Britain hardens its migration policy, plans to send migrants to Rwanda | WION

UK PM Boris Johnson has announced a controversial plan to send asylum seekers to Rwanda. PM Johnson has stressed that $157 million scheme has been taken into action to break people’s smuggling network

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Comment (24)

  1. Back in the days intruders where shot dead who crossed the border and it was fine. Now they come into other country and that country must take care of them. Why in the world some one should take care of some one who has illegally entered sovereign country without their permission ? Every single country should move them back where they belongs and that move must be payed by that country who let them out..

  2. Crossing many safe countries to the english channel where there is a prize of a free house has got round and now its killed it. 1st its bob. Then its sll his famiky. Then its his cousin. Then its bobs cousin's family. We all know the game. Rwanda has great weather

  3. It is a good move, congratulations Mr. President Boris 🙏 and the government of Rwanda under the leadership of His excellency Paul 💪

  4. East Anglian North Sea has a funny wind current that swirls! Not to mention huge low tied sand banks… if you thought that was crazy, the local type of quicksand is particularly dangerous. Crossing the channel on a little boat while an up coming tied pushes your boat Northwards……. into the oblivion of North Sea. It’s crazy!

  5. Wow, Africans dying in the oceans looking for refuge and non Africans are coming in to safety and security….what is really going on here?…

  6. This is just another way of showing Africa as a place where Britain can dump anything, even humans. The only thing Britain needs from Africa is its natural resources.

  7. ROWANDA….hmm terrific…terrific vibe
    A huge percentual of their population are cold-blood killers…
    In 1994 they killed each-other with politic order …and now the killers insted of beining in jail ,are are still free ,living paradocsaly frendly with "familiar of the persons they killed

    Who will accept to go there ?..

  8. Ooooh My fellow African wen will our eye open wat a useless deal rawanda u will diffidently regret dis

  9. Great plan, also include all the Indians who came to UK from Uganda, it's safe them to return, so might as well send them too.


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