CERN, Transhumanism, Science & Prophecy | Apocalypse and the End Times

For years, Anthony Patch has researched physics, cosmology, biology, computer science and theology. He talks to Paul McGuire about science in relation to prophecy, including Transhumanism.

0:00 Title and Intro
1:43 What is CERN?
3:58 CERN’s not-so-hidden Agenda
7:00 What is in the other dimension?
9:05 Predictive Programming
13:40 Changing Life on Earth
18:40 Digitized DNA

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  1. Yo IDIOTS let me let you in on a Secret. This so called Satan, Devil, Anti-christ you all Seek is NOT who or what you ASSume Him to be. Instead look NO further than Our own Self. We the people of the world have Created Evil. The Creator or God as you call him, did NOT create the most evil One Being. The people on Earth became ENVIOUS & GLUTTONS FOR POWER, LUST, MONETARY MEANS ETC! WE are the problem, The Devil is OUR own Crafty minds and Vulgar ideas. It is a cop-out, or scapegoat to think that we can blame 1 Entity for our OWN Decisions & Mind you WE all have FREE WILL! THINK ON THAT YA MORONS

  2. "DEMONIC DNA"!!!???? WTF 🤥
    now who's Smoking Crack!
    As for the Host You say the Bible says Satan wants God's Power, uuuhhhh who WROTE this Bible you speak of, sure it May have some Instructions & teachings from The Creator, but Let's NOT take every word or even chapter so Literal. The book was passed on to so many Generations & AGAIN BY PEOPLE. So how much can you trust the entire Scripture!? May i remind you that PEOPLE LIE EVERYDAY.

  3. The scientists and physicists are just as much to blame for this as well as all the countries and the Vatican who fund this. Who on earth do these arrogant people think they are? There are people who can't afford the basics of life when all this money is being spent on things that should be left well alone. How many people have been affected by this? People who have ended up seeing a psychiatrist because they have seen things etc.

  4. I absolutely love Anthony and have been listening to him and his wife Kathleen for years. His research is spot on, deep and 100% truth.

    I've never watched Anthony anywhere but his own YT channel because it is uninterrupted information. Also he is so kind and attentive during his live streams always including the people in the chat room by answering their questions.

    I was looking forward to watching this 3 part series.
    But…… So not going to happen. I can't do it.
    The guy that's supposedly interviewing him will not shut up. He is taking over the entire show with his blabbering, while Anthony politely sits there waiting for him to shut his mouth.

    I am a patient person…. usually. But wow, how I wanted to slap a strip of duct tape over this guy's mouth so bad. One of the most horrible "interviewers"
    I've ever seen. He's loud, ignorant and annoying.
    I'm sticking to Anthony's awesome yt channel and

    As always, Anthony is calm, cool and collected. 😌💙💯

  5. The Induction

    May 2020

    A rumor in the land the angels report.

    Jeremiah 50 and 51

    There are many Christians who are inducted by the elites and don't even realize it. The psyche of the inducted is programmed, recorded and monitored. A disciple of God has the most powerful weapon no creature under heaven can match and that is the power of the Holy Spirit of God, the truth, His word, and the presence of His love.

    At elite private schools, the top students attend a convocation where they are given nullification. There a rules in place to keep nullification from endangering others. At the convocation, they are baptized and inducted.

    Please be aware of the Order and the elite's agenda to corrupt the population by creating a false god that will appear to them. If suddenly one day this "god" comes to you, unless you are keeping the Royal law, God's feast days, dietary law, and Sabbath day, your eternal soul will go into perdition forever. The elites know who you are and are trying to corrupt you. Please stay strong in Christ Jesus and do not forget the Bible. God is a spirit and those who worship Him must worship Him in spirit and in truth. The spirit is not always heard, sometimes it is a feeling you have. True prophets of God like Ezekiel have tasted literal honey when they read the word and accept HIs Holy Spirit, a warmth that fills your whole body with the angel felt next to you. The Hebrew people are the closest spiritually to the living God. He knows those who are His and established an everlasting covenant with His beloved people. Th elites will try to recreate the feelings of the spirit. We must learn to live holy lives for the Most High God to gain the true Holy Spirit which can then deliver you from the Induction.

    The true Hebrews are the African Americans, Native Americans, Hispanics, Chicanos, those still in Africa along the west coast, Congo, Bantu, the Caribbean ect. They were scattered to the four corners of heaven. Any Gentile can be grafted into the covenant when they begin to keep His laws. Timothy was a beloved son in the faith and his name is written in heaven now.

    The large hadron collider CERN is responsible for the thinning/lifting of the veil across the world and will release worldwide nullification. The elites want to release the adversary into the world. Nullification can also corrupt the bones of the deceased.
    Once the veil is lifted, the ships that will come pretending to be chariots are ships from the adversary. Poisons, inducted heart attacks, and diseases can be administered through witchcraft when nullified. Please read The New Underworld Order and Behold a Pale Horse to understand the plans the elites have in place.

    Trust in God and He will deliver you.

    Revelation 1:7

    7 Behold, he cometh with clouds; and every eye shall see him, and they also which pierced him: and all kindreds of the earth shall wail because of him. Even so, Amen.

    The Bacterium

    Sometime in the future most likely, the CDC will release bacterium into the air. Even now the Covid vaccines may contain a prototype of this virus. The vaccine is creating Manchurian candidates who will when the demons or aliens come, begin to worship/ lose their humanity. Do not donate your blood, the doctors are taking the samples form the population to research facilities to discover who is Hebrew and can overcome the vaccination. The vaccines contain strains similar to the rabies vaccine. Indestructibles are those who when exposed, have developed/transitioned from human to demon. Each person becomes susceptible to the adversary and can become a host for the "aliens".

    Many homes have become ground zero for the “power and the force” of the devils and nullification. Your home may be corrupted and you will not know until the elites induct you. If you believe in God Jew or Greek, you will likely targeted.

    The world now is almost corrupted. The voices you hear are from the elite nullifiers and they are the: royal families, governments, and devils they channel/ worship.

  6. "O mankind, satan is an enemy to you, so treat him as an enemy."
    – Quran 35:5-6

    And say (to Jews ad Christians): "We believe in what was revealed to us, and in what was revealed to you; and our God and your God is One; and to Him we are submissive."
    – Quran 29:46

  7. religion has always had a strong antithesis to science. way back when, religious christian zealots murdered any and all competition to its dogma, so although I have a healthy skepticsm to all BS from governments, I am taking THIS with a huge bit of salt

  8. Praise the lord faster please pray for 130 she is allergies fighting the battle I am calling from India my name is Hani Samjha Gregory she is known as fighting the battle will and shall become the Chief Minister of Kolkata

  9. Pastor please pray for this house HD peace and harmony in the house please pray for my shoulder it is frozen faster please pray for father's brother's daughter she 16 years old she is in Canada she is suffering from cancer in her leg papa

  10. Lordy lordy…
    God says, “On the day of the great judgement he shall be cast into the fire. […] The whole earth has been corrupted through the works that were taught by Azazel: to him ascribe all sin." (1 Enoch 2:8)

    I, I am YAHAWAH; and besides me there is NO SAVIOUR.


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