Cash-strapped Pakistan gets $8 billion in financial support from Saudi Arabia | Latest English News

After taking office, Pakistan’s prime minister Shehbaz Sharif has managed to secure financial aid from Saudi Arabia. Local media reported that the cash-trapped nation facing an economic slump has secured financial aid worth around 8 million dollars from Saudi Arabia.

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Comment (39)

  1. Terrorists in Pakistan sure have a akshaya patra in Saudi to fund their activities .A large portion of 8 billion is sure to find its way to Let Jaish and other terrorist organisations. Of course one should not lose sight of the

  2. How many years does they survive on begged money.. If they stop radicalism and terrorism .if some of their money spent on human development future will change otherwise. Next Somalia..

  3. I dont know why india doesn't tell the saudis to stop funding these clowns. India should be straight forward in telling the saudis that they will not purchase any oil or do any trade wit the kingdom if they do not stop throwing money at Pakistan.

  4. Chalo yeh bhi shuru ho gaye. They are trapped in the vicious circle of debt. Why work at all when easy money is coming your way?

  5. Good news for India, because as long as they get Bheek, they will not develop: When the Bheek is stopped, people suffer for a few years, but slowly they struggle and develop. This rouge country does not want to work and just play Islamic terror games. Irony is even now ;majority of this money will go for the 7 star and 5 star lives of their Army, Politicians and Mullahs. Another irony is the common man in Pakistan is okay being a slave to these big guys. They eat two meals a day and the third meal is given as Hatred for India. That’s good enough for the average Pakistani and most Muslims. Poverty is treated as spirituality! No tears for this Rouge Islamic nation.

  6. " A day without humiliation is a day wasted"
    ~ Shahbaz Sharif Mian.
    " A day humiliating is a day well spent"
    Media, Saudi Arabia, World bank

  7. Why do India buys oil from SA when they give money to pakisthans and pakisthan to terrorists .

  8. Great , now terror funding will be back and rich politicians and army chiefs will fill their pockets with petro riyals. The public will be told to eat less and conserve energy for sloganeering against India and young women will be shipped to SA while the men enjoy their dowry money. Nothing new, this happens with every government change in Pakistan . Funnily they get funding from US, Saudis , China and moral and material support from Turkey and the vicious cycle continues.
    New Sherif , same begging bow.πŸ˜‚

  9. Inshallah Bheek Milgaya, chalo jihadiyon ko thida, army ko thida, politicians ko thida bscha kicha publoc ko aur madarsa ko..,

  10. No aid is enough for a holed begging bowl of Pakistan, another wastage will be borne by Saudis.

  11. Pakistani army and Pakistani secret agency ISI will hup hup all this 8 billion dollars πŸ’Έ πŸ’΅ πŸ’² πŸ€‘

  12. Here is a lesson which country in the world needs to learn from Pakistan. Never try to create more jobs/employment. Rather learn the art of BEGGING. U can earn crores of $ smartly.

  13. Bloody terrorist funding supporting fundamentalist, all that money will be used to buy corner plots in Dubai! None will reach the Pak people the bowl will soon be empty again!

  14. No wonder people were shouting choor choor they knew these Bteds will take money and never return!

  15. Saudi only financing Pakistan because they want the nuke tech. but Pakistan wants to remain the star of the Muslim world and if Saudi gets nukes then were would the need for Pakistan be.

  16. This is threat to India and Indian peace. See Jodhpur and mischief. Hindu turned Muslims with RJD and regional parties ruins the life Hindu citizen with the rise of such co-operation.

    Why helping by 8 Billion USD? Attack and acquire the Pakistan.


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