Coldness & C haos Among BIack People (Greensboro Exxon SUV lncident)

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Comment (42)

  1. I saw the whole video and not all the men was just standing around. It was one guy that pull the girl up of the ground and when someone knocked the victim that was killed out, that same guy and two other women ran to help her and by helping her, they all got mowed down. Watch the entire video.

  2. Yes Ma'am; if you dont have to be out after dark don't be. I moved down here from NYC to get away from the crazies. At 1st I wanted to go seek out my ppl down here but if this is the time they're on…..FORGET IT! I'm glad I'm tucked away in a white area. Praise Yah, our Creator has hidden me; close to his bossom. We MUST do better.

  3. Vaccines… TRAUMA…..chemtrails….. chemicals in food…. brainwashing….. television programming….is the cause of all this violence…..this is all part of the plan to eliminate blacks and homeless and mentally ill…. TMHYAH ♥️❤️❤️

  4. I thoroughly enjoyed the live chat last night. I speak unapologetically to people by sharing the truth about our people. Our people are programmed to defend the wicked practices among our people.

    For instance, we are in an uproar about the police department, but no one wants to talk about the crime our people commit. A black youth shot a Black police officer for trying to issue him a warrant. This Black officer tries to reach out to our youths. The Blac youth knew this police officer from his school. What is the uproar for justice for the police officer. The young man is a thief and robber. Our people are led to being hypocrites.

    I know there are good cops as well as bad ones. I also know our people are capable of lying,stealing, robbing at gun point, murdering, raping, shooting among other things. Why would I want to protest or speak against the police offers when we all need 911 for our own safety?

    Yes, you are correct. It is time we speak out against this wickedness and pray for God to purge some people from us, unless we all want to be consumed by the wrath of Yah. Shalom.

  5. Thank you both for sharing thoughts on the gas station incident. Its so much going on with our people, I haven't got over the murder of Atatiana yet. Shalom you you both.

  6. Watchman you need to write a autobiography about your life growing up in Detroit as a testimony to what Yah can do, thank you for the stories of overcoming adversity.

  7. SO SAD, It happens in a lot of places, I used to be a Nurse Assistant and I worked in a nursing home that specifically and only cared for patients who have been in "car accidents"
    There was a young patient staying there that had got into a brawl in a parking lot and the other party got into their vehicle and ran her and her friend down. They all survived but one of the young ladies suffered a (TBI) traumatic brain injury, she had to have multiple surgeries she could no longer speak or walk and she could no longer care for herself. The other sad thing about it was is that it wasn't even her fight to begin with her so called best friend called her up for help in the fight and she ended up paying for it. She was only about 17 or 18 this happened in Dearborn MI years ago!!!!

  8. Thank you for the message from yah could plz call your wife I would like to talk to her she is so wise 407-221-9245 shalom🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽I really her to call me I need some guidance plz sis

  9. Yes those girls didn’t intentionally kill that girl or hurt those people but nobody stepped in to break up the fight this whole incident was an accident and it should be held as such now the girl who died put herself in that situation because she was out there fighting with the rest of them everybody who were fighting and standing around should all be held accountable and that’s that.

  10. It's reasons like this and accidents like this and chaos like this why people don't really like to step in and help to stop the madness..the demons take over, and bystander just watch laugh and record. It's SAD!

  11. I stay to my self .when i was growing up could never understand why God had me to my self till i got 36 and im 36 now

  12. Exodus 4:25
    Deut 10:12-16
    romann 2:25-27 Circumcision can become uncircumcised. The uncircumcised heart is flesh (the world).
    Those whom are called by TMH, sometimes will get caught in the net of Satan.

    Somebody will reopen the Book of Daniel 10. It is US, his Children.

  13. Watched that sad sorrowful incident and all I can think about is the 2/3rds of Yahs people will not make it. How many of them will be moved by her death and repent.shalom

  14. My sister and brother the freaks come out in the day time now. I don't go out at night. Have anyone heard this saying that the night has a thousand eyes.

  15. You see the problem Watchman an Deborah, just like Detroit went from Motor City to Murda City our people love to label there areas the worst. 10 minutes from where I stay is Killer Hill then across town is Body Brighton. I been to Baltimore(Bodymore). Chicago(Chiraq/Iraq). Brooklyn was(Brook-nam/Vietnam). I notice as I was growing up how whites take pride in a clean neighborhood but many of our people want there area to be the most wicked. With a name that stands out. Sad thing our people only cause fear in those who look like them

  16. Those that were helping were the same ones standing around instigating in the first place. They were not judged for being an innocent bystander.

  17. You are right about not being able to face reality. To be one of those kids parents and the shame of public drunkedness and brawling at a public place. Now the whole world is watching this. What happened to not wanting to bring shame on your family and people? What happened to dignity. This is also the result of the company you keep. Allowing others to change your values and bring you down low.

  18. When other black people from the Caribean or Africa come to America, their lifestyle is diffferent..What is really wrong with black folks born in America?

  19. Our people are losing their minds..
    We need to seek YAHUAH’s face and put our faith in Him and take our faith out of this world. We need to live our lives in these laws, statutes, and commandments. Without that, we’re going to continue to be trapped in the wickedness of this society. Please, YAHUAH our ELOHIYM, please guide and protect your lost children, for we do not know what we do. Please forgive our many transgressions, and deliver us out of the wickedness of this modern day Babylon. 🙌🏾
    Fast, and pray, family. And submit your lives to The Most High.
    Proverbs 3:5-6
    5 Trust in EL-YAHUAH with all your heart, and lean not unto your own understanding.
    6 In all your ways, acknowledge Him, and He shall direct your paths.

  20. Amen brother and sister please keep teaching the black community please please please we are Lost

  21. The offspring of demons, our minds have been gone, it's just not safe being around a high preponderance of black ppl. I've seen many times grown black ppl acting the same way, a lot of us are a zombie race at this point.

  22. I agree that we shouldn’t surround ourselves in areas we have to business going to but I don’t agree with not stopping at the store after work to grab something cuz it’s like u said if u truly love yah he will protect you from any situation no matter what it’s like the Daniel n the lions dean those same angels that gave the demons leeway will tell the demons if ur there that he is not allowed to touch u living that way is living in fear if we have faith in he’s protection we shouldn’t having to fear doing a late night run cuz I kno no matter what’s happening around me my father will protect me!

  23. Thank you Watchman & Deborah,
    I see the Love & Concern when I look at you two and hear your message. Thank you for your Loving us your Lost People.❤️

  24. ONLY YAH, will say who his people are! Even among the remnant of Yahuda! You don't know if people are from immigrant countries or what. No one can call his people but YAH. People are being presumptuous saying who YAH'S people are. Some who have the lineage will not gain salvation with others of the same lineage!

  25. I have to let you all know that every single video I watch of this channel has something to do with my life I know for a fact that theost high is talking to me thru these videos im in tears right now. I now I am one of the chosen for he also talks to me thru numbers and I know I am one of his children I thank my Abba for this channel


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