Chariots of Fire, Dark Skinned Extra Terrestrials #ProvokingThought

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Welcome to Thoughts Camera Action #ProvokingThought
Disclaimer: This video is not necessarily an endorsement but an exploration of strange, bizarre and inexplainable events. From UFO sighting’s to Mysterious Dreams which share a common theme.

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Let your speech be alway with grace, seasoned with salt, that ye may know how ye ought to answer every man. Col 4:6

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  1. No more cloud cover heh? Alameda is 100 miles from me. This is the reason for the fear hate murder and perpetual lies. They do what they SEE their daddy do. Hallelujah to the only wise GOD. HIS will be done throughout eternity.

  2. About those dreams that you have if you saw your mother it wasn’t her it was a demon trying to make a bond with you or you would say a contract for you to let him in the best thing for you to do if you ever have dreams about people that have already died when you awake from that dream,you need to ask the creator to rebuke the dream for you otherwise you would have gone ahead and made a deal with a demon

  3. Very strong proof that "ufos" are actually the chariots of heaven.

    They have tried hard to deceive us to what The Heavenly Father's vehicles look like. Slowly but surely conditioning us for "outer space visitors or invaders".

  4. I had similar dream I will post on my channel soon. I died in the dream but not really I went through a black hole and ended up in another dimension. It was blacks people from all generations on a ship I knew I HD to get on the ship and that they were my family from generations passed. It was a crazy feeling but also the most joyful feeling I’ve ever had.

  5. Can someone PLEASE explain to me the statement “dark skinned but NOT negro”🤔
    Doesn’t the word negro describe a color?
    What’s the difference between the two?

    I just laugh when they explain the truth and deny the truth at the same time. 🤣🤣

    “Sinner man where you gonna run too?”
    Rocks won’t hide you!!!

  6. Actually cried watching this, confirmed the dreams I’ve had throughout this year of black angels and ‘alien invasion’ – prob why I literally watch the sky all the time …

  7. The man from 3.23 to 6.15 mins looks scared😁😄😃😆😊😎he saw something you will never forget😁😊😎He said they are really black skin people, what he meant to say is he saw Black Gods getting of the air craft😁 the scriptures call these chariots, incredible vehicles😊

  8. It's time to pick a side.
    Are you going to support and help Black people (Worldwide) in our struggle against our arch enemy?
    Either you're with us, or you're against us.

  9. When you dream they actually said that you're in the spirit Realm astroplaning which is even more real than here so basically I believe he saw something real and the Horseshoe crafts sounds very familiar like I've heard that sometimes before be very careful of what you ask NASA of course that means deception ask father yah the god of Abraham Isaac and Jacob to give you discernment to understand your dreams that's what I'm asking for there's a lady on open diary to where she explain some of these things I don't know maybe you might too I haven't seen all of your videos which I'm very interested in

  10. Add links to your videos so we can see the full videos of these snippets you give us specifically referring t the one with the fema whistleblower with the comment section turned off

  11. I saw a Elohim angel when I was young like 6 I think. He came in the night and lit up my room just walking past my doorway. He gave me the textbook "Don't be afraid I'm not here to hurt you" and he was black and muscular with piercing white glowing eyes. I was terrified and glad he never faced me. You feel like it would obliterate you if they fully faced you trust me! But turns out he came to fight off demons that were attacking my older brother that night, I just woke up and caught him as he was leaving but I'll never forget it.

  12. This is all true. Except the Puerto Rico bs and some of those dream experiences. God and the Angels are black yes, however there is no simple product of proof that I know of to persuade the general public of this.

  13. Donot be decieved! The devil an his fallen Angel's. They r bringing back Queen sheba . The pope ! Its isis but they want to bring back a woman Fatima. Queen sheba it's all connected it's about slavery they want to enslave us all .imhotep hated the Israelites. Did you know even the slave traders knows Queen Elizabeth she owns 6,600 million acres. They want the Israelites. That's why they black so the black Israelites will get on that ship.its all conne.imperilism is a cult .the serpent. They want to ENSLAVE

  14. They became so nervously uncomfortable in the beginning of the interview when she asked, so what did those beings look like and about how tall were they? He said black and about 7" or more feet! she questioned saying darkskined with her hand rubbing her neck under her hair and he said more urgently anxiously "NO BLACK " !!!!!!!


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