Can some blood pressure medications cause cancer?

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  1. Water is something we need to flush the system and dehydration cause high blood I also use apple sider. A white lady doctor told me the calcium in black male blood can b to much the calcium in our blood have electrode witch help jump starts our heart a direct link to the Father so the white man do coke to excite his heart by snorting it

  2. I drink Wine and Wild blueberries together I blend it together in my blender. But I also use my blender for other Fruit and vegetables and Raw honey

  3. Pure water people apple sider and garlic. Prayer don't stress worries and bad food bad attitude kill us we let so much bother us. Believe me the other race r stress to but black people blood seem to be thicker with the calcium

  4. All pills are sorcery, pharmacist means sorcerer in Greek or Roman. Once you take the pill it attack’s your internal organs creating side effects that will manipulate your body than your soul. DO NOT TAKE PILLS.

  5. Yes just listen to the medication commercials. Listen close to the side effects. Cancer is a side effect for many of them. Boom…the #2 killer in the USA. Ppl are getting cancer from the meds.

  6. Want everyone to know my blood pressure was high( far from normal) dr.s insisted it was imperative I start blood pressure meds immediately and " i" knew it was stress, I listened & took emmit for a couple wks & just didn't feel right, I actually had some chest pains ON the meds I didn't have prior , I listened to my own body, weaned myself off the meds & wow….. I had perfect blood pressure the very nxt month on my own. My dr.s insisted it was imperative I take them…. so I say I am & go along with the med pushing game! Unreal….. listen to yourself!!! Do not take any meds unless YOU KNOW that you will die without them! They ARE POISON…. proper foods and herbs are what we are MEANT to heal ourselves with!!! I promise you this is true!!! Fruits and vegetables, seeds & herbs and spices are SO important to our bodies. They are natures and our true and best remedies ….. people are being lied to , controlled and ripped off with pharmaceuticals …. THEY are killing people & causing serious harm and death!!!! Listen and pay attention to what your body is telling you, do your research as for foods and their benefits!!! Please πŸŒ»πŸ¦‹πŸŒ» I tell this to you out of love & concern. πŸ’œπŸ΅πŸ’œ please take proper care of yourself, please!! Read up on super foods & healing properties of natural foods & such. Sometimes it will take trying a few different things if you need to, everyone's body is different , foods may vary from person to person. I cut sodium and eat a lot berries and switch around and add new foods that may also help. My dr.s said that I couldn't control my pressure on my own & meds were absolutely necessary or I could have a stroke among other things. They said it couldn't be controlled without meds! …. I'm proof that you can fix & control your own health problems. Try it yourselves πŸ’™

  7. I'm loving that your sharing this with everyone!!! πŸ’œ PLEASE don't stop letting people know the truth about our health & healing & taking the best care of ourselves we possibly can. Bless you guys, your amazing!!! And yes, a lot more to being healthy & not just with what we eat, it's definitely alot more. need exercise and good sleep & a healthy mindset… personal care … healthy lifestyle is so important! Thanx for sharing this information! πŸ’œπŸ΅πŸ’œ hope it reaches a lot of people & they stop and listen. They have to want to take proper care of themselves, that's for sure! Bless you πŸŒ»πŸ¦‹πŸŒ»

  8. This brother is correct but there is more. Tylenol damages the liver along with Celebrex and a whole list of other medicines they prescribe to us, Metformin as a list so long it's just sad but it will deplete the body of B-12 and cause bloating which is cell damage and so much more. Eating right is the right thing to do to take care of these bodies the most high YAH gave to us. It takes time to heal things up as it took time to mess things up so our people need to learn to be patient and drop the microwave mentality.
    I had to watch my father die by eating himself to death the straw that broke the camels back when my sister and I were really looking after his eating habits was crab. As a custom on New's our people like to suck up a lot of crab and my sister and I weren't going to let my father have any that year, but my stepmother went behind our backs and gave him some when we weren't around and 5-7 days later he was dead. So, I learned the hard way just what eating those forbidden foods can do to a human body when it is in a weakened state. It was then I made sure to follow the law's dietary plans. Dr. Sebi's health food and eating suggestion list is very helpful in getting the body back to health. I have a fatty liver caused by taking Celebrex and pain killers after I had an adverse reaction to the Anthrax vaccination in the military. Things I tried that helped was drinking silver collide, high ph water, following the dietary laws, and taking some of Dr. Sebi's health foods which give is a lot of natural iron from Elder berries and other natural sources. At my worst I could barley walk as that anthrax shot gave me arthritis and caused my shoulders, back, and hip to go out, basically everyplace I got a burning sensation after getting the shot. I was told I would never run again when I was a man who would run marathons. I was like this for 13 years unable to walk much or play with my children and had gotten to the point of each year wondering what else wasn't I going to be able to do.
    Then I prayed to YAH for a healing and all of the sudden this ugly face kept popping up on my social media pages. I ignored them for months but that face just kept popping up till one day I got curious and clicked on it. When I heard the man say, "We are to go to the herbs for the healing of the nations," I knew it was YAH that put that ugly face on me like white on rice. It was none other than Dr. Sebi and after listening to a lot of his videos I saw he was doing the right thing following the scriptures on eating correctly. That year I had developed a blood clot just behind my left knee and was told I needed surgery and that they might need to cut all below my knee off. I got up and walked out telling them that I had ordered two bottles of Dr. Sebi's Biofero and would give that a try before I let them do anything to me. When I got home the stuff I had ordered had arrived and I took both bottle back to back. Two months later the blood clot was gone and my doctor was totally surprised as she said she had never seen anything like that before as normally that would take more than a year to dissipate using surgery and medicines. So, I wen ahead and tried Dr. Sebi's small cleaning package for diabetes which was around a months supply of stuff to take. After that month was over I felt so good that I went for a run for the first time in 13 years. Sure I didn't get very far but I could now do it. So, I started walking and slowly build up to being able to run over three miles and walking up to ten miles. YAH had answered my prayers with this ugly face man but thankfully I took some time to listen as only then did I realize that was an answer to my prayers.

  9. I confirm he is right about west Africa use less salt. West African has a special spice called SUMBARA used to cook. It replaces sodium. SUMBARA is mainly used by population who composed the old Kingdom of MALI, today current Mali, Senegal,, northern Ivory Coast, Guinea, Niger, Burkina Faso, Gambia and so on.

  10. Doctors won’t tell you about a lot of natural herbs that heal. I’ve been making natural products to work in the body also on the outside.
    I also want to ask what do people or doctors say about CBD Oil hemp derived which is a natural plant with studies show the amazing benefits getting away from synthetic drugs?

  11. Sis Deborah Yah it sounds like you may have an iron deficiency. My family on my mom's side (mostly among the women) we get head aches, light headed, see spots, feel dizzy and many times have heart flutters, because anemia runs in our family. TMH showed my GrammaπŸ‘΅ what to do. You need to eat a lot more of dark leafy greens, broccoli & beets. Yah blessπŸ™Œ and I pray this helps you😊.

  12. My husband has had 2 strokes from high blood pressure and his kidneys are starting to fail. He takes 6 bp pills a day and it still doesn't help all the time. I don't know what to do.

  13. Thank you for sharing this info. Before I take any kind of medication I look it up and read about side-effects etc. Indeed fresh blueberries, strawberries, cranberries kiwi, apples, mangoes, pineapples ( I don't like raspberries) bananas, avocados, beets, pumpkim etc. are good for you. Indeed those bagged meat meals are loaded with too much salt/sodium, mainly all processed foods – nitrites etc. I eat a lot of green veggies. I heard about baking soda mixture helps heal cancer. Aspartame, nitrates, BHT, GMO, etc. I look on labels on boxes, cans, pkgs, etc. I refuse to take flu shots. Again thanks for this Feast of information for our health. One Love Family. Shalom from Shira Israel, Little Rock, Ark.

  14. The scripture says that if we would obey Yah none of these diseases he would put on us many of the isrealite are still disobedience

  15. Sis Devorah . You probably need iron . You can increase your iron intake with blackstrap molasses quickly . You can put it in your oatmeal or bake with it . You can also drink Floradix Iron but you must take it with vitamin c in order for your body to absorb the nutrients

  16. I use Garlic in Hot water

    Fresh Garlic boil in 4 cups water and drink Simple

    My BP was 167/90+ and this Garlic Tea made it normal

    I also changed my eating plans
    Got rid of a lot of processed foods
    Eat more vegetables and fruits
    No sodas, less juice and if I drink store bought juice it's pure & organic

  17. I stopped taking BP meds because it gave me a cold and heavy congestion and then They gave me albuterol to breath

    I stopped taking it a year ago
    I was diagnosed with mestactic breast cancer in April. I had one round of chemo. The second round they wanted to put me on that chemo meds that's in the lawsuits So I stopped I refused it and now I'm detoxing and helping my body through Nutrition and different Protocols

    I take no prescribed poisoning meds

  18. Black seed oil, turmeric and apple cider vinegar include these in your diet to help with inflammation, aches and pain, hypertension and such much more… research these natural ingredients.

  19. This is the 2nd or 3rd Video i have watched an what amazing info..What i totally do not understand is im 59..I do not eat meat,I don't drink milk,Eggs,An every now an then a little cheese dip @mexican no meat).I was diagnosed with some high cholesterol.Then i knew i didn't' feel good an got to the point i couldn't't even shop,Cook,or even take a bathe i was so weak.I went to ER. My Hemoglobin was 7 .They admitted me an gave me 2 pints of blood.I had no insurance so i went To the clinic who said i had HC,Now they said I have Hypo-thyroid,HC,An low Iron saturation an anemia I was so upset..I got overwhelmed.All the foods i read that they say to not eat is what i eat They said no beans,No kale,Broc,Spinach,They said eat salmon,Eggs,Etc.I have a spinach smoothie every da y with spinach.So i called a sister up crying an telling her i got to take (3)iron instead of (1)The thyroid an cholesterol meds.I do not understand how my health could be so bad.I know its in our family history.My sister said just take the meds a month to get to feeling better while I'm researching what the natural things that i need an then come off the meds.So that is the plan..I bought Tuna an She is bringing me eggs from her chickens.I just dont think i can pit dead flesh on my plate ,Chicken esp,I don't eat pork of course.But i thought eggs was bad for cholesterol so how does it help my typo-thyroid Anybody have any info for me Id really…appreciate it Im very upset about this med an I'm on day 2..I just don't have money for a consultation..Its all i can do to Buy my vegetables.I wasn't able to grow anything this year because of my health.Last year i did grown tomatoes an a few veggies .It was my 1st year..My BP is excellent by the way.Thankful for that cause its what killed both my parents Thank you Shalom

  20. I had severe Depression and have not been the same after a major Surgery in Dec 2016, but I'm slowly coming back around Day nby Day Long Process

  21. Also its a little known fact that all the Calcium in foods, dairy and juices today as well as large dose Calcium supplements can cause brittle bones as well as triggering the heart into Atrial Fibrillation or Afib. This Beast don't give a slap about us.

  22. Minister of Wellness, thank you for your truth on the high blood pressure medications. My cousin sustained breast cancer from that same poison your speaking about. I'm truly grateful for brothers and sisters such as you. Sister Deborah and the Watchman. Shalom Family

  23. Europe they the medical people see high blood pressure not as a problem ? Phamasutacal medicens new about 100 year old. People lived up into high old age no problem sentries ago . the blood pressure reading is a new thing made up they scaring the sheep in the hurd to go the derection they want them to go


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