California Earthquakes may be caused by the Heavens

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  1. Thanks for your prayers because I live in California. But the most high said I'm your father and I will keep you safe he also gave me the scripture PSALM 91. 7-8 A thousand may fall at your side, And ten thousand at your right hand; But it shall not come near you only with your eyes shall you look, And see the reward of the wicked. This is coming from the holy spirit Be prepared for the day of the Lord upon all nations are near. Yahawashi bless you and your family.

  2. No it is called geo~Engineering there were lasers that burnt California. . They can make any weather they like. Earthquakes, floods, tornado.

  3. People, these are distractions for those that believe, keep spreading the gospel for Our Divine Majesties of the Highest! Pray harder, repent always, forgive all, testify your miracles, help all who need it… Spread the love of Our Divine Majesties, pick up your cross and live as righteous as possible!!! Yah be with you all!!!!!!!

  4. Yet it is a firmament but YAH also made gates in the firmament that he can only open always remember that

  5. This man is a sellout and a demon in fear of judgment and finally returning to go meet your father Lucifer. This man has no soul. He soul is in the underworld. Your wife is a big time demon as well. I see evil in y'all. The matrix is real. The veil has been opened and no where to hide. Planet X is approaching fast to destroy all these nephilims/demons whose spirits are roaming the Earth. But they are invisible. I sense them, and see them in real life as well. Most human who deal with these evil spirits are in hell already. Goat Lucifer is mad now and got released from his prison. He will take more souls with him before going back to his prison again.

  6. šŸ˜† kan brother the only good thing about California is the weather and Iā€™m definitely missing it in this winter lol

  7. The word of the most high yah is (quick) (powerful) and ( mighty) and ( sharper) than (any) double edge sword…….!!!!!!! Truth

  8. We must pray always not to be deceived!! Even the elect may be deceived. YaHuAh is in control!!! Praise Him for His mercy ! Many may be put rest during this time and be spared the upcoming trials and tribulations of our righteous Father YaHuAh . Pray that He will strengthen the faith His loving ruach, which dwells in us, to know His pure and perfect plan must and will come to pass. We must also pray for all going through these trials may call on His name and be saved by Him!! Thank you Abba Father for your great mercy and forgiveness, and cleansing your creation. Cleanse us so we may dwell with you and worship you in your ruach and in truth!!

  9. California is burning because of the Government didn't pay back China's money back in 2015 they can only fool people who don't want to know!

  10. Something AMAZING happened on THANKSGIVING DAY at the NFL GAME either YAH the Messiah or 1 of His ANGELS was sitting in the End Zone watching the FIELD GOAL WITH EVERYONE ELSE and He was EATING Something too and His Hands GLOW šŸ˜šŸ˜ŽšŸ˜‚

  11. There are No terra firma planets they are the Wandering Stars. The Bible said the earth is enclosed with a Dome above us and there is water above the dome. "The Firmament separates the water Above from the water Below", "The sky is Strong like Molten Glass",.."And he has founded the Vaulted Dome over the earth"..Ā "God looked down upon the CIRCLE of the earth". The earth is a Level Fixed plane. "God set the earth on its Foundation so that it would never move", "the earth is established so that it cannot move". Check out the video from high altitude balloon 131,000 feet high it shows the earth to be Perfectly Still & Completely FLAT & LEVEL 360 All the way around. With the Horizon rising to our eye level at that height we cannot possibly be on a ball of any size. "The shape of the earth is like clay under a seal" Kings would use clay to seal letters then press their signature rings into it creating a circle with upturned edges. "The wisdom of man is foolishness to God". "Scientist substitute mathematics for experiments then wander through equation after equation building a structure that has NO RELATION TO REALITY" Nikola Tesla There is NOTHING getting through the "Dome, Strong Molten Glass/Mirror Tent like covering" Until "God rolls back the sky like a scroll" in the end. Please research flat earth. There are many atheists that have accepted Jesus after they found out we are the center of everything & everything revolves around us. And you cannot get good fruit from a bad tree. The Bible saids the earth is "Set on Pillars" & that the "earth Does Not Move". We have ALL been indoctrinated with the globe lie in order to hide God & push their Big bang, evolution and aliens which most of the world believes. But once the lost world finds out the truth about Where they live then they will understand that there has to be a Creator who designed all this. Once they find out the truth that we are NOT on a spinning ball traveling through endless space. Then all there other lies that are connected to the globe lie is revealed. You then understand there is NO ISS, No Hubble, No moon or Mars landings, No terra firma planets, No big bang, No aliens, No evolution & NO outer space. "Everything hidden & covered will be revealed and shown". 'the holy spirit will bring you to ALL truth and tell you things to come". Blessings to you. I only woke up to this truth about 4 yrs ago I was blinded by the God of this world Satan. But thank God for taking off the blinders so I can see the truth. Water always remains level & cannot conform to the exterior of a ball. And gravity cannot change the physics of water. There are several books written by scientist before during & after the turn of the century on the earth being flat. As well as several experiments we were Never taught in school that proves we are not moving & there is No curvature. It may Sound crazy because we have all been brainwashed to believe such nonsense and cognitive dissonance can prevent someone from looking into it. But once you examine what we have been TOLD TO BELIEVE it all falls apart. What they tell us Makes no sense whatsoever and they have to evidence for a spinning ball earth other than CGI cartoons and equations. Science should match reality otherwise it is Psuedoscience.

  12. Everything around us is cause by the heavens did the father say you will have no were to hide shift and move mountains


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