Claudius: Reformer, Conqueror of Britain – Roman Emperors DOCUMENTARY

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Kings and Generals historical animated documentary series on Roman history continues with a video on the emperor Claudius, an unlikely good emperor, who come to power after Caligula and managed to right the ship of the empire. He was known as a reformer, who curbed the power of the aristocracy, and improved the finances of the empire, as well as the conqueror of Britain.

Our video on Marcus Aurelius:
History of Rome:

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The video was made by Lito Areta, while the script was researched and written by Ivan Moran
This video was narrated by Officially Devin (

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  1. Get the PBS Masterpiece Theater Special IClaudius. And Patrick Stewart is in it. 🙏👍👍👍👍👍👏👏👏👏👏👌👌👌👌👌

  2. The Roman historian Tacitus' name is pronounced 'TA-si-tuss', NOT 'TAK-i-tuss'. The 'i' often makes the preceding 'c' soft. He deserves at least that much from other historians. 😉

  3. "In the course of my life, I have known many people. Great people. People who have made Rome what she is today. Yes, and one day they will all live again. The dead will come to life. The man who dwells by the pool will open graves and deliver Rome up again."
    Sorry, just remembering I, Claudius. Stop reading my comment and go watch it yourselves, you won't regret it.

  4. "Take our Emporer? ? Not a chance! ! Throw them in the Tiber."

    "Long Live the Emporer, Long Live the Emporer"

  5. Claudius may be my favorite Emperor, first becoming aware of him thru the BBC production of "I Claudius" and then reading the books on which they were based; "I Claudius" and "Claudius the God" by Robert Graves. One perhaps mischaracterization in this video is at 21:08 when images of Roman civilization are used to illustrate Claudius's accomplishments. One of those images is of the Flavian Amphitheater, better known as the Colosseum which did not yet exist. It's construction was started by Emperor Vespian, the first of the Flavian dynasty, around 70-72 AD, and finished by his son Emperor Titus.

  6. Imagine being a briton tribesman and seeing war elephants for the first time in your life, must've been frightening!

  7. Point of information: Kent is the south-eastern county closest to the coast of northern France. The "Kent" indicated at 11:01 is East Anglia composed of Norfolk, Suffolk and Essex.

  8. See? Look at what great things can be done if we murdered bad politicians. The west is in decline because we suffer these idiots to hold power.

  9. I shall never understand this war games on internet propaganda….Do younger generations learn something usufull from this!?I think not….

  10. I think Claudius' example is used very cleverly to this day in movies and series for a lot of underappreciated, but smart characters. Notable examples are Tyrion from Game of Thrones and Randall in Black Sails. Acting mad or stupid has always been a smart way to conceal your strategic thinking.

  11. I recall seeing a documentary that proposed Claudius orchestrated Caligula's assassination. Plausible, considering how dangerous the environment was, and that he survived it. We will never know.

  12. "The disabled boy who had been sidelined for all his life now became the most powerful man in the world." That is the most ridiculous line I've ever heard. The Roman Empire wasn't nearly the most powerful polity at the time. You Europeans just worship the Romans and ignore the existence of all the other great civilisations at the time.

  13. Pretty sure the invasion of Britain was a mistake – the governors there caused alot of trouble for Rome and I'm not sure what Rome got out of it. That said in general if he was criticised by Nero, probably not so bad then…

  14. When studying ancient Rome I tended to overlook Claudius. But the more I studied the realization came upon me that not only was he a good emperor, he could be described as a great one.

  15. Claudius was Rome’s First Disabled Emperor
    The Second Best of the Julio-Claudian Dynasty
    And he did something Julius Caesar couldn’t even do, he Conquered Britain & it would remain as a Roman province until 410
    367 years after the Invasion & 356 Years after Claudius’s death

    Also he & Caligula did the same thing to survive any purges
    Caligula played as an obedient follower to Tiberius
    Claudius played the dumb idiot to his entire family until he unexpectedly got the throne & finally revealed his intelligence

  16. Good video. Unfortunately, you put Kent in the wrong place on the map and at one point misspelled March as “Martch.”

  17. Everyone in Rome: "HAHAHAHA. Look what a pathetic fool Claudius is! LET'S BULLY HIM!!!"
    Some years later
    Praetorian Guards: "We've made Claudius the new Emperor"
    Claudius' bullies: 😐

    "Pumped up kicks" starts playing

  18. Claudius: "Wait. Now that I think about it, it's very strange that me and Messalina had a hard time having Octavia, while Britannicus was conceived just a few days after Caligula made her marry me. Besides, he looks much more like my late nephew than me. Perhaps Messalina, before marrying me….? No, it's ridiculous…"
    British: "Hey, Dad, could you give me a few gold coins, please?"
    Claudio: "Oh. Hi, son. What do you want them for?"
    British: "It's just… well… there's a girl I like and I want to give her a present…"
    Claudio: "Hahahaha. I see, you little rascal. Here, buy that girl something nice"
    British: "Thanks, dad (Hehe, now my little sister Octavia will access to bang with me…)"

  19. You placed Kent in East Anglia, Kent is lower down. Also when you showed Claudius’s years of reign near the beginning it showed Caligula’s years of reign


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