Cepher Rep Tells Truth about the Tribe of Judah in America

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  1. I don't feel the cepher! Is the right direction! Back to Israel back to Egypt has always been the wrong direction! Forwards to a new is best ! The shepherd gathering must be true !

  2. That could be the reason why some of us are wacko these days. If we don't have YAH, we have nothing. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Watchman reports hello sister Deborah which cepher video was this that brother Steven saying this on


  5. Shabbath Shalom to the kan Watchman Yahu and achoti Deborah Yah for your humble service to AbbaYah for His Glorification and edification for His PEOPLE!! Praise AbbaYah FOR EVER and EVER.. AleluYahuah💗💗💗💞💞💞💞

  6. It is hard for many to admit the truth is because they are afraid of being attacked by white Jewish people because if we are the true Hebrews then who are the white Jewish people that claim they are Hebrews

  7. People forget that there is TWO tribes of Judah. And the tribes, through years and years of intermingling, have mixed. I have listened to Dr. Pidgeon on many teachings of this topic. To state that “only blacks” are from the tribe of Judah, is misleading. Although to say they are from the tribe of Judah, is not misleading. But remember, we can be of a tribe, and still not be a part of the remnant. Because only a remnant will be saved.

  8. That guy is speaking BS ok. He is blaming China for what the US (white América) has been doing to black América from the very start

  9. I constantly pray for Yah to give additional proof that confirms Judah’s existence in the so-called African American community. I’ve been searching the slave narratives held by the US library of congress to see if I could find one with a slave with knowledge of their Israelite history. I found one that speaks of Africans on a transatlantic voyage threatening to throw a captive slave overboard so he could be swallowed by a whale like Jonah in the Bible. My question is where did they get this knowledge on a middle passage voyage. It was a curious discovery.

  10. Theres only 2 kinds of people The Creators children and Satans!! Theres but 1 body in the Messiah and Hes the head!! He came for all races and etc etc!! Dont forget the drafted in children!! That could be of any color!! Its about who's in the heart of a person not bloodline!!

  11. You should provide the proper credits for sourced material like this. Im on the Cepher youtube page trying to find this video because you didnt provide the link that you got your source from.

  12. Brothers and sisters… know this.. if you think all the tribes looked the same.. you are deceived. For instance.. the Anglo Saxon comes from Ephrayim.. even the Spartans (which were called Greeks btw) hail from the tribes.. Yocephs coat of many colors reflects the tribes. They were ALWAYS a mixed multitude. Always. Yahudah is only 1 tribe.. and the scepter has passed from him.. You respect Dr Pigeons teachings on Yahudah, go see what he teaches on the rest of the dispersion. It’s astonishing.. but all that aside.. I will bring us all back to the words of Sha’ul.. there is neither jew, nor gentile, man nor woman, slave nor free.. but all are one in Mashiach! Do not get caught up in calling someone Goyim. You yourselves are the same. Of the nations! Scattered and forgotten who you are! Just as Ephrayim (the northern kingdom) was! It is a doing of Yahuah and it is marvelous in our eyes! The arrogance of Yahudah was thrown down! They looked at their brothers of the northern kingdom as dogs after Yah divorced them, as with the rest of the nations. Which was blasphemy to Yah! For all are Made in His image and in need of His light! Do not forget what was spoken by the prophet Yermiyahu about the two sisters/kingdoms.. Yahudah did not learn from her adulterous sister.. instead she became the worse without understanding and held to a fake repentance.. She was kept intact until Mashiach could come, then as Ephrayim, Yahudah was also scattered and the scepter removed and given to Mashiach forever, HalleluYaH! A humbling and a reminder.. that all men where made in the image of Yah.. all were to be taught of his Glory. This is displayed in what He has done.. that Any who have accepted Yahusha and walk in the Way are not goyim any longer, but Yashar’el. Yashar’el was to be a kingdom of priests, a holy nation and a light to the world! To call all to Yahuah! Yahudah is only a part of Yashar’el.. not the whole.. Do not seek to keep laying dividing lines. They where smashed by Yahusha. Any who would walk in the Way and keep to the testimony of Yahusha are Yashar’el. The Melo HaGoyim has come! The fullness of the gentiles. It is Ephrayim! Ephrayim has awoken!! And it is Ephrayim that sounds the clarion call that wakes Yahudah as prophecied. Those who were called “not a people” (that is what Yah pronounced over Ephrayim), who be blessed of Yah and provoke yahudah into repentance so that ALL Yashar’el would be saved! The two houses shall be one again! One Yashar’el! As stated in the scripture! And it is a marvelous and wonderful work of Yahuah! Baruch HaShem Yahuah! Baruch HaShem Yahusha! May the Ruach Ha’Qodesh rain down on His People!!

  13. They know the prophecy in Joel 3:1-21 has begun. Look at all the ppl who died from OPIATES, Suicide & the inability of white women not being able to have children.


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