Canadian Government Admits Transhumanist Agenda

May 10th- Why does our media and Prime Minister gaslight against information that is readily available on their OWN government sites to those that seek. Why does our mainstream news suck so so badly…Because big tech is in control of everything now including our media and our leaders. Our government confirms World Economic Forum’s public statements made eons ago that they “claimed” was conspiracy theory, yet it is admitted on their site right now. Seek And Ye Shall Find.
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  1. We are so screwed as a country. Its so so sad. And we show people these things and they call us names or conspiracy theorists. If you just say this vaccine isn't done trials, its dangerous and we don't know how it will affect us. And the sheeps say we are fear mongering and spreading misinformation, and we have tin foil hats on……..its so frustrating!!!!!! I don't get it. These mask wearing idiots are beyond help. I cannot even wrap my brain around how they think. So f'ed. In Toronto people had Seizures and were brought out in stretchers right past the people in line. And nobody even left! Like the person is on a stretchers dying after being jabbed and the sheep stay and line to be euthanized…..I'm so sick and tired of the mask wearing sheep. Calling me names, the problem! I'm f'in sick of it. They say we are not giving up our freedoms. They think masks and lockdowns work…..this is so messed up!

  2. Ouuu lala (; she’s looking damn sexy af this show. whats up how you doin? Ha anyways thanks for speaking up! For all of ur who can’t we really appreciate the work you do love yah!!

  3. The truth is that the weather is being modified by geo-engineering and chemtrails. Yes, the climate changes naturally and always has but many droughts and fires these days are geo-engineered. The unnatural California fires are one whopping example.

  4. Up until a few years ago all the cruise ships dumped sewage and garbage right into the water, so that means 50 years worth of junk into the water and they blame us for it.

  5. Yeah ford already said if anyone goes against the health officer it’s suicidal.. but I would love to have his job I wouldn’t be a coward I’d show the world how it’s done and keep Ontario open like he said Canada is always new world order to the core I’m glad I got my shit together and know all about this just need some land still renting for gods sake no one would help with co-sign even though my wife is a teacher lol anyways god bless y’all!! We should get together strength in numbers!!

  6. Ur the chick the released the leak? Tht was from the top Thts crazy eh I knew it was real can’t believe there is nothing we can do about this ha let’s put our mi bet together and buy a missle silo like a underground bunker for the unvaxed only!!

  7. Seriously boys let’s get together and buy a piece of land and get sovrien status or I’m native we can start our own reserve using my native card and we can live free from tyranny we can bad together with other reservations we wil situate our reserve so it has ocean and a port to export import stuff we will all get filthy rich sell oil we can be gods like we’re sapose too yo! Grow fields of killer kush and sport it all over the world make mass oils and shatter and no one would mess with us!!

  8. After studying Transhumanism for years, and as an IT expert, I can tell you that if the NWO is doing this for total domination, it is the last thing they will ever get. Transhumanism is totally uncontrollable, and inversely, it would control not just all of us, but every individual in the NWO. This agenda would overthrow absolutely everything and everyone, and whatever it is that evolves from it, would be in control. Claus Schwab, Bill Gates and the rest of them would be as powerless as we are against it. Transhumanism is the most dangerous idea ever devised.

  9. I've been attempting to warn people of exactly what's being covered here, for years! Mostly (if I'm not being totally ignored), they ask: "Why would "they" do that…they wouldn't do that to us". I refer to them as the Zombie Masses. The only "information" they want to hear, is from the lying and deceiving lamestream media! They're actually naive and dumb enough to believe that billy boy is a "Philanthropist", who gives all his money away to "charities"! There are none so blind as he/she who will not see!

  10. This is very good info, but too long. How about doing another video with the worst aspects of their plans into a 15 minute video? When people see 56 minutes, a lot of them will tune out

  11. Who are these people ? No one voted for any of this shit – Every One Has The Right NOT To Listen To Psychopaths. Parents have to wake up their children fast super learning the children can change things just like they them try to use Greta Thunberg On Us. Bring you're children teenagers what are they going to do beat Mothers and Children.. wow. God Bless To You All.

  12. Your comment re "oil barons" is misplaced. AB is suffering due to loss of oil and gas jobs while we import oil from Saudi Arabia. Companies are leaving Canada.

  13. Sounds very familiar. They are doing to society in general what they did hundreds of years ago to our native people . It sure feels like that to me. Governments are Evil. We need to stop electing them. They need to be relieved of their power, their paycheques and their celebrity!

  14. No surprise. Canada is a very liberal country, allowing all kinds of thought coming in. The tidal force of transhumanism is flooding all over the world.

  15. Hi Odessa .. I just emailed my evil MP here in MB asking for an answer for all this .. I doubt I’ll hear back from him 🤣.They don’t want this for all of us .. they want many of us dead and replaced by the Japanese ..Harper signed us on for agenda 2030.

  16. Go to the Bible. First thing to look at is Genesis 1:28 where God told man to subdue the earth and had dominion everything in and upon it. Now look at Genesis 2:16-17 where God says eat from any tree but this one. If you do eat from this tree (which has the fruit of the knowledge of good and evil) you'll surely die. Skip to Genesis 3 to Eve and Satan's temptation of her. That's the introduction of sin and death because of disobedience but also when we see Satan's absolute hatred at the fact that God range us Dominion over the earth. He's been trying ever since to fool us into believing we don't have that God given and commanded right. The governments of this world are not separate entities divided by nations, they are and have always been of the same political system rooted in ancient Babylon that have carried it's pagan structure from there through all of time and Global distances and will continue to through to the end off events as provided in Revelation 13 through 18. This climate change and human subduction is purely Satanic and is explained in detail in Revelation 17. Please go to the Bible. Information is great but understanding is greater.

  17. Covid has shown us how many gullible sheep there are and also how truly evil politicians and healthcare workers are. Not all obviously.

  18. Losing my right to gyms starting the 22 couldn’t be more upset about it. Starting October 1st for my work I’ll have to be rapid tested which doesn’t make any sense. I’m 19 in good health, my health goes down the minute they take away my rights an turn my friends an family against me. This shit is so wrong I’m so done with all this bs, I’ll put my through hell in order to keep my rights just is sad that family an friends can just sit back an watch with a vax in their arm looking at me just yelling to get one…. Super powerful video my heart goes out to anyone who actually try’s to stand up for their rights💯

  19. If you get the Supreme Court decision 2013, that states anyone injected with mRna (nineties were the first jabs) you are then considered genetically modified and no longer human with no rights and owned by the patent owner. I have the link. Supreme Court decisions stand worldwide. So it has been done all over the world. I pray for the Sun shot to end all A.I. the scourge of the Universe.

  20. i hate to say this but it all leads to DJT and the deals he made with Pfizer who paid him and DJT actually uniting the two sides of the coin while we think they are warring with each other….. wake up all the way is very necessary right now if we are to save humanity especially our souls.


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