Building Biologically Inspired Nano-Bots

(Visit: Find out about both synthetic and molecular biology approaches to produce small nano-machines (nano-bots). The main building blocks for these nano-bots are based on nano-lipo-protein particles (NLPs). Nano-bots represent a unique solution for new approaches to vaccines, drug delivery and energy needs. Recorded on 02/25/2017. Series: “Field Trip at the Lab: Science on Saturday” [Science] [Show ID: 32074]

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  1. One very highly informative and educational presentation. What rocked my boat, however, was when it took the direction of promoting vaccines as if they were wonderful, when anyone with two brain cells left to rub together knows damn well that vaccines are EXTREMELY dangerous. I have know idea as to what data was used to determine the efficacy of the measles vaccine, but it is skewed and biased. This month, 03/2019, a California middle school had a measles outbreak where not a single unvaccinated child was affect. All 30 of the children acquiring measles HAD RECEIVED THE MEASLES VACCINE, with some of the 30 having been vaccinated TWICE. They also DID NOT explain why vaccines also contain EXTREMELY TOXIC levels of aluminum, nagalase, mercury and other diabolical toxins deliberately placed in vaccines.

  2. Bill may have used marijuana carbon chains to build it. He invested Windows money into pot and this very likely. In using cannabinoids he has the structures needed. The bonds are cut and literally rebuilt into nanostructures using the carbon frame. This is how Gates handbuilt the coronavirus


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