Can Robots Become Human? Sadhguru Answers

As machines and Artificial Intelligence becomes more capable, the line between machines and humans seems to be disappearing. Will machines eventually become human, or is there something about being human that is “un-programmable”? Sadhguru answers a student’s question.

Yogi, mystic and visionary, Sadhguru is a spiritual master with a difference. An arresting blend of profundity and pragmatism, his life and work serves as a reminder that yoga is a contemporary science, vitally relevant to our times.

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Comment (36)

  1. As a computer scientist I tend to agree with the above discourse.
    "To make a human, you need to make a human." – We might not be able to replicate a human in a machine using our thought – This is probably the essence of what Sadhguru Ji is saying above.
    Well, then can we at least replicate the human intelligence ? – Now again, I agree with what he says. Human intelligence is not just the thought but the entire interconnected bodily system, each and every cell affecting what is happening at the overall level.
    So you can probably make some good looking models that replicate some of our actions. or different machines that take care of different actions that we can perform. But to replicate the entire human mechanism ? – I am afraid that is the work of the source of creation/mother nature or whatever you like to call it. And therefore that is something that only nature could do.

  2. 5:13 to 6:58
    his explanation and example about intuition was perfect.

    I disagree when he asks at what level do we have access to this? Sadhguru asks the question as if a person can improve their ability to be more intuitive. Intuition is not something you and I can do at will, as a matter of fact intuition functions best when there is no effort. For example have you ever been stuck with a problem? Any kind of problem, mathematical, social, physical, etc. If you are like me, you have been stuck with a problem you could not solve with your thinking process so you give up for a short period of time. In this period of time when you are relaxed or doing something else suddenly you figure it out. There was no logical thinking involved, like a bolt of lightning a solution came to you, that is intuition.

    I agree intuition is another dimension of intelligence which does not involve any thinking/memory, but I do disagree that it is something that can be cultivated.

  3. my heart with your heart We stay together you have to understand one thing very many I don't understand what yoga means But others want to have on yoga others have on yoga But they don't know how to use yoga every time you want to use on yoga you have to to think about that person and he will have him inside you you have to trust as much as you trust as he gets bigger and bigger

  4. now I wake up for the planet a lot of people understand what strength means about yoga others say they sit upside down they wipe like me it's not true others say they stand on one leg it's not true others say they sit on their stomach it's not true yoga is sits and recently and listening to a little music and more than that when the music ends Oh meditate nature and meditate and you will see that nature sings very very beautiful Who understands the music of nature will fully understand yoga then will have a very very very strength great until then no one is who has the strength but does not show

  5. They already have android that plays the violin 🎻

    It does play very well and plays every note accordingly. The problem is there's no emotion behind it. The note is in tune, there's vibrato just like a human can make, but the WAY its done is very cold and just.. Precise I guess you could say. A human has SOME sort of flaw to it. Uniqueness. 2 people playing the same song, will haave their own touch to it. It's the FLAWS that separate.

    Robots dont have flaws. Just raw processing power to take question A and give Answer B. Then it sits still until it's needed again..

  6. Can the free master and the awakened really do harm with their attention? I know people whose participation in life brings not only anxiety, but also scandals in the family, violence against the mind, many sleepless nights, deterioration of health and constantly brings destructive results. I know the people affected by them, I sincerely sympathize with them and wish them liberation from this kind of tyranny. What can you think about the group of people involved in such activities and wish those affected by them?

  7. is there a cause of consciousness? Sadhguru in one video said…everything happens within cause and effect. If there is sth that causes consciousness it might be infused to machines…🤔…what caused consciousness/life in earth and nowhere else?……

  8. I just want to state again that Consciousness can not be there without Body and Mind . Both come first and then Consciousness. Association of these two C and BM is profoundly basic for any Spiritual Experience. To separate C from BM is (if at all) only Achieved by very, very few genuine Yogis !

  9. After having noticed how close Sadhguru and his Foundation are to, for example, the WEF and its transhumanist founder and chairman, Klaus Schwab, I’m somehow relieved Sadhguru declares consciousness is something different from (artificial) intelligence…

  10. Thank u Sadhguru…machine cant do anything with consciousness …its infinite % bcz its indescribable !! We cannot face that holy truth😍🙏 !!!!!!! Creator is beyond everything evertything !! Om Namashivaya🙏


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