Confessing your faults one to another with understanding

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  1. Shabbat Shalom. Yea! I thought at 1st we all were the same. Last year was a big learning experience about our people. I see how some are in clothes and some are in spirit. 1 time a lady asked me for money for food. I looked out 30min later she asked me again. Then she pulled her paints down showing her stuff… Smh! My Pops was really the only 1 who kept bringing up my past. I asked do you even understand repentance?

  2. I dreamed a dream that confirmed Yahusha's true name because I was confused about it when I first found out… I do believe that it was from Yah Elohim… it put my mind to rest on that subject

  3. It’s social media to blame. It’s the Devil’s tool to enlist people in the Grid or Beast System, it has many names like the Devil himself. This generation is being indoctrinated to messing with privacy in ways that have even ended lives. Best thing to do is to stay away from social media altogether.

  4. Abba Yah will lead your Spirit to whom you are to Fellowship with and that's I got to the Watchman Family πŸ’œ

    I've been pleased, learning finally connecting with TRUTH within me without any confusion or contradiction of what false religion was doing.

    #PeaceBeStill πŸ’―πŸ˜πŸ˜„πŸ’œπŸ‘
    Shalom Family πŸ˜„

  5. Shabbat Shalom Moreh. Blessing to You and Your Lovely Isha. Keep fighting the fight. You are one of the few sound teachers that remain here on youtube. Me and my Isha pray for your protection as you continue to do the Abba Yah's will.

    Keep fighting the good fight of Emunah!!!!

  6. Sis, I don't claim to be an Hebrew Israelite, but I know to use wisdom when it comes people. You all are correct, people will use what you share with them or use your past against you. You must use discernment when dealing with people. Some people come off really nice and concern about you, but have an evil motive. The phrase is " They are fishing." and using you as bait!!! People will use you as bait to gain information from you or to get information on someone else!!! Be careful in sharing, put up your antenna and listen for the beep. Again I am not claiming to be a Hebrew Israelite, but I do believe in the Most High!!!!!

  7. You are so right!!! I had a horrible result from doing exactly what you are explaining. Wish I had seen this last year.

  8. Sis, people come to your home intentionally, to drop off evil spirits. Please be careful of your visitors and whom you visit!!

  9. There are times that i have had to take their so called power over me away. And sometimes you have to be and example.

  10. I love how the most high YAH confirms alot for me through you.. This is something that was troubling my spirit the past week. I am very private, I learned my lesson at a very early age that I can't trust people. I was in a Israelite cult and we were forced to believe that this man was the comforter and if we spoke against him or didn't believe him then you would be labeled an Antichrist. That man is wicked as hell. I was there in that cult for 11 years.

  11. PowaH
    I am guilty of Lust" And I do apologize to my whole 12 tribes, I have repented to the Mashiach ( CHRIST ) to commit these acts No more". Under the Covernant". James 5:16 Confess your faults one to another, and pray one for another, that ye may be healed. The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much. Shalom , Shalawam family".

  12. I just had to get on here and talk you all about a dream I had. I seen a lot of Yah people walking, I don’t know where they were going. But it was as if we were free, singing and praising Yah. But the song was your children song that they be singing. It was so beautiful, I was crying. All Praises to the Most High Yah.

  13. This was very necessary teaching Haleluyah thanks to the Most high for continually using watch man & sis Deborah for educating yahs people HALELUYAH

  14. I want you to do segment on blasphemy because a lot of yahs people don't know what that word means. PLEASE!

  15. We must be lead by Yahuah's Ruach and pray for the gift of discernment because you do have some people that would try to get close to you in order to do you harm. Let us continue to watch and pray and even try a person's Ruach to see if they are really of the faith Shalom.

  16. RIGHT, the blessing YAH gives us is only for us to understand. ITS OUR BUND THAT HE GIVE US AND WE SHOULD KEEP IT BETWEEN YOU AND YAH…..SHALOM FAMILY

  17. I asked Yah what is your name? How am I to pray since I grew up being heavily indoctrinated by Christians. It never felt right in my spirit and I made one attempt to break away by taking on the religion of another. That wasn't for me but Christianity never felt right. Last night while I slept I asked Yah to help me learn how it is he wants us to pray and I turned around I saw a woman say confess and she disappeared. My heart was racing out of my chest but I stayed asleep. I don't know what is going on.

  18. Hello and thanks for your videos. But on this scripture I took it to be if you have wronged a person then you confess your sin and ask them for forgiveness and pray for each other …. not telling them things of your past or anything that had nothing to do with them.


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