China wants to rewrite the Bible

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  1. Yeah! That's right, they are already doing it folks, it been happenings a long long time. But God going to pay them, God Blessed your keep up the hard work.

  2. They need to stick to the god our Yah gave them, or follow our Yah who is the Most High! Yah did give other people gods but they know none compare not even in same sentence as our Yah. They can't help it every always want to put Israel on, when you know we have the only true Elohim. What they forget is what you read about what will happen to them when they add and/or take away from our Holy Bible! Shalom

  3. Hallalujah in hebrew means praise abba and the original buddish is a black man but they will never speak of that!

  4. Chinese bible/Europeans bible will all Promote White supremacy.
    Why Black people Never Talk about EPHESIANS 25:44 Slaves Obey your Masters as you Obey Christ ? And
    Book of Numbers 31:17-18 Gives Pale skin people Permission 2 Kill Non-white, And RAPE Virgin Girls.
    If Bible was Written by Black people then what are the Names of Blacks who Wrote it ?

  5. these Chinese is out of their freaking mind it's too late to try to rewrite anyting we have been awakened all thanks to the most high

  6. Beautiful thank you. And I'm a white girl but I love this channel so much.
    I've been looking into flat Earth theory (also Bible says the Earth is flat) and I am sitting here at 2 AM working late in the night on a music project and the thought hit me, that God has turned the lights off for me in the sky so that I could go to sleep for the night. Like God switching off the light and saying good night to us.

  7. Bible is an African book: Ethiopia, Nubia, Sudan etc are in mentioned in Bible. In Bible there is NO England, France or China, etc. Are they going to add China in the Bible to fake the Bible? "Is China also going to rewrite the quran to make Islam a peaceful religion?"

  8. The new bible says: the real people the Jews are the Chinese's and they own Africa with all the gold, oil and diamonds in it.

  9. They want to mix in Confucius? More like CONFUSION. Are they gonna stick with J.C. and name him Jing Chang? The Fallen Angels descendents are busy. White people and Asian people have Neanderthal/Fallen Angel DNA so not surprised by this maneuver.

  10. Now that our 400 year curse is coming to a close… Chinese people are like… we'll take it from here black people. I don't think so! Y'all didn't live under the curses so y'all don't get to play dress up with our history!

  11. The plan is to fulfill their desire of creating a one world government based upon one international false religion. The first white wash removed YAH from the Bible, the second version removed the color black, and the third will be to remove them both from the existence of scriptures. Yahcob’s troubles are already intense, but our people have witnessed nothing compared to what YAH has planned for the future.


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