Come out of her my people and be not partakers of the sins of Babylon Dream of Judgment

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  1. I cannot believe I missed service today. Shabbatt Shalom family. We will rejoice and be glad in Him! HalleluYah !! 😁

  2. Here in the uk is goblins, demons on many buildings. Government buildings as well as churches etc….

  3. Watchmen you and your wife sister Deborah are doing a great job and I’m glad to see ya has people that will stand up and speak the truth and tell the truth regardless to what people say to them all in or about them keep up the good work

  4. I would say to the person that will have $20 or 20 pounds of pork that doesn’t want to Waze that they take that 20 pounds of pork and go through it to an unclean animals that eat meat there for the Fed the L they didn’t waste so we got some people believe that wasting stuff is a sin as well so that’s what I was suggest I don’t know whether I’m 100% correct with that but that would blow it out those excuses

  5. Watchmen could you do me a favor could you expound on that question about the turkey that was left over that you would not want to eat anything from that holiday can you expound the reason why because I’ve never found anything that would suggest that I do understand that were suggested that is a wicked Holiday

  6. I am watching a Messages that if they were sacrificed to idols then I’m going to say this based upon what is the New Testament says is that we’re not supposed to eat anything that has sacrificed to idols so why would we buy anything that has sacrificed to idols that we know his sacrifice titles

  7. That 🔥 in The Watchman's Dream couldn't be put out because it was YAHUAH'S judgment against the EARTH. Most of Yashar'el will be demolished with the heathen due to their disobedience toward YAHUAH 😥😔😟🙁.

  8. Alert alert warning warning to all the children of the nation of yasha Allah ABBA YAH has used his breath of life and breath of Truth to flow through his gentile creation to warn and alert ABBA YAH children concerning the mark of the beast this emergency information is pertinent for the children of the nation of yesha'allah the YouTube channel 3rd angel and parable of the vineyard has done scholarly work in this life-threatening and salvational detriment this is an emergency for the souls of the children of the nation of yasha Allah we must be informed about this salvation issue Abba YAH has used his gentile creation for this pertinent information that we the children of yasha Allah are not connected to this secular world there is one thing that the truth and I lie have in common is that they don't care who tells the truth or a lie just as long as it is told remember AYFF ABBA YAH FEELING FIRST shalawam with much love to the children of the nation of yashallah family alleluyah

  9. Shalom aleichem, On the topic of Marijuana. In the garden of Eden there were 2 trees that stood out amongst the others. The first is the tree of life, who offers everlasting life if we obey thy law and commandments? (Yahshua HaMaschiach) is the tree of life, the olive tree. The second tree is the tree of Knowledge good and evil, who tells the truth and then lies? (Satan) he uses deception mixing truth with lies to confuse the nations. According to the book of enoch there is a tree in his vision. The tree fragrance smells from afar(Marijuana), it's fruit is like the dates of a palm tree(Marijuana) it has buds that looks like dates. So eve was persuaded by Satan to take Marijuana and he seduced her making her and himself unclean in the eyes of the heavenly father she later gave birth to cain. Also Adam laid with his unclean wife making him unclean, later she gave birth to abel. Remember the watchers of heaven left their heavenly purpose and laid with the daughters of man and they became unclean. For sex and intermixing with genes and species is considered an abomination(the forbidden fruit) sperm is seed, earth is a woman so when the seed is planted and it gave birth to the nephilim. Marijuana has thc which alters the mind into a higher consciousness, when high u have to focus on the good for it opens your pineal gland also known as the seat of the soul or 3rd eye, for the eye is the gateway to the soul. Ever notice why Marijuana is being decriminalised and legalised in this era also homosexuality. I'm not saying Marijuana is bad for you but it is the purpose that you use it. For you can use things for good and bad you decide. I maybe wrong on some information but if so I am, I'm willing to empty my cup to receive information in order to be wise. I'm not sure if this information helps but if so please leave a comment on your views, so we all can learn and understand together. May peace and blessings be increased upon you all through the power of Yahshua HaMaschiach the king of peace and righteousness according to the order of the High priest melchizedek.


  11. Shalawam, Family, How can you not see the other part of the dream? It's true that Yah is telling you to come out of her by not following the Babylonian ways, but He is also telling you it is time to leave Babylon. The Father is telling you in no uncertain terms that you are currently in the line of fire and it is time to leave. That is why you never saw the hammer fall, because you still have time. The hammer will fall and you will suffer alongside the others who follow and enjoy the "treasures" of Babylon. The Father's warning you, Brother, and it's time to return back unto your own nation. This is out of love, Ahch. You have been warned by The Most High.

  12. Thank you so much Bro. Watchman and Sis Deborah Yah. For this teaching . Thank Yeshua for you both. God bless your ministry .

  13. John 3:19- “This is the judgment, that the Light has come into the world, and men loved the darkness rather than the Light, for their deeds were evil.

  14. I'm so happy that the Most High Yah lead me to y'all channel three years ago because I have learned so much from you guys. Thanks so much for everything that y'all taught me.

  15. If a person basically tell you to stay out of there business what do you do then? Or you try to tell your family about the Sabbath your told don't listen to them they don't know what they're talking about? What do you do then

  16. I had a dream a long time ago in this dream it was a whole bunch of kids in this room and a democratic shadow raising up the bigger the shadow got the kids started jumping up and down saying Satan was real till they were screeching this

  17. The holy spirit hit me and y'all stop speaking till I finished calling on Yah . Shabbat Shalom

  18. Amen and AMEN!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you very much for your labor of love brother Watchmen and DeborahYah 💜🖤💜🖤💜🖤💜🖤💜🖤💜🖤

  19. The problem I’ve had with the Church’s stance on having babies out of wedlock, is that it places the blame solely on the woman. If there’s a pregnant unmarried woman, somewhere there is a man that got her pregnant. The sin is in the fornication. But for some reason, the church only focuses on sexual sin when it leads to pregnancy.

  20. I'm going to show you that you are a lair, just read the book of Jeremiah chapter 23 verse 7-8 you read this scripture and you will see that you are a lair and you know nothing about the truth!!!!!!!

  21. One of the hardest things for Yashaal to do is to drop the name of Idols from our mouths.we want truth but in Jesus.lord.god.christ, Jehova yahweh we want the pagan names also holy father another name for the pope great message.

  22. There are oils from Russia dating 800's-1800's depicting all biblical people as black skinned (copies at Stanford University and the Smithsonian Institute)

  23. I am an elderly white woman who has black in my family history who believes that the true Hebrews are black and that Yahuah is the true name of God and Yahusha is his son. Bless you for spreading truth❣

  24. We, Christians, will be long gone by that time. Read Rev. 20, we will be beheaded and receive our white robes. Only 144,000 will be left to be raptured when Yahusha returns

  25. Im not sure when you made this video,, i did hear you say that it was November,,, apparently you are right on target,, today's date is Aug 7th, 2021, and Miami, Oregon, California, Greece, Turkey, and other places are on fire,, not to mention the floods all over the earth,, but the earth is in birth pains and we are about to be delivered, and yes we have to wake up out of the strong delusion fast, before TMH returns.. All Praise to The Most High YAH ! Thank you for this broadcast video.

  26. When your action is Scottish and you want people to follow your lead and to live in areas you want. Then you can expect pushback when you begin to judge another man or woman for what they choose to buy for their body their home their family that's when you're out of place let's be clear. Every man every woman has to pay for their own deeds. Because somebody don't choose to live in North Carolina that's their right. If somebody choose to live in Africa that is their right because they have to bear the goodness of it or the badness it doesn't make them stupid cuz they don't spend their money how you see fit so it would behavior when you speak what you don't know of and cast a judgment on somebody that do with their money as a well-please . And then take no responsibility of it when somebody bring it to the attention like most demonic people do they either run from it block it or want to make excuses real men and women never have to make excuses whatever come out your mouth you have to back it but you have to deal with it with God 😇👺🔥👺🤷🏼‍♀️


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