China signs pact with Soloman islands; Australia, US raise concerns | World News | WION

The highly speculated agreement that will likely help China get a stronger grip over the Pacific has now been signed. China announced on Tuesday that they have signed a security pact with the Solomon islands in what it calls to be an inter-governmental framework agreement between both the nations.

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  1. It appears most comments didn't hear at 1:49 Australia stress the importance of respecting Solomon Island's sovereignty? What is wrong with them? Look out! 😲 They said it was a security issue! Talk about taking comments out of context. It is a security issue and it is recognized as a sovereign choice. They act like he said they need to be invaded.

  2. The West shall lose every iota of their satanic influence in the world.
    Long live 🇷🇺 🇨🇳

  3. I like a small country take their own security.. USA and Austria be for your self don't interrupt other country safe

  4. Why do they raise concern? Can’t they see the hypocrisy of their reaction, when Russia said : nato allied Ukraine is a of existential threat to us. Imagine if now Indonesia decided to join a China led block. How would Australia and US feel? Can’t they understand Russia even a little? It seems they don’t care.

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  6. When you start loosing control and everyone doesn’t trust you! What do you expect. More to come that’s for sure.

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  9. Make life right there is NO need for people to have to suffer die sad be unhappy… yall only job is to make sure we the people do right and are happy not to keep us down yall suppose to make sure things stay together and looking nice so the people won't go crazy not to put people in certain classes of life there should be no more poverty less workday's means hiring more people now there's more jobs people have to work right shut it down for a couple of days and get things back in order ASAP Amen 🙏 😊 ☺ ❤ 😉 💖

  10. I hope there is genuine transparency when it comes to funds being
    provided by China to the Solomon Islands as I for one do not support
    leaders who act corruptly and siphon off public funds for personal
    enrichment. I am by no means accusing the Solomon's leader of this –
    but suggest you get ahead of the game now and track every bank account
    connected to him and/or his immediate family.

  11. USA wants to remote control SI from Canberra, now regretting it. Beijing now capitalised on this error. The same may happen to other Pacific Island states as well if this first warning is not heeded. China will always looking at opportunities like the one created by USA and Australia in SI.

  12. With china being in the solomons its a threat to all asian countrys as well as asustralia and new zealand and could affect trade as shipping could quite easily be stopped by china once they are based in the solomon islands its a worry for all countrys in the asia pacific

  13. This move by China should worry the whole world. China wants the entire world oceans, and resources. China wants the world to be a slave to them. China should be stopped by Australia, USA, Japan, south Korea, Britain and France

  14. Solomon Island is 3280 miles away from Australia and they scream bloody murder. Ukraine and Russia 700 miles.

  15. There will be VERY BIG precedent for the position of the West regarding Ukraine. Very interesting to see how they will react when other countries make alliance countries next to their door like they allow Ukrain to do with Russia; when other governments close media and bloc people from social medias like they did for voices having different opinion about the war in Ukrain

  16. “China’s Second Century of Humiliation”
    The conduct of Xi Jinping and the CCP will ultimately bring China a new century of shame.
    In terms of sheer numbers, Xi is the most accomplished human rights violator alive today. Xi’s CCP governs 18 percent of humankind, depriving them of freedom of speech, political rights, religious freedom, independent media, and open internet access – all of which should be fundamental components of modern society. Political indoctrination is being reinserted into Chinese curricula…students must now learn “Xi’s Thoughts” in school, and an Orwellian “social credit” system is being developed to more closely control individuals’ every behaviour. Additionally, the CCP continues its efforts to wipe out the ethnic heritage of Tibetans and Uyghur, with recent reports confirming the existence of massive internment camps in Xinjiang province. As he turns his homeland into a dystopia, Xi is also playing the villain globally. This is seen most clearly in a series of huge lies Xi has attempted to sell the world — lies that have global consequences. These lies, and the conduct they seek to cover, will also bring shame to Xi’s leadership.

  17. Australia should send every solomon islsnd person back to the solomons immediately and never give them any aid again. They are selling out to china they have made there choice. Keeping any of them will only lead to china being able to infiltrate us for info.

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  19. There are QUAD,AUKUS military pact it is ok , but when China has military pact with Solomon island it become a matter , why is that ?.

  20. Everytime see this super Aust P m la pd og on the screen barking so harder for his master. No one can't beat him as a super la pd og of his master.


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