Brother Polight & Hebrew Israelites, not endorsing just comparing treatment of wives

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  1. The two wives thing is from Lamech a decendant of Cain. Freemasons Claim Enoch but there was 2 Enochs in the Bible. One of the line of Seth and one of the line of Cain. Freemasons say the they claim the Good Enoch that walked with God, but that totally contradicts there tradition of a unbroken bloodline to Nimrod. Albert Pike Confederate General 33rd Degree Mason's and book Morals & Dogma clearly states this and I can see where Brother Polight get's this logic.

  2. I am sorry, As far as I am concerned my problem is he is blaming the less fortunate of his people for their plight. Just because he has blessings doesn't mean a lot. Who is giving him the blessings? There are many people doing well but the blessings don't come from Yah. I love my people. If you are not trying to help the situation keep quiet. I really don't see why you would endorse him. If you are doing fine that's good. But why do you have to belittle those that are not doing as well. Nothing wrong with being humble. I distance that the people that have issues with him are jealous They just don't like his running down his people. It seems we have more and more of that by black people these days. We seem to be the only race of people getting on social media,running down their own race. I don't care what he has built for himself. He shouldn't be judging the less fortunate that can't make it out of the situation they are in.

  3. y'all both on his duck and he paying y'all that nigga.begging scamming our people gtfoh.with that bullshit y'all must be dum ass.fuck while he making money off of brain dead people so keep praising him ain't nobody stupid they living a worldly life fancy cars mansions smh won't watch y'all stupid brain dead asses again

  4. If you can't see Polight for what he his you are either blind or you are agents of the Jewish.
    Your wife is giving off a Jezebel spirit. She seems to be dominating you. Something is off about you two. My spirit feels it.

  5. Noooooooooo!!! My ppl are tripping. Do y'all really understand
    that Polight is a con man who hates YAH.
    What is this foolishness😞

  6. He can go to jail for having multiple wives I can't believe he actually has legal marriage certificates for each wife. I wonder how he files taxes. Lol.

  7. Cry Aloud and Spare not. Yea HE IS GONNA DO SOME SEVERING. People Speak With A Double fork Tongue AS ESAU. THEIR DADDY.

  8. Good point about the mission of awakening our family, however just because you work well together or your children are well behaved does not a happy home make. No one knows what goes on in a home except those that live in it.

  9. i agree with most we should definitely look more into this misconception tha Adam and Eve were the first humans created. The Bible clearly shows a generation before Adam n Eve in Genesis.

  10. I really love y'all. I started a comment last night on the why you were no longer identifying with hebrew israelites but they wouldn't let it through.And I was saying some of the same things that you just said on this video, like how some of the hebrew brothers tell things that they want to justify what they believe. They tell fibs. I don't wanna say they lie, but they do. But I been looking for some truly righteous awakened israelites to actually fellowship with, because I have nobody.

  11. I don't even think about polite at all so why would I be jealous, if that's the case I would be jealous of every successful person on earth, there's masons that have a gd family structure but are infidels, so I can care less what a man of the world has, I'm too concerned about my growth in TMH, You are opening up a dangerous door

  12. Brother and sister, the people giving their comments really aren't listening to what you are bringing forth. They truly are not listening. Easily discerned by their answers. A bunch of emotion and opinion. SMH

  13. Shalawam. We are quick to say our husband's don't want this lifestyle and (it's not for us) but deep down I think, they all do, if it can be done with structure, peace and harmony. Including Watchman Yahu. Isn't it strange how we the wives are always the ones saying (it's not for us) A lot of the husbands truly love and don't want to loose the first wife so they don't even try it because they know what the outcome will be, but is that right?

  14. John 4:18
    In the Law of The Most High when a Woman have sex with a Man and loss her Virginity she is Married to that Man until he dies. In the Law of Man a Woman can have sex as many times as she want until she decide she want to get Married. An evil and adulterous Generation.
    When you get Married, Marry a Virgin or A Widow Meaning a Woman that have had only One husband, had sex with only one Man that have passed away.

  15. bro polight got to where he is by lieing cheating and stealing!! he is a scam artist! everyone knows this by now! And I hope you guys too! Shalom!

  16. I am a man who believes in the teachings of the Messiah, the law of the Most High, for the well being of the chosen people. I have watched some videos from both parties and believe that it is not about the individuals but about what YAH is leading you too. I have learned a lot from both parties in retrospect of the parties teaching. To know who and where I am from is a blessing, but to know how to operate in this society as a true free man is also a blessing. It is not for us to pass judgement but to accept the information that YAH has provided for a better living and worship

  17. I commend both of you all for bringing out this truth b/c even though I did not agree with Hebrew doctrine.but I loved there black spirit.but when I heard about how they treat women it made me despise them.

  18. Truth is truth, so stop believing in your fake ass bible. The goat herders guide to the universe. Dumbasses, it 2019.

  19. I have listened to smidgets of Bro. Polight in the past. I would not doubt there are jealousies from different so called camps towards him. As for the multiple wives, more power to him that he was able to make it work. There are suggestions, not so subtle, that he is invested with the powers of this world and not of YAH. I will not venture to think as such, since I am not privy to his economic, social, and spiritual leanings.

  20. No not everyone black person in ancient times held the authority or title of king or queen… But I believe every negro were in those times were of royal decent and structure

  21. Hmm. This is very dangerous and proves how easily people can be deceived.

    You say, "Let's look at the family structure." Why not then look at the "family structure of a homosexual couple? A homosexual can have the same principles and 'structure' as polygamy and be considered to be good. By such logic, I can look at a homosexual couple and their "family" and may see that their way is pretty good. This is why you need the word of God and possess the spirit of discernment from the Holy Spirit and the spirit of righteous judgement. We are not to look at what is sinful, despite how it may look, despite how good it may seem, despite how well presented it is and let such be an example for that which is righteous.

    Therefore, I am not to look at a homosexual couple and say, "Wow, let me implement that in my relationship." Or what about organized crime? There was a clear structure and organization to that. Some may say, "Although they are doing wrong, I admire their hustle." No. Nothing good can from evil, and nothing good can from sin, despite how it may seem or how well it is presented. What does the scripture say: "Let every man have their own wife, and let every wife have their own husband." "A man shall leave his father and his mother and cleave to his wife" The scriptures didn't say a man is to have several 'wives' and it didn't say let the man leave his parents and cleave to his 'wives'.

    If we are going to follow the scriptures, then lets follow the scriptures with understanding, knowledge, and wisdom. Let us not be so easily deceived and led astray by the man's hard work and structure concerning his enterprise. There is nothing to argue here and there is nothing to debate here. As God purposed everything from the beginning, so shall it be now. If God desired for man to have multiple wives, then multiple wives would've been established in the beginning. And did not Yashua say that he came to fulfill the law when they questioned him about divorce. He said the same thing: and the two shall become one flesh; what God has brought together let no man put asunder. What God has established, let no man on earth, and no angel in heaven tell you otherwise.

  22. just my 2 cents. Satan the King of this earth rewards his children with earthly things. The Most High is not impressed. Brother Polite in my opinion is an instigator, agitator , and agent of confusion. May the Most High God of Israel continue to bless and keep you. Love your info.

  23. When you argue with a fool you become a fool.

    “Answer not a fool according to his folly, lest thou also be like unto him.”
    ‭‭Proverbs‬ ‭26:4‬ ‭KJV‬‬


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