Come out of her my people, and be not partakers of the sins of Babylon: Dream of Judgment

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  1. is looking for members seeking biblical truth to meet physically in Lincolnshire UK. Join us if you are local and dissatisfied with the blind and sleeping mainstream churches.

  2. The earth is flat with a dome over it ! Man cannot leave this earth ! The sun and moon are within this atmosphere ! Their are over 200 scriptures that refer to this ! Even the book of Enoch explains this ! The earth , sun and moon is one huge clock or watch that you have on your wrist ! The sun only illuminates clouds that are directly in front of them ! This cannot happen if the sun was 93 million miles away ! The stars are referring to the Angel's ! There is only water outside the dome ! Man Deceives the whole world with its lies ! There is no other planets ! The earth sits on it foundations, that's scripture ! Sits on pillars ! The ARTIC CIRCLE KEEPS THE WATER'S IN PLACE ! Joshua prayed that the sun stand still , not that the earth stand still ! Man created the globe earth lie to debunk the EXISTENCE of Yahuah ! With it evolution ! One man 500 years ago said that the earth was round , without NO TECHNOLOGY OR EVIDENCE ! And man believed it ! Man never walked on the moon ! How come they never went back ? The scientists says that they LOST THE TECHNOLOGY TO GO TO THE MOON ! Really ? The moon landings were filmed by a movie director ! Even gravity is a HOAX ! Water always finds it level ! The earth can't be round ! They say gravity keeps the water in place on a spinning ball ! This is LUDICROUS ! If gravity was that strong , how is it that its not strong enough to keep butterflies from flying ? Gravity is a HOAX , it's nothing but the density of the air that makes objects fall ! We have been programmed from day one ! The first thing you see when you enter first grade is a ball earth ! With Television shows , they REINFORCE THE LIE ! All atroNots are Free Masons ! You guys are Intelligent, do simple research ! A map that we use to buy in a store , before we had GPS, is nothing more than a representative of a flat earth ! Sailors for centuries have navigated their way by the stars ! If we are traveling around the sun , is the stars traveling along with us ? The stars doesn't change its course ! That's because they are fixed in place ! Man MANIPULATES EVERYTHING ! They go against everything that Yahuah says happened in His Word !

  3. This was done on my 50th birthday. So you know I must pay attention. Yah brought me out of my father land and Christian doctrine ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿพ thank you for sharing.

  4. It's Holiness or Hell. Yah said be ye Holy for I am Holy. The Ruach Haqodesh will fill you and keep you especially if you want to be kept.

  5. The Et Cepher is where the fear of Adoni is taught. I understand why the devil hid Jubilee, Enoch, Jasher, and the other books. The same thing they did then, people are doing now. YAHUAH sees and will judge!!

  6. Amen. And when they repent, then we that are spiritual restore such a one, but they have to repent!! Most people say don't judge me. Yahusha said judge not according to appearance but judge a righteous judgement. He didn't say not to judge. We are to judge them within the body and Yah judge them without.

  7. Glad this happen to you because that what was one of my concerns I'm like family we don't have a lot of time cmon

  8. Amen !! cry loud and spare not..this is total confirmation from Yah.. Halleluyah thank y'all for teaching the truth …

  9. Isaiah 11 verse 1 talks about the seven spirits of God and one is the fear of God if they don't fear yah then come out from among them

  10. I feel awful. I let a friend go on sinning without telling him directly. I donโ€™t know how to go back and minister to him as he is agnostic and doesnโ€™t believe in the Bible

  11. Shabbat Shalom, I am an awakening sister. Never been married and raised a man child the best way I could. By the grace of Yah, a spiritual seed was planted in my son to know his foundation in Yah. At the time it was Christ. Anyway my issue is that my son that I Love so much is gay. He does not live with me, however I need to know. How do I set myself apart from that wickedness and love him at the same time. I have explained to him his lifestyle is an abomination. And I pray for his soul. And pray that his will be changed. Do u have any advice on how to deal with this.

  12. THANK YOU FOR THIS WORD TONIGHT! Yah is so faithful. My sister has been living with a guy over 15 years. I have spoken to her and she has felt the conviction but she seems to be content in her mess using the grace of Yah. I pray for Yahs mercy upon her and I want to know if this is the wrong approach. Am I praying for Yah to overlook her sin without actually saying it? Should I pray more fire based prayers because she depends on this guy and her trust is in him for her security. He promised to marry her over 14 years ago and she knows he is seeing other women. How should I handle this Israelites? I love my sister and want her to stop putting her life on hold and risking daily an eternal life in outer darkness. I would like to hear from my brothers and sisters on this. Thank you.



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