Christian Pastor Uses Dietary Laws To REVERSE Type 2 Diabetes!

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Comment (9)

  1. I lost 20 to 25 pounds when I did. It pays to obey!!! I'm down 2 pants size and 1 shirt size, no exercise!!! 45 years young!

  2. Why do black Americans allow themselves to get to this state and if this man is a preacher why did he not take note of what the book says about the meat and other foods that he should eat why did it take him so long to see that feeding on the devils food will bring him to this state???

  3. Totally off subject but my second grandchild was born June 3 at 2:09. They named him Azariah Thomas M. They are listening, HALLALUYAH. Shackrack, Myshack, and up-we-go. He's up-we-go his Hebrew name. Yah has helped.


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