Can "strategically trust" India, says Portugal Foreign Minister Cravinho; Slams Russia-China nexus

Expressing confidence in India’s global role Portugal Foreign minister João Gomes Cravinho has said that “with India, we–Portugal, Europe, that we have a partner which we can strategically trust” and both sides “need to do lot more together”. The comments come even as European Union, and its members state deepen engagement with India, with high level visits, including the upcoming visit of PM to the continent next week. Important to remember, the idea of starting a India-EU Summit was mooted for the first time by Portugal when the current UNSG Antonio Guterres was the Portuguese Prime Minister.
The visiting foreign minister was critical of Russia and China both, especially pointing to Bejing’s support for Moscow amid the ongoing invasion of Ukraine. Speaking to our Principal Diplomatic Correspondent Sidhant Sibal exclusively during Delhi visit, FM Cravinho said,”. We have been disappointed to hear China produce the false narrative produced by Russia about somehow Russia’s invasion of Ukraine being the fault of NATO, this has been very disappointing”. On New Delhi’s engagement with Moscow, FM pointed that while “Russia is not in listening mode” and if it opts for negotiation amid the ongoing invasion “India will be positive influence on Russia”. PM Modi has spoken to both Russian and Ukrainian President and called for direct talks between the 2 countries to diffuse the crisis.
Portuguese PM Antonio Costa visited India in January 2017 while PM Modi visited Portugal the same year. PM Costa is the first Indian-origin Head of Government in the Western world. In December 2019, PM Costa visited India to attend a meeting of the Organizing Committee overseeing the 2-year global commemorations of the 150th birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi set up by PM Modi.

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Comment (27)

  1. Just got of the phone with another Indian scammer? Sorry what was the question? Trust india? Lol gimme a break

  2. Dear Mr. FM of Portugal, was Syria, Iraq, Libya and Afghanistan also not NATO's fault? Then whose fault was it? And why is EU appeasing India suddenly, where were you before? Your dubitable and shaky behaviour doesn't exactly inspire confidence in you

  3. According to Wion. Since 2001 china gained 120 Trillion in wealth and became the richest country in the world. They also reported India lost 45 Trillion (world record loss by a country)

    Wion: At $514 trillion, China overtakes US in terms of amassing the biggest net worth

    Gravitas: How Britain Looted $45 Trillion From India

  4. Russia has helped India at times in conflict with neighbours. However, that doesn't mean we support the killing and suffering that Putin has caused.
    The two main destinations of exported Indian goods and services are the EU and US, the two main source markets are China and the EU.
    Russia will move closer to China and need to support its aims. India is predicted to be one of the worst affected by climate change. India needs to move away from fossil fuels and focus on what will help the Indian people. We don't need people from Russian webfarms posting things that aren't in the interest of the people of india.

  5. Strong abuse of international low by Russia. Very "" Clever "" I didn't hear him complain about USA and Britain abuse of international low. Bombing invaded destroyed Iraq. LIBIA SIRIA Avganictan. Hypocrite. 😄😄

  6. Ah! another vassal state of the USA… A beggar country like portugal who we are seeing directly after India drove them out ~70 years ago.
    Search for PIIGS countries. This is one of those countries who messed up their own country. The europe and west never learns, damn it.

  7. India should not get engaged with Europe as a union, but should engage on basis of individual nations. And all pacts must be done with individual country not as EU. We in future might get deceived as they will assemble as transformers and leave us high and dry.

  8. India and Portugal have an excellent relationship. Portugal recognizes that on the global stage India is at the forefront on many strategic levels, and consequently both countries would gain from stronger cultural, scientific, educational, and economic ties.

  9. Joker Indians are back with their pro- Russian comments without even understanding how much trouble India is going to be in with a Russian- Chinese alliance with Russia being forced to give advanced defense tech to China in exchange for economic profits

  10. this guy is making sense, and I like what he is saying, especially about the rule of law. as regards Russia and the United states

  11. centre fo research on energy and clean air (CREA) reports Germany, italy , china, netherlands, turkey , france are top six buyers of russian oil. hypocrisy exposed

  12. All EU guys are here to ask India not to join Russia – China camp.
    These three countries can challenge any grouping in the world both economically and militarily.

  13. Your countries naval ships invaded ullal Kingdom from 1560 to 1583 against Queen abbakka the second in the 4th attack she has been captured and imprisoned for 3 years she died in prison in the year 1583 will Portuguese government at least apologise

  14. The last time such countries flocked to India, Indians were colonized for 150 yrs. We need an explanation from GoI as to what they are committing to all these foreign countries

  15. Review Indian history.

    Portugal was the first European country to establish a stronghold in India.

    It was also the first European country to establish a colony in India.

  16. Indians kissing butt and polishing white man's shoes.. As usual. All the white man needs to do is praise Indian a little and that's all. Doesn't even have to be praising for anything important. Sad!

  17. Perhaps loyal Indians and Hindus are expecting more friendly 🤗approach from left Latin crusaders like the British. (British crusaders never persecuted Hindus) Helped to propagate true essence of Hinduism like the concept of Aham Brahmasmi, Vedanta, Yoga and Upasana & Vipasana etc.🤔 And need to propagate constitution of India as the holy book of India as well. Without thy supports it won't be possible.😁

  18. if russia gonna use nukes , they said russia gonna get beaten , but if india participate , alot of resources could be lost , and maybe russia would not lose , india cannot be trusted , anyone can see that.


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