Chinese military condemns United States after its warship sailed through Taiwan strait | World News

Chinese military has condemned the United States after US warship sailed through the sensitive Taiwan strait, Beijing has called this a deliberate attempt to harm peace and stability in the region.

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Comment (25)

  1. Taiwan is a sub American Territory… Just like Japan…just like Poland. Meaning: If they are ever attacked the Citizens of The United States are all compelled as One to defend them with every weapon, and ingenuity of violence of their imaginations…and yes…their lives as well. Utterly and completely. No turning back, and no way out but through the fire.

  2. Xi is about to destroy China, just like Putin has destroyed Russia. They will not have any power left to threaten anyone else. The dictators finish off their own countries.

  3. COME ON MAN ohhh boooo hooooo you dont own the ocean if that was the case the united states owns the pacific ocean and half of the atlantic just because

  4. If China takes Taiwan. The world can kiss their advanced futures of Artificial Intelligence goodbye. Say hello to a rising Advanced technologically superpower that'll brings the world around em to their knees. CHINA

  5. 你们印度人的想法,在我们看来十分幼稚可笑。既不愿意了解事实真相,又不愿意客观的分析利弊,只会跟在西方人的后面做一些损人不利己的事情。谁是敌人谁是朋友根本就搞不清楚,仅凭这点,我敢跟你们打赌,再过20年,印度还是发展不起来。

  6. As much as I don’t like it, Taiwan will one day be part of China again and there will be almost nothing we can do about it, short of a nuclear exchange which would end the world.

  7. I’m not gonna lie ,that was the coolest pic on the ad . Made it look like a serious thumb war was about to go down

  8. How does it feel china?! Get out of the west PH sea before u even think of complaining about the Taiwan strait!!

  9. China kill their own people Taiwan is not the first time China did it. Read History? China has the right to take back Taiwan.


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