British PM Boris Johnson arrives in India for his 2-day visit, heads to Sabarmati Ashram in Gujarat

UK PM Boris Johnson has landed in Ahmedabad on Thursday morning for a two-day visit and is currently in Sabarmati Ashram. Boris John son has kickstarted hist two-day visit to India and later travel to New Delhi to meet Indian PM Narendra Modi.

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Comment (31)

  1. I don't think our Big papa modiji would listen Boris johnson. He may ask India to condemn Russia aggression against Ukraine. No much more important visit.❓🙏🔥

  2. A distincty British / European style of namaste is evolving, if you notice. This is a splay fingered namaste, with the folded hands shaken near the chest. See YouTube on Prince Charles, BoJo, Macron, Brit officials, Will and Kate….

  3. Take him to Jallianwalla bagh and show the atrocities they did to indians.
    Beware of British. They would come for business.. but would occupy the country. Jail or hang the leaders here

  4. Where r all the peacefuls??No dharna danga riots this time??Common show the world again why you are hated….

  5. Boris the clown will probably tell the Indians that they should stop buying Russian oil & that they should stand with the Ukrainians🤣😂 I bet he's loving these foreign trips right now considering the pressure he's facing back home😉

  6. Boris Johnson England UK arms supply to terrorist from Kosovo (ELK UCK ) is known in … the KLA among terrorist groups since 1998

    The UK is acting covertly, sending weapons to Kosovo Albanians, taking advantage of the unstable situation in the world and the fact that the attention of the world community has now shifted to the Ukrainian crisis", Pavel Kandel, senior researcher at the Institute of 'Europe of the Academy of Sciences UCK. They forced Ukraine to declare war on the Russians And now they are preparing another war in Kosovo European American war killer !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Hum bhi gajab hai! Chrakha bhi chalwate hai inn logo se! Salo tume hame loota ab charkha chalao! GAJAB!

  8. ब्रिटेन शायद सोचता हो कि वह अपने पुराने घर पर आया हो


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