Celebrities such as kendrick lamar. Are they really coming into the truth?

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  1. My fellow black brothers and sister's, you are letting your skin color cloud your judgement. Your mixing 5%er garbage with Christianity. Christianity has nothing to do with race, there is no way you are born again if you are still stuck on the color of your skin being important to Jesus Christ.

  2. I don't know where he is in his walk but I know what he did is appreciated by me. He put not only his Career but life in danger for speaking this truth. And he though flawed as we all are has been very effective with just these few songs. He has the balls of a man of Yah to put it all on the line like this. I salute the young brother a pray for his completion in TMH. LETS STOP BEATING EACH OTHER DOWN!!! We all have our assignments, not of man but of TMH.

  3. I first would like to thank you for your teachings. I have learned a lot. My question pertains to the statement made that Lamar Odom isnt living in the truth due to him bring married to a Gentile. Wasnt Moses married to a Gentile (Zipporah)? I always believed that the reason the Iraelites were instructed not to marry outside was because they would be lead to worship other gods but if the woman you marry is an obedient servant to Yahawah why would it matter? It didnt matter in Moses's situation. Miriam and Aaron were disciplined for making fun of Moses's Crushite wife.

  4. We have to remember, some of us just didn't become holy overnight. Some of us shedded our old skin, and some are still on the
    fence peering over…but the sound of truth is as a bird chirping. The carnality of a lifestyle will die a death, as the person becomes convicted. Celebrities are no different, than some of us, that get paid to perform a task, in exchange for reserve notes. So..give the brother a chance to evolve.

  5. Man I'm learning so much, ever time I listen to Kendrick music I feel like praying for him. Love finding the truth love hearing the truth

  6. I agree with what you all are saying but what I am excited about that a celebrity brought some truth out for some of our people to wake up he might not be in repent but with the message he can make others repent that's all that really matters for the ones who wake up some may not and some will wake up that's all that really matters we all know that God works in mysterious ways and I think this is some of god work to wake up his people you feel me the message that kendrick Lamar put out can hit millions of people to come into the truth A lot of people have woke up from this and a lot of people have not and that's true and on a nother note I am not trying to be mean or anything but I see the guy in this video have a ball head but cording to the Bible you shouldn't shave off the hair on your head or The corners of your beard but better yet he have a ball head so basically he have not repent and now I say shalom

  7. Praise YHWH for The Watchman Report . I am a ISRAELITE of the tribe of Yuda. These dry bones have been awake for a year now. But I've only been WALKING in the Truth for a good 6 months. But listening to the Watchman Report has taught me to know The Most High on a level that I thought was not possible. I came into the knowledge of my true identity listening to the camp of IUIC. But them using the name Jesus Christ never settled with my Ruack. Do I have to be part of a camp for my salvation? I do know that I'm suppose to surround myself with like minded people. But here in Grand Rapids, Michigan not many believers are knowledgeable of the Truth. So I watch the Watchman Report, and study my bible, (1611 kjv bible) and practice the righteous acts to the best of my ability. Praying to our Heavenly Father for a increase. Which brought me to The Watchman Report. And every time I do watch and listen I learn something new. Like the 12 tribes of Israel chart that all the camps use. Whited out 4 was very insightful and helpful for MY understanding. So when TMH YHWH puts it in my Ruack to teach, I'll be well equipt to do so. Thank you Watchman Report for your channel, and the wisdom that TMH YHWH has given you to teach HIS word so profoundly. Because your teachings have taken the scales off of my eyes. Enabling me to see things a whole lot clearer. Thank you Watchman

  8. Knowledge of yourself is the first step. Finding out you are ISRAEL is the first step in this walk. This song "Yah" may lead many to the truth so before getting self righteous let's allow the most high to do what he's doing through whom he decides to use in whatever manner he chooses to use them. Don't throw the baby out with the bath water!

  9. The Watchman Reports doing their typical Hating on other Israelites bcuz they aren't following behind their flawed philosophy and Dogma

    as for Kendrick Lamar

    Ecclesiasticus 19:24

    “He that hath small understanding, and feareth God, is better than one that hath much wisdom, and transgresseth the law of the most High.”

  10. life is a journey Kendrick Lamar is on his you can follow him if you choose but remember he didn't ask you to shalom

  11. people forget that kendrick openly admitted to selling his soul to the devil….people also forget that satanists in hollywood decide when an album is released….why would satan try to wake Gods people up…until kendrick confesses the mashiach and repents this is nothing more than a distraction

  12. His rap is blasphemy. people are so dumb and support anything famous do but kendrick sold out a while back.

  13. yes finding out ur an isrealite is a small victory but is a victory none the less so im happy about all my people coming to who they really are now will they be reborn again only the heavonly father knows

  14. its funny how isrealites think that just cause thet were in the truth longer that they are some how they are the isrealites leader lol smh

  15. personally im proud of Kendrick Lamar and Chingy and a few others so i dont like the negativity .lets praise Yah for the waking up of our people

  16. Shabbat Shalom Watchman & Sister🌹🌹 Deborah, I learn soo much from you guys.. Halleluyah, Halleluyah!!!!!! I Thank YAH for you..

  17. TMH says that, My sheep hear my voice…  If you are His sheep, you will hear His voice and Walk in His statutes.

  18. If you never heard a kendrick lamar album you wouldn't understand his parables its like if just getting into the bible you wouldn't get it at first he been the type to mox in songs from his past to his new song and he been real about the struggle of his faith cause of the industry he got a song called the cost of a dollar that is so deep but because most people just look at a outer layer and not dig deep the reason he cant just come out and say the truth is cause he under contract he mentions that on to pimp a butterfly so he rap in parables like the song humble where he rap so prideful but rap so humble in the song pride stating its easier to have pride then be humble his stuff is deeper then the surface i feel God using him to get the ones who was raised like him but seeking the truth but thats just me discerning the purpose of his album which is to get out of this curse by following Gods laws

  19. I really think The Most High divide us Israelites who in someway or another come into the Truth. This way we have to learn to come to gather in unity to make our final push against the powers that be. If we can't conquer what separates us there is no way we can bring light into the world.

  20. wow guys. i give it to you.I was watching Kendrick i needed a second opinion him. and when i saw this video it was a great confirmation to me. thank you.

  21. Shalom my brother and sis. I love what your doing. I'm Chief Gcode.. I'm about to push truth to Chicago

  22. I think there is a REAL NEED to clarify the subject of GOD FORGIVING SINNERS.
    I heard that a common practice of rappers is to play “THE GAME” which is to “sell their soul”, + enjoy the successes that brings, all the while PLANNING BEFOREHAND to later REPENT, CONFESS SINS, and REQUEST GOD’S FORGIVENESS.
    They say that “selling one’s soul” is not covered in the Bible but it is well known that God FORGIVES ALL SINS.
    So these rappers have no problem committing the worst forms of blasphemy- and it seems like the worst it is the more popular they are because fans see them as being strong by not fearing God.
    The fact that most all rappers video’s are blasphemous + the youth are exposed to it constantly so don’t know it is wrong- that is why, I believe, that they see God as being weak.
    Because he forgives ALL SIN people feel they can commit sin + be asking for forgiveness after each sin + they will be forgiven.
    Really we are supposed to fear the Lord God’s wrath + be humble.
    The Bible seems to say there is no sin that God will not forgive so people take advantage of his love for us.
    I would love it if you could clarify this for me.

  23. Only I AM HIMSELF will be the judge of all and anyone all we can do is try our best to stay in the laws and COMMANDMENT 'S .. Let us pray for our brother's and SISTER'S to stay in I Am's good grace. If truth be told all of us struggle to walk in the way some more than OTHERS.

  24. I agree. Don’t believe nothing they say. These celebrities are not with Yah. They are not with us.

  25. In the Luciferian orders, there are people called "lambs" and their purpose is to convince people they are the truth tellers, the victims of the establishment and they have come to the Most High, BUT it's all a lie that reminds me of an intricately woven basket to deceive the masses. And Kendrick Lamar fits the profile. He double speaks too much on his supposed faith, and we know what the Word said about a forked tongue or being lukewarm.

  26. Knowing that we're true Israelites is more of a conviction than a bragging point. It should make you wanna follow the laws and repent of worldly ways. Thats why the guys on the street corners kinda get on my nerves. Its not abt agitating ppl its about learning Yahs laws and living them out. All theyre worried abt is enslaving the white man and raping his wife. It makes us look bad as a nation tthats supposed to be righteous

  27. I believe the celeb Brandon T. Jackson has truly hearkened to the call & turned from his wicked ways in the entertainment industry & is trying to influence the rest of the so called black folk in the industry as well. He doesn't deal with the industry at all any longer & has become a fisher of men. He seems genuine & hungry for the depths of his truth seeking journey, praying for that brother HALALUYAH 🙌🏽

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    evil peoples i will repent of
    sins thank you both ✌ out

  29. I suggest you reach out to these celebrities instead sitting back passin judgement.They do have alot yes men in that wicked business around them.


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