Can Gentiles Be Saved or Is the delusion too Strong? Original Upload 2015

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  1. Judges and members of congress, blk one's especially don't love their own. It's very sad that them ppl r so lost.

  2. Do you belive in the doctrine that joseph is the father of our savior? I am being taught that it was not a virgin birth at all. Is this a widely accepted doctrine in israel?

  3. Yes Sister Deborah. I can't wait until Esau's rulership is over. Also these churches have fake love in action. Pentecostal is as bad as the rest. It's all a show to collect your money and manipulate the people.

  4. I found you all because I really opened my heart and asked Yah to show me truth because I knew that Christianity was seriously messed up and tarnished. when I share this with my christian family, my two sisters cant embrace this as yet, I understand why. Because they are not ready to walk the straight line and stop eat pork. They not ready to leave christmas etc. The things they say hurts my heart. I have understanding but they dont. I cant cha ge them, only when they seek Yah themsves He will open their eyes. But praise Him, my two sons 27 and 24 believe this truth and receive it. I pray that they will walk accordingly to Yahs way.

    We all need to listen to this study again. Engrave it in our heart….. Very important for our soul & spirit📖🗡📜❤🙏

  6. May Yah bless you all ! Thank you for sharing this teaching and insight into the scriptures from your reading, praise be Yah, and the Ruach that bestows us the wisdom from within the word. Shalom !

  7. Most gentiles equate truth with "hate speech" . My gold fish has a higher chance of making it into the kingdom than them.

  8. It is my understanding that the grafting in is speaking of the NK whom TMH divorced. Romans 11:23 uses the word "again." My understanding is NK were once apart of the branch. Another thing, if Yah says we are a holy people, how could someone unholy be grafted in? Please explain…Thanks.

  9. The Israelites r chosen..but we will have to pass one thing.. Gentiles or's called true repentance


  11. It's a shame to mislead our people into thinking that the white man, the stranger is a profane black man named Esau.
    NUMBERS 1:18
    Jacob and Esau twins. Two black children who spoke Hebrew to their father Isaac, a black man. We are of our fathers.

    JASHER 57
    Esau gives up his land etc. to be ruled over by a strange nation🧑‍🦲.
    v.25 Esau sons turned against Esau to fight with the children of the east and the children of Seir against Esau. (DEUTERONOMY 23:7 Edomites included in the congregation) Black people.
    v.39 Esau chose a man NOT of his brethren to be King of Edom🧑‍🦲.

    GENESIS 36
    Esau appointed dukes of his lineage.
    Balaam son of Beor, a white man, is NOT in the lineage of Esau. Balaam first king of Edom.
    The other kings of Edom were white as well Except Jobab son Zerah, a black man.

    😏YAH called the white man: the stranger, the Gentiles from the ends of the earth and Synagogue of Satan.
    Not Edomites.

    DEUTERONOMY 28 33-68
    White man stranger🧑‍🦲 origin.
    YAH will send a nation from the ends of the earth we would not know they spoke a language we would not understand.
    YAH said strangers🧑‍🦲put a yoke of iron around our necks and took Israel into bondage.
    YAH said that the stranger🧑‍🦲took away Esau brother Israel into slavery.
    The Gentiles salvation if you will is SLAVERY
    NO grafting in of the enemy that slew YAH on a tree. Those that escape slavery die by the sword.
    REVELATION 21:12
    12 gates for 12 tribes of Israel🤴🏿👸🏾 and NONE ELSE.

  12. Shalawam family, your wisdom and knowledge is appreciated concerning Israel.My question is how does Israel live forever? Would you guys please do me the honor, when you have time, and see if the scriptures ring true. Romans 9:4 Hebrews 9:15 1John2:24 Matthew 19:16-17 Baruch 4:1 Ecclesiasticus 19:18-19 Genesis 3:2-3 1John3:8 Genesis 3:4-5 Genesis 3:22 Revolution 22:14 John 10:27. I know alot right, however with your wisdom, you guys will be able to figure it out. Thanking you guys ahead of time.. Shalawam.

  13. I want you to understand this mystery, dear brothers and sisters, so that you will not feel proud about yourselves. Some of the people of Israel have hard hearts, but this will last only until the full number of Gentiles comes to Christ

  14. The only delusion are people who read the bible and cannot understand that salvation has come to the gentiles. These people are not of God.

  15. Lamentations 4:21-22 WOE to edom daugthers of edom ( tia tequila you will be daughters of zion slave you will be doing the daughters of zion hair free ) repent Tia tequila

  16. Hey i wantef you to know george floyd statue were hit by lightning and trump jr. Had a pictire of george föoyd with wings on and our israelites brothers and sisters. Did not get that message what trump jr were telling them can you loo into this and do a video on that statement its on youtube our people has to wake up yah is using trump tell them who they are but they do not believe him thanks

  17. All who call upon the name of the Lord
    For who so ever shall call upon the name of the Lord
    For God so loved the WORLD


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