Business Series: 12 DOZEN – Helping the Daughters of Zion Essential Needs

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  1. Your absolutely right sis we and some people are very divided I personally do not ask anyone for anything anymore how much in need at times I be. I feel judgement if I do so it's good to know that I'm not the only one with a warm heart everyone else out here mostly it is cold. sad

    sister, if we all had the heart you have… This family of ours would sore to great heights, YAH loves a good and pure heart. *BEAUTIFUL WORK SISTER DEBORAH YAH* may YAH continue to guide you and your family SHALOM

  3. Shabbat Shalom Deborah YAH❤💞❤ I just want to say, TODAH RABAH for your's and the The Watchman's Kingdom work!*!

  4. Thanks to the Most High Ya. Over the years I've given away 2 BMWs, 1 Mercedes,. 1 Toyota truck & car. I've seen good results from these gifts. It seems that each time I tried to download a vehicle,. I was blessed with a new one. I no longer do this. I still give, but other things. Overflow is a burden. All I can say is, give it away but be careful. Blessings to you and yours family.

  5. Can the recording be a little louder? Maybe move the mike closer to u? It's hard to hear even when i adjust my volume maybe its my phone

  6. I like this. I think if you put disclosures on the items then that will cover u. Specify say if faded & so on, like they do on ebay where they r actually selling used things

  7. I absolutely LOVE this concept and I will definitely be contributing to the cause. Could you all do a video on your real estate business?

  8. So glad you and my mom share a name. I always listen to you intently. I may not agree with everything 100% but I have a sincere love for you and your family. Praise Yah for your love for Yah!

  9. Shalom, outstanding idea! you ;may want to consider creating a foundation if this venture lasts longer than the 3 months and for the tax breaks they provide.

  10. i commend you and your family for having such a caring heart to want to help our people i pray that father yah leads you all to those who are truly in need may you continue to be blessed and be a blessing to others because you and your husband channel has truly been a real blessing to my coming into the truth and seeking father yah i watch your videos everyday and i am greatful that the father led me to your channel and the truth bless you all shalom family

  11. I'm for it blessings have been coming my way after many months of hardship. Paying if forward is great. Shabbat Shalom

  12. Excellent venture Sis. 👍🏾

    I’ve been wrestling for a while. Please help!

    Helping children has been on my heart for a long time. Coming from the Caribbean and being Christian made it very easy as I was surrounded by our people constantly.

    However, I’ve now come into the truth and live in the UK. This makes it more of a challenge as there aren’t many repentant Israelites in my area. Plus I’m struggling to understand if we are supposed to help unrepentant Israelites.

    I ask because I was part of a camp where I asked about helping a sick Israelite child and was told that I shouldn’t.

    I was also given the following scriptures to support that answer and the bold part of the scriptures scared me into not helping the child.

    Ecclesiasticus 12:4 Give to the godly man, and help not a sinner.

    Ecclesiasticus 12:5 Do well unto him that is lowly, but give not to the ungodly: hold back thy bread, and give it not unto him, lest he overmaster thee thereby: for else thou shalt receive twice as much evil for all the good thou shalt have done unto him.

    Ecclesiasticus 12:6 For the most High hateth sinners, and will repay vengeance unto the ungodly, and keepeth them against the mighty day of their punishment.

    Ecclesiasticus 12:7 Give unto the good, and help not the sinner.

    What’s your understanding of these scriptures? 👆🏾👆🏾👆🏾

    One friend shared that it’s the Most High who allows people to go through hardship and become sick whether to strengthen our faith or as punishment for sin and if we go and help them then we may be getting in the way of Yah’s will.

    I feel stuck between a rock and a hard place. Please do a lesson on this or share your thoughts with me.

    Family, you’re also welcome to share with me as I’m open to learning.

    Thanks in advance for your insight into this.

  13. You and Watchman are exceptional examples of what parents should be!!!!

    I love the magazine idea! 🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾

    All praises to the Most High for your leadership. I’m learning a lot from you both.

    I also love the way that your children are not being left out. They are also serving Yah in their unique ways.

    To Yah be all the praises! 😇

  14. This is excellent and inspiring, Sis. Sometimes we feel we're in a position where we can't execute projects that have been planted in us. This inspires me to do more for the collective.

  15. Shabbat Shalom! I would love to help proofread/ edit for your magazine. I am a retired public school English teacher and currently teach private 9th -12th grade English lessons for homeschool students. Please email me at I would love to participate.

  16. Deborah Yah, you have a beautiful heart. Thank you for caring enough about the daughters of Zion to share these great ideas to stir us up to good works. The Virtue Vibe magazine looks very good. May the Most High smile on you with much success in these new endeavors.

  17. Thank u so much for doing this video. Starting my own health supplements have been something I’ve been wanting to do. Having any kind of business advice would help. Thank u for all u do. Bless u!

  18. It's just like when the people were in the wilderness and Yah was taking care of them and they were still complaining. Some people are just ungrateful but you won't know who they are until you help them!

  19. Todah Achti, I love this video. I was thinking about this same concept last night. I believe Yah is confirming this for me. However, listening to some of the stories of people being ungrateful reminds me of our ancestors that were in the desert with Moses and were complaining about the mannah from heaven! You just have to wipe your hands and shake the dust off your feet and keep it moving. They'll get their reward from Yah. Because there are very grateful people out there who are in need and don't complain and will give back when they get on their feet


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