Captured Britons put on Russian TV seeks Boris Johnson's help to free them | World News | WION

In a dramatic escalation two British fighters captured in Ukraine by Russian forces were broadcast on Russian state TV, both men looking haggard appealed to British Prime Minister Boris Johnson to negotiate their release and asked to be exchanged for pro-Russian politician and Putin ally Viktor Medvedchuk.

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Comment (24)

  1. Please do not let Boris negotiate their release. He is hated so much by Putin and te poor fellas may be used in a nasty political game.

  2. Withstand!you,russian people!the italian people are by your side(except our mafia governmet of draghi mattarella).
    We are aware that you are tbe REAL victims of this big mystification.hope this message can reach you before the fuckcheker may get it,
    .love you Russia

  3. US & its slaves arms sale greed is the root cause of 90% of world armed conflicts . These are defacto Vultures 😭😭😭

  4. 👱Criminal Zelensky What about all the Ukrainian civilians you have order to kill just because they speak Russian, the foreign mercenaries are in Ukraine to kill Russian commanders, (every foreign volunteer mercenaries should be kill) about the MOSKVA warship yes, Ukraine claims of missile strike taken, now is time for Russia to do some real damage.🧔

  5. Every single mercenaries that went knew The consequences, looking at The way ukrainian soldiers treat russian soldiers(tying and killing pow) if not swapped all prisoners should expect to spend The rest of their lives in gulag

  6. In terms of the UK… Liz Truss has blood of every young man whom she encouraged to go there, on her face and hands, ams of course the blood of any of their victi.s whilst they were there. Its diagusting. NATO and the US are disgusting. The filthy bastards of empire.

  7. The British cited the Geneva Convention because they were not being served Tea and Crumpets and Coronation Street.

  8. They knew the consequences. They chose to go and fight. They could have had peaceful lives back home. Now they pay the price for their decisions.

  9. Maybe Boris can come over and throw a Covid party with them? Oh wait, Boris can't come to Russia. And how come a Brit has a Russian name? You don't see that every day.

  10. They are not Ukraine military. They are mercs. Not worth trading for tampons. Serious mercs don’t get sane legal rights as actual military. So yea dissolve in battery acid. They belong to no nation


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