Brain Machine Interface (BMI) Mindmap (v0.1.0) – Electronic Field

Hey guys! This is a section of my EE Mindmap where we focus on the BMI field. I am still struggling with the organization of this section, please give me your feedback about it. You can use the Miro chatroom by making a free account in the app.
Link to the IC designing/Electronic Engineering mind map, OneNote handouts, and our slack server is/will be available on the channel description.

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  1. i am a student, its ok if the app doesn't allow me to collaborate online but i want a mind map software which lets me add notes,video,audio, images to the map also it should work offline. I dont need any kind of online collab or online storage i just need it to let me save as many mind maps i want on my laptop. will the free version allow me do all of the above?


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