Car Companies Are Making Cars LOUDER

Old man yells at car. Car companies are faking engine noise on sports cars and trucks to make them more appealing to their target audience (and annoying to everyone else). It’s wild, but it’s true.

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Comment (44)

  1. Honestly all electric cars should have some kind of faked engine noise. I've almost been run over a dozen times by electric cars because I cannot hear them, and if I don't see them when checking a crossing, the only thing stopping me from walking onto the road is the sound of the engine or the tires. Especially since these ev people also love their super quiet don't-last-longer-than-a-year-tires that make very little noise on good asphalt. So yeah, either a really colorful neon colouring or some fake engine noises, because they are a safety hazard.

  2. Because they want to dumb the masses and increase noise pollution so people can have a hard time focusing and studying in their homes and also increase mental illness.They're also changing the holes in the wheels to be more loudly acoustic with the air and another noise pollutant!!

  3. I love cars and yes I do love the sound of a revving engine, but I tell you right now having that noise on all the time gets old real fast. Especially in a long trip. When I was younger I used to like the pops and bangs but as I got older I value less noise around me lol.

  4. Alright I'm gonna get nitpicky right now so if you don't want to read it, don't.
    Those sounds aren't "fake".
    Cars usually sound quiet due to mufflers, resonators (yeah
    It sounds like something that'd increase the volume but it actually DECREASES the sound levels) and multiple particulate filters for emissions norms.
    The Mustang in this video most probably had one or more of these components removed, resulting in a partial or a complete straightpipe.
    This is a part of exhaust modifications and enthusiasts do it cause a loud exhaust simply sounds better to some than having a quiet car.
    There is nothing "fake" about this. Yes, companies do engineer their exhaust systems to tune the frequencies, resulting in harmonics that sound better than something that's just a mix of random frequencies put together. They do this by manipulating the length of exhaust headers (outlet pipes from each combustion cylinder). To be honest, that's actually a good thing cause atleast we have loud cars that sound good instead of sounding like a racket.
    What he was only partially right about was the use of speakers for exhaust sounds. That's only used to pump in exhaust noises INSIDE the cabin. The narration of this video makes it sound like he's claiming that even the sound outside is playing through speakers. No. That doesn't happen. No manufacturer does that. Except for electric vehicles. The Audi E-Tron SUV has a low hum to alert pedestrians of an incoming vehicle.

  5. Hi Johnny, I hope you are doing well. I am reaching out to you as truly a big fan of your journalism. I'm sure you have heard of the train derailment in East Palistine, Ohio. It has released and continues to burn hazardous chemicals in the air, water, and soil. I was wondering if you could possibly cover this story. I'm not sure what to believe as it seems information is not being circulated to the public. This seems to be a bigger deal than what is being communicated, and I think you and your team could bring light to the issue. If not, I understand. I love your content and the topics you choose to cover. I hope you continue to do great work, and I may add this comment on other videos to ensure you see 🙂 Thanks for your time – Emily

  6. As a car guy we love hearing the sound, but sound from the speakers is completely useless and Just SAYING that is the actual engine sound from that Mustang it either has a straight pipe/muffler delete or just has an after market exhaust😂

  7. The town I lived in until last year has been utterly ruined by these inconsiderate idiots. As much as we don't need more laws, we need laws covering this type of deliberate noise pollution. The people driving the noise making cars and motorcycles are inconsiderate idiots.

  8. I love how perfectly timed for looping Johnny's dialogue is. But that aside I'm really disappointed in Johnny with this short. It comes across as ignorant to the topic of sound design in cars. In this ignorance it's kind of misleading. The sounds cars make has always been a result of specific engineering goals. All engines with no exhaust system are inherently noisy. Cars are either noisy or quiet because that's what they think the customer wants. In the case of sound piped in through the speakers it's typically because the auto-maker expects the target audience to be people who personally like the sound of a loud engine but don't want to attract attention. I know I am the stereotypical demographic and my car has such a system – a Ford Fusion Sport. It's pretty quick but is not an obvious "sports car". My main gripe is the engine is a Twin Turbo V6 and even the nicest exhaust system will not make it sound all that great so I kind of which it was dead silent anyway.

  9. Whenever I heard a loud car go by my last apartment, I would say in a condescending voice, “Ah, yes, zoom zoom.” You know those drivers are insecure, too, but they’re broadcasting it. The cars made me giggle because they sounded so funny, like an engine with a cold.

  10. If they don’t have the super loud noise nobody will notice them so then what’s the purpose of having a very expensive muscle car if nobody notices you??🤣🤣🤣

  11. A lot of what you said is not true at all. Cars have been made quieter over the years due to smaller turbocharged engines and hybrids. Some countries have extra regulations for emission lowering devices fitted to the exhaust system which silences most sports cars completely. The noise that gets pumped through speakers is only on the inside of the car to enhance the customer driving experience in the wake of the other sound reducing changes that have occurred over the years. Also, performance exhaust systems make cars louder and more powerful so it’s not just noise for the sake of noise. There is actually power to be gained from removing things like catalytic converters, resonators, and mufflers.


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