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After weeks of lockdown, Shanghai has reported today that three people have died of covid-19 in the latest outbreak which has kept the city of 25 million confined to their homes. The financial city continues to witness surge in cases.

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Comment (28)

  1. The elderly died they were unvaccinated. So what the hell are they doing there. Just testing and no vaccine. No common sense. GOD will not let anyone get away with doing harm on purpose.

  2. The chicken coming home to roost.
    Chicoms thought they got away lightly after foisting a pandemic on the world.

  3. I was in Dubai on business last June. My plane arrived the same time as a plane from China and standing in line going through customs with these people dressed in hasmat suits was funny. The managers of this group were NOT dressed the same. Easy to spot those in charge. Apparently they were in Dubai to set up a surveillance system the same as the CCP uses in China. Dubai is a very unpleasant place to visit. 🇨🇦

  4. total China covid death since the beginning of the pandemic is 4639, 97% of it, 4512 was at the very beginning, in Wuhan, at the time, no vaccine, available, China locked down Wuhan to prevent it spread to other parts, it achieved great (unbelievable) success, since then, total death in a country of 1.4 billion is only 127 for the past 2 years, compare to US 1 million covid death and 4 million covid death in India.India is trying to stop WHO's new covid death report which shows India covid death is 4 million not 522k.

  5. Millions of people locked up = multiple thousands dying every day from just regular causes let alone Covid, must be some smelly apartments by now with all those dead piling up – CCP suck so badly, I suspect this is all to stop unrest over the cratering housing market so much in China depends on.

  6. This anchor's voice is soooooooooo annoying, please make Palki give more news, her voice I could hear all day long.

  7. Definitely this is not for COVID ..they just can't feed their population and they locked up their population and just give a minimum food supply just to keep the soul alive

  8. China should now be sanctioned for the evil treatment of their citizens and the unnecessary slaughter of their pets if they test positive.

  9. It's good to know if we ever goto war with them all we need to do is give one of em a cold and they will starve there own citizens to death becuase 3 geezers croke

  10. I bet all the foreigners will run back to their own countries as soon as they are able to.. not just in Shanghai but all over China. the Chinese economy will collapse!!

  11. Of course it does, all part of the World Economic Forum’s Great Reset. Covid, Ukraine war, China lockdown… All planned out to cause mass global shortages

  12. Deaths of HUNGER and mental breakdown. So far those who died over the virus itself not much. Delta outbreak already passed and not much of them dead, so with this variant people dead then it means not because of the virus…. IMO


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