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  1. Hmmm not sure if I would want to stick around honestly to many assholes, plus loneliness. Honestly alot fucked up people people need alot work. Dont think we deserve this I know it sucks to die but some things are worse

  2. The current 80ish year life expectancy is based on the fact that we can't do much about aging with current technology. People have always had quite similar lifespans, the main reason why life expectancy was 30 to 50 before the late Victorian age is because infant and childhood mortality was much higher. Those lucky enough to survive past childhood were able to live to around 70 years old, provided violence and disease didn't kill them first. Soonish, advances in tech may render the whole concept of a fixed life expectancy meaningless or almost so.

  3. Cure aging? This makes me wonder and raise the question. Is aging a disease or just the consequence of a natural process? I assume most of you folk understand that over time the randomness of stuff, including mistakes, increases in closed systems (e.g. cells).

  4. So creating a virus 🦠 in a Chinese lab 🧫 and intentionally releasing the virus to create a pandemic that needs a vaccine 💉 to put nanobots into would be a great way to test these in humans. Than to create future pandemics to increase vaccinations with better nanobots would be a great way to force humanity into becoming controlled robots for the elites? Right? Just a theory?

  5. We can dream of immortality , along the way we coincidentally discover & create many new useful things ; BUT , the big , huge But is that we must dream all the way & very deep the ultimate dream which will take US to Goldilocks Planets . The Mother Earth has a hard time to sustain bigger population that Nanotechnology almost guarantee .


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