closing the door to demons

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  1. I had posted a comment the other day about eating pork, that stated in Genesis 9:3 that Noah was told by God that he could eat anything, confused about Isaiah 66:17; but not able to find comment now; did y'all remove it?

  2. Your website is VERY hard to navigate; how do you submit questions? There was a link that stated on your website about your contact information; but there, there were no clickable icons or navigation to actually contact you! What type of webpage is this??? Why do you need to know a person's religion, sexual orientation, and age, before they can join your website? Many Christain websites wouldn't even ask this information. All I wanted was to submit a simple question.

  3. Shalum achy and Achuthy. Wonderful lesson. I want to purchase the 2 volumes of the Pseudepigrapha, but cannot tell by the covers if they are the exact ones you show here. The covers are similar, but not exactly the same., May I have the ISBN Numbers? Tudah in advance. Much shalum.

  4. At 1:22:42 I feel the same way for people that don't know the true name of Christ or The Most High. I feel like he will still hear them and correct them in due time.

  5. i just wanted to say that i love u and your familys relationship and the fact that u all r awake and walking in the truth together. i enjoy listening to your messages. i ask that u and your wife pray for my family, because i am trying to get my wife to understand that we have been told a lie. shaluwm yah!!!!!


  7. Thank you for this lesson about closing the doors to demons. Somehow, I had problem understanding and watching from my mobile 📞 could not get everything you were explaining until the end about how they can make us sick. I suffer from MS for years and now I understand that YA has sustained me. I will watch the program again. Shalom!

  8. It was goats, brother… The spiders they crossed them with have a hair structure that deems them waterproof. They can swim in the water collected in flowers and such. The goat hair is then not just water-resistant after gene-splicing, it's water-proof.

  9. Thank for the enlightenment of this subject.we must remember that Solomon was the wisest man on earth 🌏. After sin we all have the knowledge of good and evil. This sounds unbelievable, but when I think about the wisest man,knowledge of good and evil,it makes sense. I have seen some of this stuff in the movies on the tv. Thank so much for sharing this interesting teaching. This is a lot to swallow..

  10. I have experience some of the things you talked about in your previous video because I grew up in a house 🏠 with a lot of fussing and arguments..
    I use to have nightmares in the middle of the day. I use to watch scary tv shows. I don’t watch any spooky tv show at all. It’s not good to watch spooky tv show and go to bed. Satan will mess you up. I pray before sleeping 😴.

  11. My brother, a sister asked a couple years ago about Genesis 9:3 where Yahawah tells Noah that he can eat anything living for meat and the herbs of the garden and then in Isaiah 66:17 he says swine is an abomination; please explain.

  12. I am not trusting in my own power but will call on the name of Yahushua Ha Mashiach to cast out demons. The Word says every knee must bow, every tongue must confess the name of Yahushua. Solomon may have been doing things he shouldn't have which seems like witchcraft and it wouldn't be the first time folks in the bible strayed off. Plus this does not line up with scripture. Why would we need all that now when we have the blood of Yahushua? Is that not enough? I don't think it wise to keep delving unto uncharted waters. Be careful not to err.

  13. Some people don't have the same demonic spirits as others. Demons are real. To get rid of demonic spirits or to not become demonize, a person must believe in YAH, know YAH and love YAH. To LOVE YAH a person must 1st know who YAH is. To get to know YAH, a person must develope a Spiritual relationship with YAH, by reading and studying YAH word. Everything a person does can have an effect on them. What people see, hear, eat, or some places people hang out, etcs., can effect them in a positive or negative way. If a person only does positive things, and surround them self around only positive people then that would have a positive effect in their Spirit, but if a person does only negative things and surround them self around only negative people then that could effect their Spirit in a negative way. A person actions becomes their character. If a person is always thinking negative and talking negative, then that person just may start acting out in a negative way, but on the other hand, if a person is always thinking positive and talking positive chances are they will most likely behave in a positive way. TV shows, movies, music, or even some people work environment can have some effect on them. Separation will be best. Believe, YAh have a scripture in the Bible that says, separate from evil and wicked doers. Some things people are just going to have to get away from or remove from out of their lives, in order to have a clean Spirit. Today I'm working on doing just that, getting rid of evil and wickedness from out of my heart, mind, and, tongue, and separating from evil and wicked doers ASAP!! In the name of Yahusha!! Glory be to YAH!! HalleluYAH!! 🙂

  14. Did you ever check out tim alberino?? He talks about the giants from the bible..very interesting how the most high brings truth forward..Bless your family

  15. Shalom! Yes there is a demon whom is one of the 7 prince demons that brings slothfulness named abaddon.

  16. August 2018 Cincinnati, OH
    I don't reject knowledge! Bless you, both for your enlightenment of the hidden truth, I embrace more truth. May blessings overtake you and your family. Research is so important. Amen

  17. Wow I guess I'm on track cuz one day I was crying to abba and said please Lord don't let me go 2 hell and I opened my Bible the first thing I saw was I will not leave thy soul in hell 4 I will show you the passage of life then I started running across all kinda knowledge king Solomon was powerful but 2 me Moses was the man he would have conversations with Yah himself and he would shine so bright he had 2 make a mask 2 talk to the people abba YAH light shine so bright

  18. Abba Yah will use the person that has been looked down by this stupid society and he will make a way out of no way if you have less your really blessed book of Mathew cursed is the rich man I got 2 get the plank out of my own eye first before I can get the saw dust out of my brother eye please abba abba YAH Help me !!!!

  19. Satan attack my thoughts and every one think they can read my mind ,one day I went to my mom boy friend step mom house and she gave me this Evil look .what is this

  20. No music, yesterday today I sip but 3 songs sorry Lord ,what if you not listen to music and you get a ride from some one and they play music what to do ?

  21. I listen to ya I feel it but when I am not watching the video I get discouraged .I feel like no one know the truth and I back slide what spirit is this

  22. What should you do if you look and sin with your thoughts .say you look at a married man and get a sinful thought with your mind ?what should you do I can't control my thoughts ,I don't know if it's my thoughts or Satan /demon

  23. We are invaded by other countries (Arabia, China to name a few) by trade. Allowing them to come to America to by land and rule over a people with their liquor stores and gas station. Giving out crack pipes, called flower, and brillo which is used in them to smoke crack! They are told to do this by the United States Government!

  24. To me ….Reality Shows is not good for young people because all the Drama that go with it and Yah do not deal with the Spirit of confusion…👍☺


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