BTS joining the military may cost South Korea billions

BTS is an economic force for South Korea; does it make sense to make them enlist in the military?


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Comment (34)

  1. It is not about the money, it is ABOUT THE IDEALS

    Rich people are not above the proletariat, sometimes, you must place ideas above money, I am ashamed to see that I have to mention that money is not EVERYTHING

  2. Finally they can eat like a regular human and not starve themselves 💀
    Not live like slaves for bighit corporation
    Serving them 24*7*365 days🤦🏻‍♂️ being perfect all day takes a toll on their body

    You can cover news about the shady practices of KPOP corporations regarding their idols

  3. It's the right thing to do. In the 1920s Colonial Morocco insurrected Spanish rule and this led to a war known as the Disaster of Annual (from the Spanish point of view). The rich youth could avoid to serve in the military by paying an expensive fee. So the massacre was led by the wealthy but the real massacre was suffered by the poor.

  4. Is they don't serve, they run the risk of negative publicity for being "unpatriotic" as was the case for K-pop stars like Yoo Seung Jun and FlytotheSky, among others. They received such negative feedback that it nearly ruined their careers.

  5. Good for them. Doing that service is a great opportunity for them. While it's unfortunate that it will have a not-insignificant impact on their economy, I don't think the government should be aiming to extract the maximum capital gains from their celebrities.

  6. they're still going to work on solo stuff and when (if?) they do return it will be a huge event. I think them serving in the military IS propaganda. not only are they lovely talented young men, they're also freedom loving patriots 🫡.

  7. Entertainment, like nature, hates a vacuum. Remove them and their market share will be displaced by new players. Saying billions will be lost at the national level is a bit silly

  8. There's also this really bad stigma for men who take an exemption. I have a friend who had a knee injury and couldn't serve, but he never talks about it in Korea because people will judge him very harshly and consider him lazy or unpatriotic.

  9. Exemption for what? Because they are rich and famous? And then it’s people like you who love to hate on rich people when they get away with stuff like this. SMH damn hypocrite

  10. The government was in the process of trying to figure out of they should or should not have to serve. BTS themselves was tired of waiting on the anwser so they (BTS) decided for themselves that they qill serve, making there government look like fools in the process honestly.


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