Civil wars among the 12 tribes past and present

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  1. Shalom Brother and Sister HalleluYah all praise to the most high Yahawah. Thank you for the message because you diffently pointed out a lot of our problems against each other and showed we still continue during so today.

  2. Amen amen amen on the beginning of your video was I can't even express how the spirit in me was singing Wow all I can say it's thank you Lord thank you Lord that you have people on YouTube speaking to you father all I can say is thank you as tears come down my eyes and all I can say is thank you for having good people on YouTube. Good people but good-hearted people

  3. “… the fruit of the RUACH (Breath) is love, joy, peace, longsuffering, gentleness, goodness, belief, meekness, temperance …” – GALATIYM (Galatians) 5:22-23 (Eth Cepher “Dedicated writings”).

  4. I always enjoy watching your videos. I love YAHVAH= life eternal. May our father see our hearts and not our sins. We will be careful to give Him the praise honor and glory. Halleluyah

  5. Shalom family, I am listening to your message. I am not finished. How do I forgive someone who lied, deceived, and hurt my dad in his old age. I was helpless to help him. I love the family member, but I still grieve. How do I press on, cause I can forgive, but I don't want to be around the person anymore. Am I wrong for feeling that way?
    Thanks in advance.

  6. The first book you speak to reference I'm not sure how to spell it that I may get the PDF?The Natali is this the book name you mentioned?

  7. LMAO @ 50:0551:50min Elder YAHU is funny. I had to replay it. but this is so true black people do that to each other. like they hate it because you went to school and achieved masters degree or higher. so jealous because they are stock in a minimum wage job for not applying themselves. lol good one though. I loved it. so funny. "YOU GOT A MASTERS DEGREE YOU THINK YOU MA MASTER NOW " LOL black folks smh

    your son is so intelligent and blessed with wisdom. very good insite on the symbolism of Judas

  8. I purchased the Cepher so I could study with you, now what are you reading out of you said page five 
    what are you reading from ????

  9. when I consider some of the things we do to each other, there are many times I wish I never even existed. Sometimes I wish if I could stop my parents from ever meeting so I would never have been born smh

  10. just like, you telling a story and it gets around and comes back to you and its nothing of what you said

  11. Shalom family I've been fully woke about a year. I kept going back & forths from Malcolm X, Martin Luther king, ect. Juzt trying to put it all together. I came across Mrs. Yahu video. Then found out the whole family was teaching the Word. Halleluyah. Elders son made a great point about self destruction. I played the hip hop song Self Destruction.


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