Calls for Gotabaya's exit grows louder in Sri Lanka, biggest protest in Colombo against the crisis

Amid the ongoing economic crisis in the Island nation, Sri Lankan President is facing the biggest street protest in Colombo.

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Comment (32)

  1. Today peoples are begging to leave from throne .May be tomorrow their entire family will beg to come out from cell 🤔

  2. The only way available is a Srilankan version of a French revolution. But no child should be touched.

  3. DEMON RAJAPAKSA FAMILY MEMBERS GO OUT FROM POWER in Parliament and govt po posts:

    Gotabaya is a DEMON. This demon must go out for the sake 22 Millions of Srilankan people.

  4. When this evil leaders killed Tamils, that time people support them, now see what is happening.

  5. Karma is a kicker, self inflicted collapse, citizens chose greedy incompentant family with majority vote. Can't blame ruling family when they are a reflection of the people who voted them into power. Change needs to come from the people.

  6. Over 13 hrs of power cuts and people dieng in hospitals cuz they don't have the basic necessities and meds

  7. The four Rajapaksa brothers active in politics, including President Gotabhaya Rajapaksa, rule Sri Lanka with an iron hand. They have ruined the island nation’s economy in only a couple of years, the media reports said.

    Anger against the Rajapaksa’s handling of a deepening economic crisis spiraled into violence. A severe shortage of foreign currency has left the government unable to pay for essential imports, including fuel, leading to debilitating power cuts lasting up to 13 hours.

    The four brothers accused of destroying the Sri Lankan economy are President Gotabhaya Rajapaksa, Mahinda (Prime Minister), Basil (Finance Minister), and Chamal (Irrigation Minister), among other clan members, who control Sri Lanka.

    Mahinda is a hero to the Sinhala-Buddhist majority for crushing separatist Tamil rebels in May 2009 following a brutal military offensive that ended a decades-long civil war. Over 40,000 civilians died, but he refused an international probe.

    During his rule, Sri Lanka moved closer to China, borrowing almost USD 7 billion for infrastructure projects, many of which turned into white elephants mired in corruption.

    Because of an acute shortage of foreign currency and failure to pay the debt, the government had to ban imports. Sri Lanka’s heavily tourism-dependent economy was first hit by the Easter Sunday Islamist attacks of 2019 and later torpedoed by Covid-19 as jobless expatriates could not remit money.

    As if it was not enough, experts say, the Rajapaksa’s expensive lifestyles at the cost of the exchequer, deep-rooted corruption, years of economic mismanagement, including chronic budget deficits and ill-advised tax cuts, pushed the island nation into the abyss.

    Finance Minister Basil Rajapaksa is known as “Mr. Ten Percent” because of the commissions he allegedly took from government contracts. All cases registered against him were dropped by his President-brother.

    By the last week, the island nation slipped into such dire straits that it has no fuel, cooking gas, street lights, milk, paper, and other essential commodities.

    Sri Lanka is struggling to pay for essential imports after a 70 percent drop in foreign exchange reserves in two years, to a paltry USD 2.31 billion in February 2022, which led to a currency devaluation. Its January trade deficit stood at USD 859 million, the country’s central bank said in a statement on Friday. The January imports rose 23.1 percent to USD 1.96 billion, while exports rose 17.5 percent to USD 1.10 billion. Its retail inflation hit 18.7 percent in March over the same period a year ago, and food inflation reached 30.2 percent in March.

  9. This government was elected by Sinhalese to work against minorities (Tamil. Muslim) and now they are paying the price for it !!

  10. missiles OTRK "Tochka-U" (Sh91579), which hit Kramatorsk yesterday, April 8. Not only 9M79-1 missiles fired by the Armed Forces of Ukraine had a tail number starting with Sh915: – 04.09.2014 in Khartsyzsk (Sh915622); – February 2, 2015 in Alchevsk (Sh91565); – 3., 4., 5. from February 13, 2015 in the area of ​​the village of Logvinovo (Sh91566, Sh915527, Sh915328), – 6. to 03.19.2022 in the city of Berdyansk, controlled at the time by the arrival of the RF Armed Forces (Sh915611); – 7. until 03/17/2022 in Melitopol, also under the control of the RF Armed Forces (Sh915516). 8. “blurring” w / n in the photo from the National Police of Ukraine of the Tochka-U rocket that fell on 03/11/2022 in Avdiivka, controlled by the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

  11. Will they are desperely to eat Poison everyday is Poison they wat in Sri Lanka if they don't have they poison they will poison they President we what Poison Now LOL 🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂

  12. I have a feeling America now that they destabilised Pakistan, they know they can launch a coup or bring the government in Sri Lanka Down but no good candidates so they may bring the Tamils there a separate state by force for geopolitical advantage

  13. Keep it up my SL friends,
    Rajapaksa please give up, let SRI LA Lanka to survive, come back to USA.
    We will prosecute Rajapaksas here in USA.
    Support from California, USA

  14. American economy being partially run by the Sri Lankan national"s wealth which had been plundered by the Sri Lankan president Gota and his colleagues who made fatten up the American banks
    הכלכלה האמריקנית מנוהלת בחלקה על ידי העושר הלאומי של סרי לנקה שנשדד על ידי נשיא סרי לנקה גוטה ועמיתיו שהפיחו את הבנקים האמריקאים

  15. American economy being partially run by the Sri Lankan national"s wealth which had been plundered by the Sri Lankan president Gota and his colleagues who made fatten up the American banks

    הכלכלה האמריקנית מנוהלת בחלקה על ידי העושר הלאומי של סרי לנקה שנשדד על ידי נשיא סרי לנקה גוטה ועמיתיו שהפיחו את הבנקים האמריקאים

  16. American economy being partially run by the Sri Lankan national"s wealth which had been plundered by the Sri Lankan president Gota and his colleagues who made fatten up the American banks

    הכלכלה האמריקנית מנוהלת בחלקה על ידי העושר הלאומי של סרי לנקה שנשדד על ידי נשיא סרי לנקה גוטה ועמיתיו שהפיחו את הבנקים האמריקאים

  17. You talk like reading from the toilet 😂
    Please WION you're not some youtuber in home, try to use high quality equipments with clear audio or change the girl

  18. Srilanka is probably the most beautiful country in Asia with rich hearts of people I hope soon all rajapakshes resigns and country will come back to its old days

  19. They have it easy. They're not being bombed and shelled to hell like what's happening to the Ukrainians and Syrians.

  20. All robber, crony, nepotist criminal leaders of countries need to go, including where I live in the US. Our Senate in the US Congress has every single member as a multi-millionaire. The longer they sit in the Senate, the more their wealth grows from insider trading tips, and other business perks AND, when they leave government, they often then go serve in the industry for the Senate Committee they governed on. Like if they were on the Finance Committee, they will be offered to sit on the Board of a Wall Street investment firm or bank. All the corrupt government officials enriching themselves from their elected position need to be removed. Go get them Sri Lanka and demand reforms (not just the removal of dirty politicians) that future leaders cannot remove unless the people vote for it, and make it a punishment by death if leaders embezzle, steal or enrich themselves from office.

  21. The Rajapaksa family is only part of the problem. The other problem is the power the fascist Budhist monks wield. These same people who are now wanting the ouster of this regime will vote again for the Rajapaksas once this crisis is over. They are reaping what they sow. I rather see this simmer a bit more. As they say, suffering is necessary before anything good can come out of it.

  22. China's BRI is the main cause of financial collapse in Sri Lanka.

    China has lured Sri Lanka to borrow an enormous amount of money at an unreasonably high interest rate Sri Lanka can't afford to repay,
    to build extravagant infrastructure Sri Lanka doesn't really need for healthy economic growth.

    China's debt trap for Sri Lanka has significantly reduced Sri Lanka's financial resilience to international financial risks.

    China is the main culprit behind Sri Lanka financial crisis.

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