Brook Jackson Pfizer Whistleblower Lawsuit Will Proceed To Discovery

This is going to be interesting. Whistleblower Brook Jackson gets to proceed to discovery on Pfizer Motion to Dismiss.

Brook Jackson Is All Of Us
I feel it is my duty to dissect CASE NO. 1:21-CV-00008-MJT: Pfizer’s motion to dismiss Brook’s complaint/case.
Please refer to Case number 1:21-CV-00008-MJT for details on the motion to dismiss the United States of America (BROOK JACKSON – Plaintiff) versus Ventavia Research Group, LLC (Pfizer Inc.; Icon PLC – Defendants) here. This motion to dismiss met with a judgement to allow the discovery needed to oppose the motion to dismiss so that maybe this case will go to trial. [The judge] also recognized the power gap of so many big law firms on behalf of “you know who”. We move on, people! YES!! Brook Jackson. I am going to highlight some points of concern in this document, from my own non-lawyer point of view because, WE are the people.
by Jessica Rose

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