Come out of the storm children

Come in out of the storm children

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  1. baking soda will clean your water. don't put too much or you'll become ill. I use a tablespoon for 1 gallon jug of water and clear right up. if you want you can boil the baking soda with your water to dillute the lead which I doubt you'll need to do. it also helps with bloodpressure. Again, not too much or you'll become ill.

  2. its too much acid. plus that chemical trail. if not either then its tampered with like a genome experiment. your son may know something about "genome experiments". if not then thats the example of whats going on.

  3. this talk was just what I needed. Here lately, I have allowed myself to become over-whelmed with the hebrew movement, even though Yah showed me years ago that I was a possibly of hebrew descent. His spirit was what verified . I was raised JW, and believe that most worshipers are only now believing the doctrine, yet discredit the messenger. I left that organization not because of doctrine, but due to the handling of the word, and the controlling measures used. What don't see is the mention of any religion that holds to the doctrines of Babylon the Great being a part of her. Ex. hellfire, and damnation, the condition of the dead, the cross and crucifixion, Gods true name, his purpose for mankind and the earth. I have tried on several occasions to reach out to your and your ministry, and has been forbidden, as I am now. And would like to fellowship with like minded individuals

  4. I like how u added videos to this lecture. it adds a supporting layer to the teaching. it also gives the correct viewpoint on conflicting issues with reality n the spirit.

  5. imma 2nd a comment someone else said earlier. …Yes! y'all DO need a channel on Roku…i'd be on it every day. keep informing & teaching &doing Yah's work.


  7. WAKE UP ISRAEL FROM YOUR SLEEP!!!! These greedy wealthy leaders DO NOT care about YOU!!! Did you hear that heathen about his decision to change the water supply…."i'm sorry" and that's ALL his heathen ass is gone give you while you and your babies get sick and DIE…. while his family prospers, drink good water and his children and grandchildren remain free from high levels of lead. THEY DO NOT CARE ABOUT US AS A PEOPLE….. become self sufficient to the best of your ability…..this is the beginning and NOT the end of this madness. TODAH Family preach that word!

  8. I've heard a lot of people speak on faith but not like these people. They are real and I thank Yah for showing me im not going crazy.

  9. Greetings thank you for this video very informative. So glad to hear other believers speaking truth .There is so many distractions and I cantor stress enough to those in my circle to get prepared for I have sensed in my spirit. that something big is coming. I pray to Yah for truth ,provision, faith, and strength to endure in these last days . these distractions I cantor believe people are still not seeking truth wow its unbelievable how people refuse to see the truth the path is definitely getting narrower. The door almost closed. keep teaching and reaching because tgwre isn't very many doing what your doing. Peace

  10. goat is better than beef I eat goat meat every other month I buy at the market take it home and clean it eating vegetables and fruit timpatterson

  11. I'm married to an unbeliever that doesn't honor the Holy creator,should I stay with him or should i break free from this demon it's bad enough I war with principalities but this man works for them I try to change he wants me to stay broken I thought we could do it together but not so I need to hear from the truth

  12. I'm so glad you mentioned that about the New Testament because that's exactly what was happening to me I been tossed and turned regarding the New Testament some say it's fradulent some say it exists I don't know what to believe please expound on that in another teaching please!

  13. Even Scriptures like Mark 13:34 that use a word like slave are actually referring to a servant, but the heathen had mistranslated the scriptures to suit their selfish end.

  14. Seen this 1st in July 2016. I was going through it around that time. Wow! YAH is good everything is restored. Watchman thanks for that email back then to I needed that push. Shalom

  15. This message is about salvation, saving yourself in order to continue to praise with knowledge of the scriptures!

  16. Powerful teaching. The thief that comes to kill, steal and destroy has been spotted. I require 7 to 10 fold and the substance of his house. Any contracts, oaths, bands, yokes are broken even YAHUWAH rebuke you thief. Halleluyah


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