Catch & KlLL Coyotes for C ash & Protect your LIvestock & Pets

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Comment (26)

  1. The goat look like he wanted to eat the camera, and how are those web worms doing in that tree?

    😔aww Stanley

  2. Sister Yah, you may want to invest in either a donkey or llama. They are the most productive guarding type animals there is.

  3. Look at that setup back there… I remember when there was nothing there. Wow… The question I really want to ask is "how hard is it maintaining everything?"

  4. Have you ever killed and eaten any of your animals yet? Could you have the heart to after getting so close to them, even after naming them? I donk think I could. I think the nearest I would come to eating them would be the chicken eggs.

  5. Thank you for sharing. I often watch homesteading, gardening, and black homesteading videos. My hope is to have my own property when I retire with small scale self subsistence homesteading. Anytime you want to share your homesteading experience, routines, and solutions I'll be a happy listener!

  6. Shalom Deborayah. I really enjoy watching your farm vids and your voice overs really crack me up particularly the one about the blackberry thieving ducks!!! Will you be making a 'Duckumentary' once the new ducks' home is complete?Hahahaha!

  7. What is a typical meal you would eat? I’m new to this walk so I would like some suggestions since I hear often what NOT to eat but never what TO eat. I would love to eat better! However I do not have a garden to grow my own food or anything 😭

  8. that was nice of you to share y'all animals with us I love pets and stuff like that but they can keep the snakes lol.


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