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  1. To the men & women out there if you personally witness single parent children please take action and get involved with them plus the parent because it truly will take a village to raise a child (nation 👑) especially in this current time of day.

  2. Peace y’all. Ya I feel like I can see effeminacy too. But like you said it is all so shady now and you never know, It likely hide very well in some instances 😔

  3. Raised by a single Mom, than I became a single Mom raising a Son, it became evident how traumatizing single parenting is…It takes two to make it takes two Raise…Man & Wom(b)man

  4. Yes. So thankful to the most high for bring me out of christian-insanity. A false Jesus that loves all sin. I always knew that something was wrong with it. Thank you TCA 😊 💓

  5. Ooh heaven help us were in trouble, trouble trouble trouble because we're fatherless that's the problem because a female can not raise & train a male child how to be a man, when she's not. It's useless to push a cart sideways one can only be what one can is.


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