Closing the door to Evil spirits part 2 Spiritual warfare exercise

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  1. I saw it how do I get it out HELP Not in me but some one I love , I have saw one on tv and it saw me what do I do I need help

  2. Where do you get a Bible with Gods name in it and the name of his son
    I would like to Have one to finely learn the name of God
    I can't even spell them I need help
    Do you have download Bible studies to help people like me

  3. Dear brother and sister. For the last 2 months. Been watching and researching your videos. Thank you for waking me up. To the FULL knowledge. Of the trurh. Just wanted to send. A heartfelt thank you. May Yah bless you. And all you hold dear. In great abundance.

  4. Sis Deborah and Bro Yahu Did you know that the sanctified churches are now denying the old testament, and I Don't mean just the laws.

  5. I know it is serious, but I never laughed so hard until 51:00, thank you for the wonderful lesson Watchman YAHu and Deborah YAH, as always it was MUCH to digest.

  6. Where may I purchase the book that you're reading from? I'm looking for one that includes the book of the giants, testament of Solomon, book of the watchers and more. Please let me know as soon as possible! Shalom

  7. Thank you for this message. So many people think that demons are not a reality, i use to be one of those people. However, i have never seen so many situations in my life…like im seeing now. Extreme hatred, blasphemy of my name, lies & more. Its almost unbelievable…i find myself in constant prayer & in the word constantly. I surely know that demons hate Yahs chosen & this is clearly a supernatural attack going on. I live a modest, quiet, set apart life with my kids, so we've been spending alot of time in the word and alot of family time. The more we get into the word, the more, revelation i recieve, the more that comes up against me. I need to start fasting. Im swinging like i never had to before! However i HAVE TO GIVE THE MOST HIGH ALL THE PRAISE…I feel like this wouldnt be happing if i wasnt doing something right! SO ALL PRAISES TO THE MOST HIGH!! I love you Sister Deborah & Brother Watchman…thanks for this on time message and much Shalom to you and your family!

  8. hi brother and sister. I'm still a rookie in the truth. single mom of three and doing the best I can by trying to maintain the word in our lives. I been trying to reach out you both especially sister Deborah, I need some guidance from you Deborah and plenty of prayer!

  9. OMG!! I saw a picture of that pope on the internet this morning. You are so right! He is a Demon for sure. I can't look at him at all.

  10. Hello Watchman Yahu and Deborah Yah. This comment is being made prior to watching your video but I wanted you to know that thanks to you I have been inspired to purchase my own copies of the Pseudepigrapha Vol 1 & 2. I noticed you read a lot from the Testament of Solomon who had the power to summon demons and inquire about their activities via a ring. Anyhow, a curiosity has crossed my mind and I wanted to know if you have read information about any demons that have sought redemption while being a demon?

    If an angel call fall and become a demon (or something similar), shouldn't it be possible for a fallen angel to repent and rise again? If we can do it, shouldn't they be able to?

  11. Wow…around the 47:20 min mark Deborah Yah mentioned how our enemies are fasting in order to subdue their bodies so that evil spirits aka (he that is in the world) can more effectively use them!! That's serious beyond belief.

    But there is a major flaw in their method…Greater is He, that is in me, than he that is in the world. Based on this…I'm taking my fasting strategy to a whole new level in the name of Yah so Yah can effectively use me in this Spiritual Warfare. Shalom.

  12. Why do you guys always rock to and fro and back and forth as if you were in a trance? I see you do this in all your videos. Not knocking it, just curious.

  13. I do not understand how you can say Jesus Christ was a pagan. You also state that Gentiles are not going to be saved. You also state you are the true Hebrews but forget to say the Tribulations is for you or you will not get saved. If you are true Hebrews , then you know it was you 'se that cheered fopr his death. I just hope you know what you arwe doing. You tell people to meditate and that is a way of channeling demons . When you read scripture, you read it like it's the first time you have a looked at it. I will pray for you and hope that the lord opens your eyes. My family blood line are RH negative and through this are eyes are wide open. Amen

  14. Ironically, I first visited your site many months ago after I heard about you from a beefing Israelite camp. I wanted to see what all the commotion was about. What I found was a sister and brother who are really in the truth and have good hearts. Been watching ever since. I watch silently most of the time but just wanted to stay that I think your family is beautiful, and I hope you keep doing what you're doing.

  15. brother yahu.My daughter and Iwas talking about yah and his son Yahuaha and I don't know why I even tried to explain to her about the Bible has been change while she was drinking but she kept on . talking about who is yah I tried to tell her but she just went on about how she was raised up to be a Christian.and I told her that our ancestors were received into that.but I hope that you have a video on how YAH's name came about.

  16. really struggling to hear at times especially when someone is commenting in the back with all the screaming going on…but great message, I tried to go back and relisten but still could not hear what the brother and others were saying the background. Could you please repeat what others are saying because we usually cannot hear them. thank you.

  17. @1:29:30 minute mark is helpful to know. My Grandma was an Eastern Star and my Dad use to practice Santeria(Afro/Latin voodoo)… After my affliction I started to look into family history and this is what I foundout. Sheesh!!! YAH have mercy. Shalom

  18. Shalom family!! My family and I absolutely love watching ur channel and your teaching is amazing itโ€™s clear and easy to understand!!! Thank you family for everything you all do!! Bless you guys and keep helping us come back to the most high !!

  19. ๐Ÿ˜‚Ha Lol!!! Word to me i always felt pope Benedict looked like a ๐Ÿ‘ฟ… John Paul amd Francisco or however you spell his Jesuit head self. They all wicked. 52:00 minute mark. ๐Ÿ˜œ

  20. Just yesterday there's a movie library I get my movies from but it was so hot so on my way there i decided to go to a nearby one as am looking for what to watch a lady comes in with two kids on 9 or 10 a girl and The other a boy about 7 so she's talking to the lady she had a list of movies she wanted and The kids are going through The different movies on display and they were very interested in the horrors section the girl landed on a movie I think she had watched before And she says mom this is the movie that had The ghost of something I didn't quite get the name the mom was at a distance then she says to The brother but I don't know why i see her ghost whenever I close my eyes in the bathroom that's when I realized even More we really need to control what our children are watching hearing And reading because these things are real and they are trying to take over the minds of our kids

  21. I wake at 3 or 4am all the I just listen to y'all and pray and does make a difference.. hallelujah

  22. This is the type of teaching people dont get in the churches. That's why people are so oppressed. God bless you all.


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