Comedian Doo Doo Brown DlED & WENT TO heII & back with a shocking testimony

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Comment (43)

  1. The devil is a lair and a hater!… the sound on the video kept cutting out…. but yes we all need to take heed to what they were saying…

  2. SHALOM FAMILY APTTMH YAH!! You'll need to stop playing, I need you on the SHABBAT. I look for you every day. I just want you to say hey something.💖💖💖💖

  3. Thank You So Much For Sharing My Testimony and All Your Kind Words #shalom (p.s. I subscribed to your channel a long time ago…never thought I'd see my face)

  4. I believe these are very true testimonies, and when you're spiritual you feel the truth when you're being told something about an experience someone has had that is almost unexplainable and unbelievable. Thank you for sharing Sister Deborah for more eye and ear opening truths. APTHMH, Shalom

  5. There is Power in the Name Jesus 🙏 I mean that's how I got introduce to the Truth but that's like milk as you keep growing in the Truth and seeking more you start receiving solid food . That's when you start knowing Yahuah and Yahushua more and more .

  6. My uncle had cancer and a few weeks leading up to his death, he was seeing evil spirit's, he would ask me if I seen that girl in the corner, but every spirit he described was mean and ominous. I immediately told the facility, I want some one to sit with my uncle and pray with him. He also started seeing family members who had passed. The hospice nurse told me this is common and usually means they have a short time left and the family members and loved ones are there to help them pass over. During that time I knew death was not final and there was another realm.

  7. sincerely wish the title was just black man testimony…etc. "Doo doo brown…?" Absolutely appreciate the message, but title just looks bad & thumbnail. looks like a joke 🙁 also 'near death' experience probably nails it a tiny bit better. Thanks so much for the great work & worship

  8. Hi Deborah your video is cutting in and cutting out so some of your message is not being delivered I really like to hear what you say so if you can fix it that would be great 😁

  9. Lord god I know I haven't work a good job but I work 3 years and the cloth and music stuff I came up with is worth more .sorry the clothes and music not of this world but iam asking you help with cash aid I owe rent and need too rest afther birth ….thank you Lord AMEN

  10. One day I was at work it was 3 female ,and one guy myself ,the 3 female's went to the stair to set down the guy and I was vaccuum . I start hearing yellow and hollowing and it smell like burnt flesh ,I look back at the guy like you here that .can anyone explain that too me ?

  11. I was sleep last night and it sound like a lady out side and I look at my pregnant belly with my mind the voice out side said iam kill it iam the devil.

  12. Yess my life death testimony 😭😭😭he is telling the Truth!!!!! Yess happened to me I do have my testimony up check out 🙏📖

  13. Black people have melanin in their skin and that is why we have that dark color skin tone.

    The darker you are the closer to righteousness, that you are, not close because you are necessarily doing the right thing in this present incarnation/life but right because, in your previous lives, the life that you had before your present incarnation/life you did get far in building right characteristic…..but since you was tricked into staying and accepting this physical government perception/dogma/religions, that black is hell and being devoid of all light is hell, now these lies could keep you stuck reincarnating back into this physical world, over and over again, when you were really supposed to move on to being FREED SCIOUSNESS not confined to these physical bodies.

    But instead since you are taught to be afraid of the dark via this physical government and all its systems, in your perceived fear you came back to what you should have rejected.

    What happens when you pass away/die in your present incarnation/life is you forget EVERYTHING, that happened in that previous incarnation/life, those experiences.

    So you are literally starting over repeatedly in each life that you receive with a blank slate not remembering your last incarnation/life, in which you could have completed becoming your HIGHEST SELF but since you don't remember and you have been taught to hate the dark and love the light, now most is plausibly repeating what has been completed, over and over again because this physical earth is a prison planet for black consciousness because white consciousness needs to keep us here in order for their own survival.

    If this gentleman would have embraced the pitch-black darkness, then he would have left this physical reality/government rule, that teaches mostly everyone, that black like our melanated skin is negative and should be avoided and should be feared and because of what he thought he knew, he was so afraid of the dark, that he called OUT TO THE GOD OF THIS PHYSICAL EARTH WHICH IS MAN AND HIS Patriarchal system disguise as righteousness but is really negativity, that hides behind the lies of religion so, since we all got free choice, he immediately came back to what he felt safe in……….

    UniHERsal Law gives everyone a choice, this physical world taught this man lies, that made him feel fearful of the dark and he made it choice to come back to what he felt safe in……

    So, he used his free will to leave what he perceived as hell because that place was devoid of light because he was taught that black is evil, and white is heaven.

    Yea, this gentleman may have been living in a way that needed improvement if he was lying to his baby mothers or maybe he wasn't but that is not the point because at the end of the day, we all should work out our own salvation and what is wrong for me, might be right for another, the point was if he wasn't taught to perceive black as evil/hell, then he could have made it off this prison black because he has the dark skin tone of black, that tells me that he has already graduated from this physical earth, that has him mentally trapped here as a slave because his environment/society and all its lies has taught him to hate (total darkness) but that is what we must ALL learn to embrace and return too………

    This physical worldly government via its many systems teaches mostly everyone to think white is heaven and darkness is hell when in all actuality, its the other way around because white is the illusion, that keeps most afraid of the dark.



    That Part

  14. I believe his story.i know jesus is real.i know hes real.i was so sick I wanted to die.but God heard my cry.i dont care about all this religious stuff.i know jesus is the son of God.

  15. Shalom, tomorrow is promised to us in several places in the Word, like Jeremiah 29:11 which plainly states, "….I know the plans I have for you, a future and a hope…." we don't know what tomorrow will bring but to say it is not promised is to call TMH a liar, which He can never be, Shalom.

  16. First of all I love you and your husband show I want to ask a question is ok if we call our Savior Jesus Christ I know we called him Yashua but they stoled that from us but now that we are waking from our slumber now that we know his real name

  17. My Brother, YAH (we were taught to call God) knows your heart, but remembe we were taught wrongly by people who hate us, our enemy's! EZEKIEL 36:21-29 tells us YAHUAH is upset about HIS people forgetting HE and HIS sons names. My Brother you are a descendant of the Israelites spoken of in the Holy Bible Scriptures!

  18. We all are going to die one day and we all need to repent of our sins and accept and believe on our only Saviour Yahusa. Hell is real and no one wants to spend Eternality there.

  19. Dear kings and queens,

    First All praises to our Heavenly Father and His devine Son. I am reading your testimonies and reading it i give praise. Immediatly this scriptures comes to mind: 2 Esdras 7:1–140

    Faith, love and peace

  20. I have listened to many videos and see how the powers that be are trying to control these testimonies and what you are revealing in this video by cutting you out. Yah God will have his choice with them for doing so he is watching.

  21. God showed him mercy to take him/his spirit out of hell and he did not repent and serve God – he is still cursing speaking foul words.

  22. The death and comeback stories are contrary to what the angel told Ezra
    2 Esdras 7:75–101

    If they think that experience scared them straight; read what The Most High showed Erza. That will put you on the right path

  23. Mam some words you say seems like YouTube is censoring cutting off sound. Unless you cut off your own sound.

  24. I've heard the Doo Doo Brorwn testimony. I believe that the Most High gave them a Vision in there time of dying, to WAKE UP! Just like Paul had a Vision All Praises to the Most High.

  25. Powerful word sister. I suffered from "sleep paralysis" demonic attacks from the age of 12. One night in a dream I was shot in the back of the head and died. It was nothing but a tunnel of darkness. This is all true. 🙏🏽 All glory to Yah 🙌🏽

  26. This is so true and God said that he will give visions and dreams as it gets closer to that day.
    There are many other hell and heaven dreams out there
    Wake up people before it's too late


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