Breaking the bands and the yoke from off you

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Comment (49)

  1. Shalom Family. We needed much prayers and fasting in these last days. But the MHG has our back. APTTMHG! 👍👍

  2. Thank you brother watchman for this lesson of edification.All praises to Yahawa Bashem Yahawashi shalawam 🕎

  3. Thank you so much Watchman & Deborah Yah for all you do. I have been blessed to behold the beauty of Watchman and Debor Yah's Marriage/Relationship/Family over time. This fast has inspired me to get into The Word on another level. I have a newfound inspiration, and joy in Yah is restored. Please lift me up in prayer family that I continue on the right ✅ path and grow. I don't know about tomorrow, but I know I want to serve Abba Yahuah today and every day he blesses me with in spite of me. I believe The Most High may want to do something with me through music for my good and his glory. I have a gift of song 🎶 but have been shy with it most of, if not all of my life. Also, I am pondering continuing this fast, but I don't want to commit myself and potentially break it. Anybody else inspired by the 21 days Daniel endured? Shalom Family. May TMH bless and keep you. APTTMHYAH 🙌

  4. Yes. Yah blessed me. Made me stronger in an area I was weak. Need to do another one to completely banish this particular bondage though. Made it only 3 days. It may take a 40 day fast to completely break because this is a personal demon that has been with me for as long as I can remember. I liken it to the demon that attached itself to David in the marvel TV show legion. I think I’ve carried it or was put on me as an infant. Thank Yah it never turned into a legion like that Marvel character. The first day I began this fast my ex shoot me a booty call text! I was like, there go that incumbous demon trying to get at me AGAIN! I swear I’ve seen the same demon in men’s eyes looking at me since kindergarten.

  5. APTTMH YHWH our Elohim 🥰🙌🏾 HE is worthy of ALL Praise and THANKS and Honor and Blessing's and ESTEEM and LOVE and WORSHIP and Joy and AUTHORITY and CREDIT and Reverence and righteousness belongs to HIM! I can't Praise and THANK HIM enough for literally EVERYTHING HE has done and IS doing and has yet to do! I'm so extremely thankful that HE has opened my eyes and ears and heart and that HE is working with me and you! That HE has turned HIS face back to us as we are waking up in the land of our captivity just like HE said we would! This is TRULY so exciting and delightful to me and I am just so extremely thankful for everything! Shalom and much love and many blessings with GREAT Joy to you and your family Watchman Yahu and Deborah and also to all the family in Yahshua HA MASHIACH across the world and your families 🗣️💨 I love you all and I thank TMH for each one of you! I really do! SHALOM Family and I give APTTMH YHWH our Elohim with you and I stand with you, seeking Yah, to know HIM better personally and TRULY and to be and do better for HIM! Yea! I just want HIM to be pleased with me and count me Worthy! Oh, the fear that one can fall short of HIS Glory!!! I think about this a lot and I am praying and fasting and repenting and repeating and seeking HIM diligently with delight 🤗🙌🏾👑🙌🏾🤗🙌🏾🕯️ I truly appreciate and do definitely enjoy hearing and reading HIS Word HalleluYah and HalleliYah and I am so extremely thankful for it too!!! Thank you Watchman Yahu and Deborah for all of your help and work you do! Blessing's and love and Joy and Shalom to you and your family through Yahshua HA MASHIACH in spirit and Truth Ahmein 💙🔥💝🔥💜🔥💪🏾🐑🙏🏾☝🏾🕊️🕊️🕊️

  6. Glory YalleluYah to the High and Lofty One . Message received it's a blessing. I thank you and your family for being obedient to YAH.


  8. Yes we shall behold him! I am so ready to sit at the table of the beholder! Thank you so much for putting away the fleshly man and share the true spirit of Yah! Point a finger Mama said remember that three times are pointing back at you.

  9. Family I need some help on fasting or fasts shall I say I need to fast there are changes I need Yahuha ABBA YAH I NEED YOU

  10. Daniel the prophet didn't fast for himself, for the flesh or carnal things. He fasted for the people , for spiritual things . The Messiah said, who Set Us Free from Our Sins , ' these demons can't be cast out but by Fasting an Prayer' . Fast to go break yokes off people. For Others..You shouldn't look for your own good but the good of others. Speaking in tongues is said to edify your own soul an others if you interpret.

  11. If only all us pray for our people to be delivered from every land we've been scattered to, for the curse to be turned into blessings and for our enemies to receive the curses we have to endure.

  12. I love hearing Deborah Yah in the background. Keep beating me to the "Mmm mmm mmm" part of the lesson. All praises to The Most High!

  13. Keep Us In Ur Way Father Yah… for are small… our thoughts are not Ur thoughts Father.. We need Ur Wisdom… AS AAALWAYZ….. HAAALLEELUUYAAH..🤔🙄😔🙋🏿‍♀️🤗

  14. Marching is duen Nuthen… just like voting dosent.. Its Not Organized by Yah that's why… Dig It😎🙋🏿‍♀️

  15. Tell it… they think cause of money, fame, fortune, cars, money…. etc, etc is their steppin' stone, they look down on Us lik folk .. they just done know… WE ALL ARE STILL UNDER THE SAME COVENANT…..Smh…

  16. Yes, yal are a Truly Beautiful Family… PRAAAISE YAH… LOOVE yaaaaal Yah Family 🙋🏿‍♀️🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰⚘💐🌷

  17. Thank you so much for this lesson. This is my 1st fast. Only 3 days. However after hearing this lesson I felt like Yah was exposing me to the fact that I was not doing this fast correctly and honestly.. I am confessing my sin. How can I be truthful to Yah if I'm not truthful to myself and cut corners. Yes I prayed and watched your lessons and read a little. But I did some things I wanted to do, getting my hair trimmed, and watching a little TV. I couldn't wait to go the store to food for this evening. I fill like I should have treated these past few like the Shabbat. I fill like I fell short. Maybe this resolution is in part, the answer to my prayer. I was praying not for things I can touch and see but to be closer to Yah and hear his voice, seek his face, repentance and not be into self.

  18. I thank YAH for this day! I thank YAH for you and my friend Deborah 🪴As I continue to seek YAH’s face, i have you both to help guide me. HalleluYah! I am grateful to YAH Elohim for this ministry 🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽

  19. Thank you for this lesson. It gave me what I needed to move forward and to do better. This was definitely an eye opener and it caused some conviction but whom He loves, He disciplines. I hope my fast does not go in vain, deep down inside, Yah has to know I am truly trying. I am definitely not who I use to be. Keep me and my family uplifted in prayer, we are dealing with one of the toughest battles that we ever had to deal with. Love you family. I pray you y’all get what you cried out for during your fast.

  20. How long should you fast if you don't know how long Yah wants you to fast to brake the yoke? I don't want to go to long or stop too soon.

  21. Amen Brother Watchman, a Real Fast will break every yoke or bondage in our lives, Halleluyah!🤗


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