Brooklyn Subway Shooting: Police identifies 62-year-old man as 'person of interest' | World News

The hunt is currently underway in the state of New York and beyond as the police search for the gunman who opened fire in a subway in Brooklyn on Tuesday. At least 17 people were injured in the attack and five of them are in critical but stable condition. In the latest New York police department has identified a person of interest.

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Comment (25)

  1. As a American Gun owner. The simple truth is these are illegal gun owners who are criminals. Legit gun owners are checked but the police for criminal records etc.

  2. The US was pushing Russia on grounds of Human rights now they can explain to the world how this ain't a violation, the world is awake, maybe Biden will say the attacker was putin.

  3. Gun Laws is a joke.

    Americans just wanna carry Guns to act tough, send everyone who wants guns to army.

    India, China being World's largest Populations yet NO Mass Murders, No School Shootings.
    US is incompetent with Gun Laws

  4. BIDEN: if you controlled the border, you might be able to catch all these guns that are getting into felons’ hands, but you are too busy passing useless gun laws that only affect people who follow the rule of law. Yet again, another ridiculous policy of Bumbling Biden!

  5. Another way the US government has caused distractions to get the American people scared and to distract them from the laws that are being passed and wars that are being caused by the US. Just letting you guys know, while this stupid war wages in the Ukraine, the US is bombing Yemen and killing thousands of innocent people. Saudi Arabia has the US military as its own private army.

  6. Hes black, hates the ny mayor,scotus white husband , homelessness, crime, a racist who fears racism ( illegals) . Thinks white outreach workers are pedophiles. Republicans didnt create this monster the democrats left did!

  7. Our second amendment reads, A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.

  8. Listen to these idiots. They have no proof of which they will mention, yet find an elderly man as a "person of interest".

    Besides the fact this shows how incompetent the police are when it matters most, it also shows they would rather float non-sense when facing pressure instead of being honest. IF an elderly man can pull off such an act of violence and get away without anyone tracking him down, then the police are incompetent at their jobs. How does an elderly man outwit and escape trained police officers and authorities? Elderly people tend to not move about so freely and normal bumps and bruises also tend to linger much longer.

    It is also beyond ironic that simply renting a vehicle alone is enough to have your name plastered across all the news outlets. They best hope they are correct and find the evidence to back them up or they will be facing a large defamation lawsuit that they will certainly loose.

  9. If we was white they would call him a white supremacist, a racist, and call this a terror attack.

    And blacks say whites are "prievelged". Give me a break. This guys' getting a pat on the hand compared to the media outrage we'd see if he were white. He even said, and I quote, "Blacks and whites shouldn't be on the same hemisphere". Now can you imagine if Trump said that? Imagine if Trump said "Blacks and whites shouldn't be on the same hemisphere". Why is it a Black person can say that and no one says a thing (in fact, how many of you even knew he said that), but if Trump said it, or a White guy did, it would be 24/7 news coverage? Hello? Anyone home?


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