China: Shanghai's covid-19 infections rise by 25,000, authorities shaping an exit plan from lockdown

China looks nowhere close to winning the battle to contain its biggest covid-19 outbreak. The covid situation in China’s financial center of Shanghai is worsening as authorities are shaping an exit plan from Lockdown; On Sunday Shanghai reported more than 25,000 new covid-19 infections.

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Comment (27)

  1. It's called abusement – abusing one's power just for the sake of the power trip alone. You can behave in a pandemic just like any other nation would, but why not beat up and torture another person if you have the chance?

  2. China has a 90 percent vaccination rate. They are testing constantly. So what diseases and harmful chemicals are on the swabs used for testing and what junk is in the vaccines?

  3. Part of the scaremongering and keeping the normal people from gaining a life whilst trying to keep big pharma in still being available to look as if needing vaccines. Financial corruption of a great scale.
    Surely people are wise to this nonsense now

  4. When you lock up 26 milj. people, better take care of the food distribution.
    Lockdowns do NOT work anyway. It's stupid rituals like plastic suits and tests. A HEALTHY immune system is the only defence.

  5. idk whats going on in china why only china is going through this, after US 2nd is China, I think someones conspiracy against them honestly.. or they are doing something for which God punishes them

  6. Not so much problem with China as population density is 147/square km.

    Unlike Australia. Population density is 3/square km … an endangered species … on the brink of extinction.

  7. NEWSFLASH!!!!!

    Ex-wife's renting out the entire $1.2M+ matrimonial home located in 28/81 Bath Road, Kareela, NSW, Australia, to illegals and living in the Philippines where her $ can go a long way.

    Yes, illegals, as tenants will require my approval/signature.

    Could be smuggling Ukrainian babies or WUHAN CORONAVIRUS VARIANT infected.

    As mathematicians say, "The number of possibilities is infinite".

    Children are adults and no longer living in the matrimonial home.

    Ex-wife's parents are Chinese emigrants to the Philippines. Have many friends and relatives keen on buying my share of the matrimonial home for a pittance — $90K.


    But authorities won't dare conduct investigation. Scared of either backlash from feminist groups or WUHAN CORONAVIRUS VARIANT attack.

    The moral is BEWARE OF PIRANHAs!!!!!

  8. Thats good so they cant unite and invit taiwan. They started this virus its only fitting it ends with tem

  9. China CCP was making fun of Europe & America when they were in lockdown & deaths rising…….Karma hitting hard CCP


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