Community Living is not for Everyone

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  1. HalleluYAH!! I've been trying save up to buy land and have been studying how to farm and cultivate. I've made myself available to prepare myself for self sufficient living and how to contribute to others. I just want the opportunity to mature in that aspect of a new or original way of living, honest work is its own reward

  2. Don’t bring anyone on your homestead unless YAH leads. Your family is there and you don’t know loyalty through words.

  3. I know from experience also, that people talk 👄 stuff from their mouths. But most Americans of today live in dream world.

    They don't really understand reality. I will pray for your dedication and honest efforts. Farming 🚜 is a hard life and existence. It is rewarding but hard.

  4. I’m here in the Bay Area of San Jose city California, is there any community of our like minded people you can connect me with Sis Deborah. I can’t afford a land here, and pls what’s your email address for me to send you a video to see if it’s something you will like discuss on.

  5. I have been watching long enough to remember what you all went through when you allowed others on your land. It is a very sad thing that folks did not appreciate such a wonderful opportunity and put a bad taste in your mouth. There are those ,(like me) who grew up on a farm …and absolutely LOVE farming, building, and raising… But my family sold the acres we had long ago. I'm a single individual out here in CA. (with no family) and at times I really wish I had a place to go when things go bad. Love you both. Shalawam. Your family and land stays in my prayers.

  6. We've been asking the father to place us with like minded people and those experienced beyond us who we can grow with and learn from as well so that we can do community living. My family of 9 has been yearning for land and space figure all this out. We just want away from the city

  7. My husband shares tools and equipment, but some people don’t like to return items when you lend them out … we have a neighbor right now with a tool that hasn’t returned it yet and I can’t figure out what he needed it for that Chile is lazy as all get out… I’m ALL for working together but you got to weed out the unreliable ones.

  8. my family I pray that one day the Most High will lead me to where your land is so that I can be part of that help you seek. fortunately I have been set apart from everyone and i live alone yet praise YAHUAH i look forward to whatever YAH will for me. I pray that YAH fill your lands with abundance of His people to bless and bring forth to you and your family.

  9. I admire what you are doing, but have you thought of a drought and what would happen if it be no rain to your horticulture plans.

  10. They better do a lil research. I hate cold but knowing this I know how to make it do something. Times are coming where those who are chosen better meditate in alternative and have a hand on gardening and alternative means of living.

  11. My father used to slaughter his own goats, when I came out to help I would grab a butter knife and he would laugh and send me back into the house.

  12. You know I love y'all.

    A nice yurt, a lady that appreciates life in general, ain't skuurd to live out side of common dwellings ain't gotta take a baff in a baffroom knows how to make it work without a lot of bickering and complaint, and knows how to make conebread without an ovun.

  13. All praises be to Yah, thank you sister Deborah and brother Yahu for the good advice and information about farming, I grew up farming my father was a farmer. 😇💖

  14. My family and I are finally on our land homesteading. We have been planning for the past 2 yrs and we are finally here! I tell you this life is not easy. Were all up early to work and we work until sundown…even the kids😃. I tell you my bones are shook but it's rewarding seeing our home come together all praise due to our heavenly father Yahuah. The thing I like the most is we all fellowship on the shabbat and rest in His glory. I would love to have like minded people to share in our land(40 acres) but I'm skeptical.

  15. Can You Teach Us ..?if you can show us a Broadcast the basics of farming just the basics. I Would Love Too Know More because I’m young lol I’m only 21 and I always wanted to learn farming because I can’t trust these grocery store food it don’t taste right and I never ate grown food. I actually work on house like doing flooring, framing, drywall and ETC but I never learned anything about farming. I learn a lot from you and I Thank Yah I found you two and I really hope you guys understand me


  17. Yes community is for me and my family I would be interested in this we must come together and do all things in the light…

  18. Shalom Sister Deborah and Watchman Yahu, I pray that The Most High reveal to you all that me and my family of 6 belong in the community. We have a lot to offer and we are all hard workers. We have been doing some preparing also. Im going to be praying over this and I will be sending you letters and pictures of me and my family by mail. Even if The Most High doesn't approve me for your offer…Im still willing to donate to the cause. Its amazing what your doing! Please look out for my letters my name is Monica McMillan.

  19. For now, my “homestead” is on my 35×100 lot. Very few known what’s going on behind those gates. Fruit trees, greens etc. I just added some willows for privacy. This will have to do for now. Looking for the land space and planning. Even Family are shocked and think I’m lucky when they see the fruits. Never thinking about how wonderfully I be after being out back all weekend.

  20. I grew up on a farm let me tell you family .. Farm work is 6am to 6pm six days a week .. After your six day work week ends you still have more work left to do… Most city folk are not fit for real farm work real talk family….

  21. Shalom. Yes, you have to make sure those people are like minded,
    willing to work, pure and honest. Like you said, make sure every decision is lead my Yahuah. We found out that this life style is not for everyone.

  22. I agree people need be responsible. Not looking to be a freeloader. Everyone should put in from financial to laboring.

  23. Is it possible to volunteer and learn? There is a tiny house community where they teach classes and the students stay there and learn. . . Students pay for the class, end up learning how to and build two tiny houses, and the community keeps the houses to use. It's like a win-win. Maybe people could bring their own off-grid compatible camp gear/trailer and use the opportunity to volunteer, donate, bring a fruit tree, berry bush, etc. and learn. The learning is invaluable.


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