Breaking News: Multiple shots fired in Brooklyn subway, undetonated devices found | New York City

Multiple people were shot in a Brooklyn subway station, New York City during rush hour on Tuesday. Several undetonated devices have also been found and a manhunt is underway the city for a suspect.

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Comment (32)

  1. Even the so called "third world" countries have stricter gun laws than USA.
    Guns are made to kill people not to serve people.

  2. Few Days back , I came to know a news that Namaz for the first time at Times Square, Muslim wanted to tell the world- 'Islam is peaceful…' 🙄😒 Dear USA , Stop Muslims to offer prayers .

  3. Russia, China and now Islamic terrorists…and yet they want to negotiate dominance with India instead of finding these numbnuts together

  4. Few days ago Times square blast .but they claimed it was sewer gas explosion and now subway shooting and bomb was found. Did they hide times square bombing as sewer explosion?

  5. was really waiting for wion, eu, nato or worst biden to blame Putin and Russia for the the shooting…

    murica committing crimes against humanity… ahhhhh nothing new here…

  6. This is just the start. Thanks to Biden you have all these people coming over the border and are criminals.

  7. this is an eastern week & it happened in sunset park a jewish nabe (jewish new year is around the corner) & this subway station at 36th street station is densely with asian riders just not sure what this particular BLM member intention…

  8. Reporter mentioned 9/11 ….scary times….. and why would they send people on the subway cars across??? Run out not jammed and trapped underground sickos!!

  9. No point in blaming guns because guns are not the root of the problem – America has always had plenty of guns. At one time you could order a gun from a Sears Robuck catalog, but there were no weekly mass shootings 50 years ago.
    There is a major lack of morality problem in America. When a society turns from God and no longer knows right from wrong, a plague of mass murder is one of the results. Depraved minds don't think right and do things that don't make sense. They have a seared conscience, they are without natural affection! Romans 1:18-32, in the New Testament, explains it thoroughly.

  10. They should obviously invade a country after this ,, usual reaction when pigs in blue don't have capability of actually solving anything ,, nothing to do with arming your entire country !!!

  11. Ny has become a real shit hole thanks to liberal policies of going light on crime. Not to long ago a woman was raped in a subway there and people did nothing to help her.


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