Chuck Missler — Transhumanism

Chuck Missler spoke at Calvary South Denver in Littleton Colorado on July 24, 2013 on the subject of Transhumanism. (It is recommended that you watch this video at full 720p resolution so that you can clearly see all of the powerpoint slides used in this presentation.)

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  1. What a shame… Chuck is a shill… This oneness quantum science "trapped in a digital simulation" heresy is non biblical and very misleading… He is talking about mystic Judaism. He should not be tolerated

  2. a demon is the spirit of a nephlim for since they were of a angel an man the flesh part had died but the spirit of the angel cant ,so they are trapped in between for remember angels cant die ,,

  3. Gods word refutes his teachings. Satan deceives the whole world with help from people like him, and other tv cultist preachers that make merchandise out of God's church, and twist and distort the truths that are written in the Holy Scriptures. The whole world. How sad.

  4. I love Chuck Missler! ..Chuck, thank you for answering God's call in your life…through that, SO MANY people have been saved and or brought BACK into the flock! I was blessed and brought back in after falling and failing badly. Chuck's teachings were the vessel of my return. Thank you again Chuck, I love you, we all love you! May the Lord bless you and your family, exceedingly!!

  5. Bernard Leong
    According to Chuck Missler he maintained the tempering of human DNA with another animal DNA would open up a realm, in Tranhumanism, that could "change" the Human DNA to something else other than 100% Human—-that might NOT be REDEEMABLE by
    Christ Jesus. Is that why God forbids the receiving of the Mark of the Beast? Could this render the Human DNA becoming unresponsive to the Salvation of the Soul or Spirit of Mankind, by the Atoning Blood of JESUS CHRIST?? Look up the Bible injunction in d book of Revelation! – [REV14: 9-11]

  6. Supplement your health understanding with and you can use God's medicine, which are 90 essential vitamins, minerals, fatty acids and amino acids. After the Flood, the minerals got swished around all over the earth, so the Curse of the Flood gave us mineral deficient soils (goiter belt, great basin, several deficiencies-copper, zinc, selenium, etc). And also Wallach proved cystic fibrosis is a selenium deficiency, muscular Dystrophy is a selenium deficiency , cardiomyopathy is a selenium deficiency, aneurisms are copper deficiency, calcium deficiency causes 140 diseases. The reason we can take 2000 mg of "calcium and still be arthritic is because we can only absorb 28 mg of that if it's calcium carbonate.


  8. Why is it that we choose to forget the hallowed language we should be using in prayer? A heard a talk from the pulpit one time that it was important when you want God to give heed, you should do it returning the courtesy he gave you. Wish I could have had the notes he had concerning it; but it affected my prayers my whole life. It is the way I give honor to Him whom I wish to obey. The common English is okay when speaking in common conversation; but when addressing the Lord we should honor Him by referencing the higher form: Thee, Thy, Thou, Thine, etc.

  9. i saw a robot in police cars but when i drove back around to look it wasnt there.i saw a manbot in the front pasenger side then it was gone i think i was given rhis gift of seeing something coming plus dreams of wars we had to go

  10. There are certain things that  Chuck  reminds me of myself about people speaking loader & slower. I agree with him on that.Especially young woman operator. That have prove themselves like ocionnear to speed race their words

  11. If we are eternal beings, why was Adam told death entered because of sin, why does scripture speak of receiving eternal life upon being born again? Why does it speak of a second death? One cannot be tortured eternally and die a second spiritual death.
    I love Missler’s teachings- but confounded by this teaching-

  12. The guy in the yellow shirt is just so annoying and his tone… the tone he uses when he speaks to Mr. Missler is just unbearable… 'thanks- CHUCK!' Ugh… hope he hears himself one day and realizes just how irritating he is….

  13. Isn't it ironic that at 12:40 he expresses worry about mutations. If mutations are ALWAYS BAD, then they'd only produce detriment to the organism that gets them. So why worry? He's hypocritical in denial of evolution.

  14. The sheer amount of atheists on this comment section is astounding ! They watch this video (all the way through in most cases as evidenced by their comments) and they then comment and complain about Christianity and our saviour Jesus Christ and insult Chuck Missler and his thoughts and intelligence. Seriously NO ONE ASKED YOU TO WATCH ! Why go on about how much time you wasted and how ridiculous this is when you chose to watch 😄
    What do you get out of it ? God almighty already knows you hate Him/Don't believe in Him so it can't be to "stick it" to Him. We who believe and are saved and indwelt with the Holy Spirit are not going to read a comment about your belief God is imaginary and suddenly change our beliefs and you are not going to accept anything a Christian says in reply to your comments as proof (or so every anti God comment thread I've read affirms vehemently) so why are you here ? There are thousands of videos with this info without a Christian viewpoint so go there – or maybe you want the actual TRUTH and don't realise it.
    God bless


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