopefully future research is driven by the patient’s need for health and accessibility, and less by structures of the past that incentivize suffering and exploitation.

    Sorry to bring my criticism to your comments section. Aside from hearing about that ridiculous experiment, I rather enjoyed the video. I’m looking forward to future brain/computer interfaces. Mostly non-invasive consumer stuff for hobbyists, but also the more invasive direct applications. The implications for reducing disability are enormous, and transhumanism is coming (wether we like it or not)

  11. There are two types of civilizations upon Earth:
    One branch sees stuff like this and think “WOW!” and don’t bother to research anything on their own.
    The other, secret branch, have had their wireless hivemind up and running for decades. I call it their “Tower-of-Babel” where they all think they are heading off to a kind of god-hood. Actually, these secretive monsters or network-of-thugs have not figured out that this reality is a sort-of spiritual training-grounds that manifest into the physical to test out social behaviourisms within multiple probabilities. (Study Seth-Books)
    These thugs have been tricked into creating their own path towards social self-destruction while they treat the rest of mankind with a greedy and hateful self-defeating idealism or rather, tyrannical egoism as they pretend they are “evolving,” haa! I guess they taught that self-defeating moral-philosophy in college even though they know it doesn’t work because the world-wide-Cult uses egoism to exist without “good-will.”

    They make crop-circles everywhere with their brainchips and they then gloat that that is Homo sapiens evolving… I would say good luck with your brainchips, microwave light, AILucifer, and rising phoenix, but luck actually does not exist… the thug-network is on the path of learning from failure. Failure to listen to their true inner-voice, not their fake AI-voices developed through hate, greed, and of course, their self-righteousness.

    The ends never, ever justifies the means… that is true Nature and monsters are so named because they will likely end up consuming themselves. The hidden ruling-class knows their utopia is fake and is just lip-service to cokes their brainwashed minions into participating in their fraud. A civilization with a foundation of murderous thugs and assassins will psychologically end up that way as their ill-farted “utopia” reveals itself.
    James Sidaway

  12. Honestly, if they want this to take off, they need to push it into the Enthusiast gaming and media groups…. Like, Prosthetic limbs were pretty crap until the Adult Industry got involved, and EEG was Medical only until EEG Powered Cat Ears became a thing and 6 years later we have bluetooth enabled brain devices.

  13. Who are you truly trying to trick? You do not need attached electroids in order to stimulate the mind! The purpose of identifying an adapter would be for the pure use of sales and nothing more. Unless we are talking about, "hiding" the breach of our liberties…

  14. Awesome, again well done audio-visual production and no-nonsense informative content to general public and researchers around. Gotta have a look at your book too. cheers!

  15. 2019: Maybe its good idea!
    Gabe Newell – Brain Computer Interface its great idea!!! If you die in game you die and in real life xD….



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